How To Untangle Hair Without Much Stress

What does your hair look like whenever you untangle?  Does the look always make you feel bad? There are different ways to go about untangling your hair without the help of a professional so far you follow the right steps. If your hair always tangles whether because it’s curly or thick or because of excess heat you used to style it, and you are looking for a perfect solution, calm down because this article will shield more light on the best ways to go about untangling the hair for the best result. There are different ways by which you can untangle your hair some of which are;

 Removing tangles regularly

Maintaining your natural hair can be so complex if there is no better understanding of the process.  Some of the ways to untangle the hair regularly for a better result are;

Choose perfect timing

This will help to prevent hair breakage if done the right way. There is always the fear of losing hair during this process that may come from making the wrong decision. Never try to tackle hair knots after shampooing if you want the best result because the shampoo contains chemicals that wash hair oil thus exposing your hair to breakage. Also, allowing your hair to dry up before brushing or combing it can be so helpful because water will always weaken the hair follicles that will eventually result in hair breakage. In short, never address your hair :

  • After shampooing  when the hair is saturated
  • Before conditioning

Make use of the appropriate instruments 

Making use of the wrong tool during the process of untangling will go a long way in determining what the result will look like, thus it is always advisable to be knowledgeable about the right instrument to use when untangling your hair. Never make use of a rounded brush because long tangled hair will wrap around this type of tool. Also, a comb can only be used to untangle if the hair is wet after conditioning.

Never untangle from the root 

One may think that it will be easier to start untangling the hair from the root, but it is the wrong way to start because it will worsen the situation. Always untangle from the top to the root of the hair as this will enhance easy brushing of hair.

Find your way up the hair length 

This can be done effectively by making use of a flat comb or brush. Apply the comb or brush gentling to the length of the hair if you want to untangle your hair perfectly. Never force or tug the comb or brush through knots to prevent hair breakage. Another amazing way to untangle your hair is by making use of your fingers although this may take time and also require full concentration

Apply conditioner to stubborn knots 

Some knots can be so stubborn and hard to untangle but applying conditioner will help with the situation. Forcing your comb or brush on a knot may break your hair.

 Untangling Matted Hair

When a lot of women want to get rid of the mat from their hair, they tend to use forceful methods which end up uprooting strands of hair or not removing the mat at all. Female hair varies according to texture; whenever you want to remove a mat from a rigid hair, it is always advisable to make use of the gentle method to avoid pain and scalp damage. 

When the hair is soft, a little bit of force can be used to remove the mat but it is not advisable because the scalp can be damaged and reduce the quality of the hair which can later result to having a bald scalp or scalp disease if done frequently.  To get rid of the mat from a matted hair, some of these tips can help.

Make use of a perfect comb or brush

Mats are always difficult to get rid of from the hair because they are densely tangled most of the time and rigidly fixed. To get rid of the mat, a more focused method must be used and to use a more focused method, it is also advisable to consider a thin and strong comb which pierces the mat easily. When piercing the hair with the comb, it is best to carry it out with care and avoid any bit of force.

Moisturize your hair accordingly:

It is surprising to see ladies getting themselves into serious pain and hair damage when getting rid of mat. Ladies in this category are probably ignorant of moisturizing before getting rid of mat. Getting rid of mat by moisturizing makes the process very easy. Moisturizing of hair can be done using water, shampoo or by detangler spray; when using any of these methods, it makes the mat soft and easy for comb penetrate without wasting time thus mat can be detached freely.

Always apply moisturizers well for the best result. Many people avoid applying moisturizers like water, shampoo or detangler with hands because of some important reasons; by not using the hands, the moisturizing agent may not get to every part of the hair but rather getting to small parts of the hair. To avoid the problem of hindered moisturizer, it is better to apply moisturizers with bare hands because it will enhance smooth and adequate circulation to every part of the hair.

Try other variety of comb that may fit in:

Before detangling mat from the hair, it is better to make use of a big comb to reduce the pain; this is very useful especially when there is no moisturizer available. This will make the tangled mat weak for detangling before the tiny-mouthed comb can be used. As easy as it is to detangle a mat with a tiny-mouthed comb, some specific hair are so rigid and may not allow the passage of tiny-mouthed comb. Therefore, a bigger comb will be the best option.

Hold the root of the hair in case of painful detangling:

A painful mat detangling can cause a lot of harm and damage to the scalp and the hair. To prevent any form of a bruise on one’s scalp and breakage of hair, it is better to hold the root of the hair to make the other part of the hair straightened enough for the comb to penetrate easily.  Before holding the hair, it is better to apply moisturizer if available to soften your hair. This is one of the best ways to reduce pain during the process of untangling.

Make use of a narrower comb at the right time:

When untangling mat from the hair, a lot of people start untangling the hair with the big-mouthed comb. They mostly tend to use the big-mouthed comb to get the job done without wasting time forgetting that it may lead to hair breakage. Big-mouthed comb which makes untangling easy at first may make you regret using it for the process.

Therefore, it is better to use the right instrument while untangling the big knotted mat for a better outcome. Always have it in mind that big-mouthed comb will make untangling painful when it gets to the stage of untangling short knotted mat. To avoid any pain, it is better to switch to a narrow-mouthed comb. 

Solutions to common questions

Some important questions must be answered. Some of which are;

How do I untangle my hair without a comb and brush?

How do I get the hair out of brush and comb?

How do I remove knots that come back after getting them out? 

If the best solution is to cut my hair, what should I do?


Finally, it always feels good when you appear with a very neat and untangled hair but getting this type of hair may not be so easy since lots of procedures must be taken into consideration and followed before getting a good result.

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