How To Trim Men’s Eyebrows With Trimmer

More often than not men have the habit of growing hair in some of the most absurd places. For instance, the nose and the eyes, as much as hairy men appear more masculine there is nothing flattering in having bushy and unkempt eyebrows. This brings us to the question for the day: should men trim their eyebrows? Yes, they can but not the same way women do it. In this post, we shall provide a detailed step by step guide on how to trim men’s eyebrows with trimmer.

The idea of men trimming their eyebrows in rather new and this explains why less than 6% of men worldwide have embraced the idea of trimming their eyebrows. In most cases, men don’t care about their eyebrows. In fact, most of them don’t care whether they are big, out of shape or bushy. Astonishing enough quite a huge percentage of men never look at their eyebrows whenever they stare at the mirror. Most of them will focus on the beards and mustache forgetting the fact that eyebrows are also important.

Why Men Should Trim Their Eyebrows ?

Naturally, men are hairier than women. Unlike, other hair in the human body, eyebrows stop growing when they reach a certain height. Depending on how weak or strong the hair is, it can shed off or get thick.
In most men, the eyebrows get thick making them appear bushy and unkempt. This calls for trimming if you want that sharp and neat look. The good thing with this is the fact that the eyebrows don’t grow fast and the trimming is rather less frequent.

Should the shape be altered?

Women often alter the shape of their eyebrows and opt for something curvy to make them stand. This should not be the case with men. Women want you to notice that they have shaped their eyebrows. On the other hand, men’s eyebrows should look natural.
If you don’t want to lose the manly spark, never alter the shape of your eyebrows. Trimming should be all about getting rid of excess and overgrown hair. No matter how weird the shape appears it should be maintained as altering it will make you look feminine.

Can you trim the eyebrows yourself?

The answer to this question is a yes and no depending on what you will be using to trim the eyebrows. In this post on how to trim men’s eyebrows with trimmer, we shall teach you how to do it all by yourself at the comfort of your home. And ofcos, you are going to need a mirror. Otherwise, how will you know where to trim?

Most women prefer trimming their eyebrows with a razor. To men, this is quite a huge gamble. If you are trimming the eyebrows all by yourself and given the fact that you are not all that experienced, there are very high chances that you might slip and cut your skin. This will ruin your day especially if it’s a deep cut since it will be easily noticed.

It is also very easy to mess up and shave off too much with a razor. Whereas women can cover up the mess by using an eye pencil as a man you have to leave with it. Given the fact that eyebrows grow rather slowly, it will be quite sometime before your eyebrows get back to normal.
When it comes to men’s eyebrow trimming, you have to hit the balance between too much trimming and too little. It is for this reason why eyebrow trimmers are preferred. They have an adjustable blade that ensures that you don’t shave off too much. If you use the best men’s eyebrow trimmers’ chances of slipping and shaping unevenly will be reduced to zero. 

Type of Eyebrow Hair That Should Be Trimmed

1. Unibrow Eyebrows

As we mentioned earlier the natural shape of the eyebrows when trimming eyebrows in men have to be maintained. However, this doesn’t include unibrow. What is an unibrow eyebrow? This is where two hairs from each eyebrow meet above the ridge of the nose. There is nothing attractive in having unibrow hair, it makes you look untidy. This hair should be trimmed off even permanently removed if you are to get that sharp look.
In some cultures (Arabs) however, unibrow eyebrows are considered as a sign of beauty. Unless you are keeping the hair for something cultural, you should allow your unibrows to overgrow. The following is a guide on how to get rid of a unibrow.

  • Wash your face with warm water to help unblock the poles for easy extraction of hair.
  • Most trimmers have an inbuilt twizzer; you are going to need it to pluck off the unibrow.
  • When plucking the hair ensure you hold it at the base. Hello! You don’t want it breaking before it is removed.

2. Stray Hair

A stray hair refers to hair that grows where it’s naturally supposed to grow. Men’s eyebrows have lots of stray hairs all which should be removed to get the natural shape and stay sharp.

3. Excess Hair

The main reason why men should trim their eyebrows is to get rid of excess hair. When not shaved for long eyebrows get bushy hence the unkempt impression.

Guide On How to Trim Men’s Eyebrows With Trimmer

  • Comb the eyebrows
    Using a fine comb (ideally a mustache or beard comb) or eyebrow brush, comb the eyebrows facing upwards! The reason behind this is to ensure that all the hair is in one direction and therefore long and stray hair will easily stand out.
  • Set the blade to the right setting
    A good eyebrow trimmer should have a blade with adjustable length settings. Before you can trim set the blade to the right setting. It is recommended that you start off with the highest setting to judge how much hair it takes and you should trim from the bottom moving upwards. Always remember that the goal is to trim excess hair. If you shave off too much you will look feminine. You must always be cautious with the settings you choose.
  • Apply gel
    Though not necessary, you can apply gel to your eyebrows. Once again, it should be moderate. Too much gel and your eyebrows will lose their desired natural state.

Final verdict

Eyebrows are overlooked by most men. If you want to look neat and handsome you must start trimming your eyebrows. In this post, we have provided a guide on how to trim men’s eyebrows with trimmer and it is my hope that the content was useful to you. Take an initiative and share this post with a friend or two informing them on the same. Thank you!

Alta Bulloch

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