How to Trim a Beard with Scissors?

To maintain a good look and healthy beards, there is a need to trim your beards now and then. An awesome looking beard is one devoid of unsightly splits ends and one that is well kept. Although there are numerous steps to take in maintaining a beard, we will be focusing our attention today on how to trim a beard with scissors.

So, if you are one of those men with beards and are looking out for ways to trim it with scissors, then you are just in luck. Come along with us as we delve deeper and teach you what to do. Let’s begin already, shall we?

Why Trim Beards with Scissors?

One of the reasons we recommend scissors is because some men only grow beards occasionally, besides a beard trimmer is quite expensive and may not be on your budget for the time being. Hence, we suggest scissors as they are more cost-effective while also being efficient.

Also, beard trimmers are only able to trim to a limited amount. Ideally, even the best beard trimmer on the market can trim more than 1-inch in entire length which in reality is relatively short (that's if your aim to grow a classic beard).

Scissors, on the other hand, will not only cut down a beard to any length you desire, but it also gives users more control over the scissors than a beard trimmer and helps you achieve a beard cut of any length.

Step by Step on How to Trim a Beard with Scissors?

To accomplish a beard that looks great and consequently look dashing and handsome, all you need do is follow the steps outlined below. They include:

1. Shower before a Trim

Shower before a Trim

Before allowing scissors to get to your beards, you must shower first. This is because when you bathe before trimming your beards, you will get rid of any natural pollutants trapped in the beard. It will also free your beard of any product that may have been applied to it (we shall be discussing this further as we go along).

If you are fond of applying mustache wax or beard balm on your beard, it’s important that while showering, you wash away all the products to ensure there is no beeswax left on your beard. To help make this easier, we recommend you purchase a shampoo of high quality.

A beard with beeswax is usually harder to read when looking at the mirror and hence prevents you from taking a proper cut. Since we are sure you don’t want a beard with a lopsided look, we highly recommend you pay keen attention to your beard during your shower just before you start trimming.

2. Get The Ideal Tools To Get The Job Done

Get The Ideal Tools

As earlier stated in this article, if the desire is a beard growth that’s longer than one inch, then a pair of scissors is your best bet to get the job done. But if you are aiming for a beard that’s shorter than 1-inch, then opting for a quality beard trimmer is a more ideal choice.

However, it’s not enough to settle for just any scissors that catch your fancy, the quality and type of scissors being used must be put into consideration as this will determine if your beard looks great at the end or if it will look terrible.

You should avoid purchasing a versatile scissor or using any scissors lying around your home. The scissors to go for should be solely dedicated to your beards, we recommend scissors with a short length, and this is because they are easier to operate than a standard shear.

Furthermore, you should also get a comb of good quality while purchasing your pair of scissors. Select a narrower comb, one that is saw-cut and also hand-polished. Saw cut combs are sturdy and aren't fragile when combing the beards, its teeth are also rigid and are not susceptible to breakage.

3. Comb Beards Up Before Combing Down To Get The Growth Rate

Comb Beards

Before you begin trimming your beard, it’s essential to comb your beards against and with the grain, doing this will give you a better understanding of how much your beard has grown and the areas that’s fuller than normal and the ones to be reduced or left alone.

4. Start Trimming From the Bottommost Part of Your Beard

Now it’s time to properly trim your beard, but first, you must have the style you desire in mind. One of the best styles to go for is one that conforms to your jawline. This style is conservative and recommended for men who are just starting. It easy and simple, it also helps you get used to the scissors.

While trimming, we recommend you start trimming from the chin, this will determine what the remaining parts of your beard will look like. If your aim is a beard of 1-inch length, then it’s most likely that your neck and cheek areas will be significantly shorter than an inch. 

It is also vital to note that trimming a beard is not a one-day affair. While most of the beard may be cut on the first day, most men continue to trim their beards every few days just to modify how the beard is shaped. You can also adopt this method, especially if it’s your first time trimming.

5. Clean Up The Sides of the Beard as they Grow In

Many men are guilty of not trimming the sides of their beards. Once your beard begins to grow in, it does so on all sides. Many assume their chin grows quicker while their cheek has a slow growth rate but this is not often the case.

Hence, when you focus on just the chin without trimming the sides, it leaves you with an extremely bushy jawline. If you desire a tapered beard look, then you will need to scale back the hair by the sides significantly, this move will balance the hairs on your chin. This, in turn, will give your face a perfect balance and will also make your beard more proportioned to your hair.

6. Clean Areas Around Your Neck

While trimming your beard, it’s also important to pay attention to areas around your neck; it’s not nice to have the hairs on your neck protruding past the hair on your chin. This disparity of hair length will give you a sloppy and unsightly look and you don’t want that. Hence, while trimming, also trim down the hair on your neck.

7. Trim Upwards Too

This is a technique generally applied by barbers, it gives your beards a more regular look than the look you get when it’s just a cut straight across. Therefore, always trim upwards when trimming your beards.

8. It Takes Several Days

The process of trimming your beards is not done all at once. If it's your first time trimming, you must give a time interval between one trim and another. When this is done, you can then modify your look, this helps you achieve the ideal shape you are looking for.

After you have gotten it right, you should then trim your beards every few weeks or once a month, however, this will depend on how your beard follicle looks like and the length of beard you wish to achieve.

9. Apply Conditioner to Your Beard After Trimming

When it comes to beard growth and its care, trimming is just one part of the world of beard care. One product you should take note of when trimming and caring for your beard is a conditioner. Every man must possess a beard conditioner.

Concerning this, two major products can be applied to your beards, these are beard oil or beard balm. They are similar product as they contain almost the same ingredients. However, the distinguishing feature is that beard oil contains essential oils and carriers.

Beard balm, on the other hand, not only contains essential oils and carrier but also contains wax and butter. These two products are good and available in stores around you. But beyond beard balm and beard oil, a beard shampoo is also important as they help wash your beard meticulously.

Unlike the hair located on your head, you need sebum oil to nourish your beard and keep it hydrated and this is what a quality shampoo offers you. So, do your beard a favor and get the right beard oil or beard balm and also beard shampoo.


Now that you know How to Trim a Beard with Scissors, how do you feel? Elated right? Yeah, that's right, you have not only acquired a new skill that will come in handy anytime any day, but you can now look good without having to go through so much hassle or spend so much money.

Now that you have learned this new skill, go ahead and try it out. Remember to get the right products and take the steps outlined. You can thank us later.

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