How To Shave With An Electric Razor Without Irritation?

For the inexperienced ones shaving with electric razor usually causes redness and irritation, right?

Not really, especially if you know how to use an electric razor correctly.

Before, I usually shave my facial hair with a blade manually because of the fear that I might lose control of it and might irritate my skin.

However, a lot of people claimed that electric razor is more efficient which will save me a lot of time and effort. I took this as a challenge!

What I did is to research and practice how to shave with an electric razor without irritation which you will learn later. After trials and errors, I become successful with my goal thus electric razor is the best product for all men!

Step by step on how to shave with an electric razor without irritation?

1. Prepare your skin

“My skin got irritated”… This is one of the dialogues that we usually hear from first-time users of an electric razor. How did it happen anyway?

The thing is they did not take time to prepare their skin before they took the courage to start shaving. But how can men prepare their skin before using an electric razor or in other words how to shave with an electric razor without irritation?

If you plan to shave, you do not need to rush things up. You must get your skin to be ready before doing so. You must first apply a gentle shaving cream or foam prior to shaving. However, if you do not have any access to such then you can use warm water instead.

The point is your skin must be supple and not completely dry while shaving. Most of the time cuts and redness happens because of dry shaving.

2. Use the right attachments

Use the right attachments

Electric razors nowadays have the capability to accommodate different attachments. This is actually perfect for people who want to have a vibe of a different facial hairstyle.

However, every attachment is made for different purposes that is why you must use them according to its use. This will prevent irritation from happening.

Once you buy an electric razor with attachments, you must check the user guide manual prior to using it. By doing so, you will know the designated use of these attachments to ensure that you are using them correctly.

3. Be gentle

It is common for some guys to put too much force whenever they are shaving which is surely a recipe for disaster. Whenever I do so, I notice that every aftershave my skin turns reddish which is really nasty!

This is why every time I shave I see to it that I just use just the right force in order to prevent those kinds of scenarios from happening. Keep in mind that electric razors already possess sufficient force to remove hair effectively. So next time do not exaggerate the force that you are putting in because it is unnecessary!

4. Clean your electric razor before using

This is one of the most overlooked factors on why we are experiencing irritations after shaving. It is because there are dirt and excess hairs that accumulated from storage and previous use.

Those foreign objects can intrude on the operation of the electric razor and can cause accidents causing not only redness but cuts as well! Aside from that, dirt can irritate people with sensitive skin so always ensure that your electric razors are thoroughly cleaned before using.

5. Wash your hands

It is only logical that you must clean your hands too every time you shave. Since when we are shaving we tend to touch our faces often.

After shaving or whenever we are putting shaving creams or foams on our face prior to using our electric razor, the skin on our pores tends to open. So whenever we are touching them when they are open, the germs on our hands can take the entrance on the pores which can cause not only irritation but acne or even infection as well!

6. Exfoliate your skin regularly

Let us face it guys, a lot of us do not exfoliate our skin on a regular basis. So the next time that we will use our electric razor it will not have any difficulties shaving our facial hair. This will refrain us from experiencing redness because skin that is not exfoliated well will give the razor a lot of difficulties shaving hair.

7. Use your electric razor properly

Use your electric razor properly

The primary use of an electric razor is to shave and not to pull hair. When it happens it only shows that there is something wrong with you while you are using it. So every time you use an electric razor be sure that you’ll use it the right way.

Pulling hair whenever you are shaving will not only give you an annoying feeling but bumps and redness as well! You do not want that to happen just like me!

8. Take it slowly but surely

Most of the time irritation happens while shaving whenever we take things too quickly. What happens when we shave too quickly? There is a possibility that we will commit a lot of mistakes which will result in pulling hair and exertion of too much force.

So the next time that you will shave using an electric razor, make it sure that you are not rushing things up!

9. Shave on a pattern

Our facial hair has its own unique patterns and that is our guide whenever we want to shave or trim our facial hair. If you will just follow these patterns, you can minimize the occurrence of hair pulling which in turn results in zero irritation!

10. Replace the blades on a regular basic

Blades that are not that sharp anymore will require you to do several strokes before it can effectively trim the hair. As a result, redness will occur which can be really annoying especially they tend to become itchy especially when we have sensitive skin.

So always make sure that you replace those blades on your electric razor regularly so that you can lessen the strokes needed for us to efficiently shave our facial hair minimizing the chances of irritation.

Moreover, old blades can cause a lot of bad effects not only on our skin but on our health as well especially when the blades are rusted. Have you heard about the tetanus virus? I bet you do! People can get it from getting wounded on a rusted metal because rusted metals are prone to catching this type of virus.

After Shaving Tips

Aside from how to shave with an electric razor without irritation, which we tackled a while ago we have learned that irritation while using an electric razor can be prevented. However, if you want to make sure that you will not experience irritation then you can consider using an aftershave lotion.

Just make sure that the aftershave lotion that you will buy is not loaded with lots of chemicals. Checking its ingredients will do the trick!

Applying such will soothe the skin after you shave which will give it a signal to calm down. It will result in the absence of bumps, redness, and will heal cuts immediately in case you got one while shaving.

Those aftershave lotions are also fragrant which will add up a lot of awesomeness to your aura! That is what I like about using an aftershave lotion it is just like hitting 3 birds in a stone!

It will not only add fragrance and soothe your skin from irritation but will also moisturize it making it supple all the time!


Now you know that how to shave with an electric razor without irritation is truly easy and will not give you any irritation if you just use it properly. Because of those guidelines, I am always having a more desirable shaving experience and I hope you will too!

I am aware that not all of us do have a photographic memory that is why you will not be able to memorize that entire list easily. Do not worry, there are workarounds. I used to list it down on my notebook so that I scan them whenever necessary especially prior to shaving.

This will remind me of what should I do in order for me to minimize redness. As time went by, I eventually memorized it and just let my muscle memory do what is necessary.

My advice is to take things one step at a time. You will not be able to master everything overnight but once you get used to it, you can expect that you will not experience dilemmas while using that wonderful electric razors.

Always remember that electric razors are your friend, you just have to use it properly.


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