How To Oil Hair Clippers? – A Comprehensive Guide

A lot of people have found out that it is beneficial to oil their hair clippers. However, it is still a mystery to some on how to do it right. This is where we come in as we will be unravelling the mystery on how to oil hair clippers here. Keep reading and you might learn a thing or two.

Benefits Of Oiling Your Hair Clipper

Before we start writing on how to oil your clippers, we feel it is important we write on what you stand to gain by oiling them. Below are some of the benefits of oiling your oil clippers.

Prevents Rust

One of the most important benefits of oiling your hair clippers is to protect it from rusting. It is not news that corrosion is one of the biggest enemies of metals as it tends to render them useless. Also, since blades of clippers are made from metal, you need to keep them from rusting. Now, one way to do this is by oiling the clipper blades. The way the oil works is that immediately oil comes in contact with the clipper blades, it oxidizes it. It also helps to form a protective coat for the metal hereby preventing it from rust.

Smoother Cuts

When you oil your clippers, you are bound to have smoother cuts. With well-oiled clippers, you are less likely to have bumps too.

Keep Blades Cooler

Hair clippers are known to become hot when you use them. And this is because there is a lot of friction at work when a clipper works. And in a way, the oil helps in keeping the blade cool.

What You Need To Oil Your Clippers?

Now, let’s get down to oiling of your hair clippers. However, there are some materials or tools you need to put in place before attempting to oil the clippers.


A brush is an important tool you will need when you want to oil your hair clipper. The good thing is; a brush is not that hard to find or get. Note that you can’t just use any type of brush. The purpose of this brush is to clean up the build-up of dirt on the clipper. Sometimes, you will find hair, grease or even gunk on the clipper and you would not want to leave them there. You need a small brush and most times, a tiny brush comes in the packaging of the hair clipper itself.

The tiny brush from the clipper’s packaging is most recommended because it is capable of reaching between the blades. With this, you have an assurance that the brush will reach all the debris between the blades. But, if by chance you do not have this tiny brush, you can always use a toothbrush.


Now, you need to get lubricants that are specially made for lubricating blades. Again, lubricants usually come with hair clippers. And these lubricating oils have a special dropper tip that makes it easy to pour the lubricating oil on the blades and other parts of the clipper. You can also purchase lubricating oils with this type of tip.

Step by Step on How To Oil Hair Clippers?

Step by Step on How To Oil Hair Clippers

Below are the easy steps to follow when you want to oil your clippers.

Clean The Clipper

Before applying oil on the clipper, you need to first clean the clipper with the brush you got. Make sure you get out every strand of hair, every debris and every dirt out of the clipper. One mistake people make is by using water to clean the clipper. Do not make the same mistake because water helps to accelerate rust in metals. Instead, you can use rubbing alcohol or methylated spirit to clean the clipper.

The reason you should get rid of the dirt in the clipper is to allow the lubricating oil to reach all the necessary parts of the clipper.

Apply The Lubricant

After cleaning the clipper, it is now time to apply the lubricating oil to the clipper. Again, we need to reiterate that cleaning of the clipper before applying the oil is important. This is because the oil will trap the dirt in the clipper which means the clipper won’t become lubricated as expected. To oil the clipper, it is more advisable to get lubricating oil with the dropper tip. With this dropper tip, you should apply some drops of the oil into all the necessary parts of the clipper.

The blades of the clipper are a priority but you can drop some of the lubricating oil in the tiny spaces in the clipper. Besides, you can apply the oil to screw holes too. Worthy of note too is that the clipper should not be turned on or plugged in during this process.

Turn On The Clipper

The oil can't get into all the necessary parts of the clipper without help. And the only way to ensure this happens is by turning on the clipper. When you turn on the clipper, the vibration from the clipper will help the lubricating oil go through every necessary part of the clipper. Leave the clipper on for 30 to 40 seconds only as this time is more than enough to get this done. Also, to ensure the oil penetrates the blade well, you should wiggle the lever of the clipper up and down.

Turn Off The Clipper

Now you can turn off the clipper. But, you can still add more drops of the lubricating oil to the clipper if you feel like doing so. However, we do not feel it is necessary as the oil you already have in it should be more than enough for the next time you want to use the clipper.

Wipe The Clipper Clean

After you are done oiling the clipper, you need to clean up the clipper. Wipe off all the oil on the body of the clipper before packing up the clipper. Take special care to the wires of the clipper and the charging port if it is a wireless clipper. Lest we forget, do not use tissue paper, or paper towels to clean the clipper. This is because the paper can lead to a buildup of tiny particles that can turn to debris. Instead, use a soft cloth if you want the best cleaning result.

Other Tips On How To Maintain Your Clipper?

Maintaining your hair clipper doesn’t stop at applying oil to it. Below are some extra tips to keep your clipper in good shape.

Unscrew Blades From Clipper And Clean

Before oiling the clipper, you have done some cleaning. However, the clipper still needs a more thorough cleaning. To do this, you need to unscrew the blades from the clipper. Get your screwdriver and loosen the screws holding the blades to the clipper. The screws are usually 2 in number and you should not find them difficult to loosen. After removing the blade, you are now ready to clean the insides of the clipper.

A soft toothbrush is recommended for this exercise but make sure you are not getting toothpaste anywhere near the clipper. The goal here is to remove every debris and hair inside the clipper. Brush gently and thoroughly till the inside of the clipper is clean. Again, avoid using water to clean the clipper as it might lead to an electrical hazard.

Sharpen the Blades

Your clipper blades need occasional sharpening to keep them working at an optimal level. You have a choice of giving your blades to professional blade sharpeners or doing it yourself. We will recommend that you try to sharpen the blades yourself as it is cheaper and quite easy to do. To sharpen your clipper blades yourself, you will need a honing stone. There are lots of honing stones you can buy that will do the job and you have to decide on the type you'll buy by yourself.

Add a little water to the surface of the honing stone. Remember that a honing stone usually has a rough and smooth surface. So, all you need to do is to move the blade from the rough surface of the stone to the smoother part. You should not have to apply too much pressure on the blade because light pressure guarantees a higher success rate. Work the blade on the stone for a couple of time and you will begin to notice the difference in the blade’s sharpness. You can repeat the process for as many times as you want till you get your desired result.

Assemble The Blade

After the cleaning of the clipper and sharpening of the blade, you should assemble the blade. But, you have to ensure that the blades are well aligned with each other. The blades must be straight because they can cut you or your client if they are not. Also, make sure you tighten the screws of the blade well to prevent the blades from moving after aligning them.


We have come to the end of this article on how to oil hair clippers. We hope you enjoyed reading the article as much as we enjoyed writing it. Finally and most importantly, we hope you’ve learnt a lot from the article. Because our intention for writing this is to educate you on how oil hair clippers.


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