How to Lighten Hair Without Bleach ?

The first time I try to lighten my hair was seven years ago, but my hair went amusingly in shape of yellow urine maybe because of the lack of British sunlight or due to an inferior product, my hair wasn’t right that time I had to use cap and the headscarf to cover my hair then.

The second time I try to lighten my hair was in a science laboratory when our practical teacher was not feeling too well. So he just gave us the laboratory I soaked strands of my in a chemical called hydrogen peroxide, and I successfully lighten my hair, but it was one of the worse experience with my hair I burnt my hand.

However is it because of time and time changes or yearly or fun to lighten different colors, most people even go ahead to get different chemicals like me seven years ago that have harmful substances or products that are design mainly for this purpose. This product contains toxic chemical that tangled your hair or potentially damages your hair.

In this article or class, I will take you through the various natural solution and some product that consist natural supplement that I trust, and I have used apart from that hydrogen peroxide.



Chamomile tea is like lemon juice and it a popular method to lighten your hair, the use of chamomile is one of the best for ladies that there hair is light; it will not work on darker hair. However, it is also good for dyed hairs if it used on dyed hair you get refined golden tint, and some brighten effect on your naturally blonde hairs.


The lemon juice is the conventional method to most people, but be aware of some product that they claim to use lemon juice as their ingredient. Most of the product consists of the unwanted harsh component, my people please stick with pure or original lemon juice for your hair lightening both fresh and bottle works well, but fresh is more potent. Lemon juice will give your hair overall alleviate effect if it is applied to your hair entirely or understated highlight if applied at some part of the hair.


Everybody knows that honey is useful in nourishing both the skin and hair honey contains glucose oxide the create hydrogen peroxide that will gently lighten your hair. Honey is a natural bleaching instrument.


Baking soda can be used as a method of alleviating hair and can also be used as shampoo, it can also be used for toothpaste. It strips chemical build up because of it a natural clean product and also lightens your hair because it produces a subtle effect. This method can be used on a regular basis (daily or weekly) until it lighten your hair to your taste and you  can continue to use the baking soda as your regular shampoo note  that it may continue to light your hair a little longer 


While spending money on hair supplement that contains olive oil why not buy original olive oil itself because olive oil is famous as a moisturizer, that is why is good to use it on a dry hair, damaged can also use regularly on a daily basis it contains gentle lighten agents. Some people add both olive oil and honey to bleach their hair naturally it will warmly tone the hair


although sun can tan and burn your skin, it is the easiest way, and it naturally lightens your hair without bleaching the hair it just time all you need in this process is to spend some time out of your house inside the sun.

And remember to wear sunscreen and protect your skin by wearing a covered cloth so the sun won't damage your skin, the incredible thing about the sun is that it can be used alone. And it can also be combined with any natural lighten process in this article before going into the sun. The natural alleviate need the ultraviolet rays from the sun do better work by helping in the highlighting the hair.


vitamin C is used for the healthy immune system. Do you, Kwon, that it can also be used to lighten your hair, it helps in building collagen which helps in hair growth. All you need is to go pharmacy store very close to you and get vitamin C pills or tablet(note not the one with flavor additive) and crush about 8 to 9 into powder and add it into your shampoo. 

Put the shampoo that contains the vitamin C in your hair once it has mixed with your hair get a shower cap to cover your hair and cover it for 30 minutes to an hour. After hours have laps rinse your hair with warm water, conditionals and dry in air, apart from this your body should feel more healthy due to extra vitamins, and you should have some beautiful highlight.

Now that we are done in listing and explain the different way you can naturally lighten your hair without bleaching, allow me to take you through  some step to step process or tutorial of the listed ways

Step involve in chamomile tea lighten

  • When it cool and steep, remove five tablespoons and  put the tea in a spray bottle
  • It an advise the five tablespoons we withdraw from the tea you can add it to your regular hair conditioner.
  • When you wash or shower your hair use the pure chamomile tea in a spray bottle as your shampoo
  • Once it is rinsing or clean off apply your conditional that comprises the tea let it be on your hair for minimum 3 to 4 minutes before rinsing it off.
  • After rinsing your hair let it dry in the sun for some minutes.
  • The fastest way to apply it is to spray the tea on your hair and dry it in the sun to save time and energy.

Step involve in lemon juice lighten 

  • Mix lemon juices with water get a spray bottle and apply the mixture on your hair, rub on it in such a way that your hair becomes damp. Or use the combination on wet  hair and don’t rinse it
  • Any option you choose from the two previous step, the  second step is to sit in the sun when the supplement is in your hair, the ultraviolet ray from the sun trigger the highlight effect
  • Stay in the sun for about 30 to an hour remember to wear sunscreen on your skin so the sun will not burn your skin
  • Rehydrate your hair after you might have used this mixture with a lot of conditioners because lemon juice is very acidic
  • You can repeat at least once a week to lighten gradually  over time 

Step involve in honey lighten

  • Get a cup filled with water to add fresh honey of 3 to 4 spoons, apply the mixture on your hair evenly and allow it for an hour on your hair or add the mixture to your shampoo and use it normally
  • After applying  the mixture consistently on your hair get a shower cap to wear the cap to cover the hair for hours some take to bed  and wash it the next morning
  • The same step  or process goes for both olive oil  and cinnamon.

Step involve in using baking soda

  • Get a cup to add enough warm water to add the baking soda into it until it becomes a paste
  • (Note if your mixture is too thin it will not cover your hair thoroughly and if it too thick it will dry off very fast and may not even work)
  • Apply the paste in the form of your regular shampoo on your hair
  • Check your hair if you love what it looks like you can wash if you don’t like it you can leave it a little longer
  • Rinse your hair and add your regular conditioner

We have successfully highlight seven natural hair lightening methods without bleaching your hair there are other natural hairs lightening methods. The seven we talk about am very sure of them and have tried like 4 out of the six ways.

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The natural hair lighten method that we discuss in this article can vary in results, it depends on the texture of hair you have some may lose color, and some either absorb color at different rate everybody has different hair. Also using purified water aid in seeing better results and if you are subsequently that sun-kissed light-colored hair rapidly, you may need to visit a professional hair stylist. Remember do not give up on the expectation of alleviating your hair naturally and chemical free-way, have fun while testing the different means you can lighten up your hair drawback the bleach.


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