How To Fix Hair Clippers That Won’t Cut ?

Trimming or shaving hair is a practice that has been with us for ages. The best and easiest way to cut your hair is by using clippers. Hair clippers are quite popular across all ages perhaps due to their effectiveness and how easy it is to use. With that said, once in a while, your hair clipper might have issues. Well, here is the good news; you can solve the issue at home since we will guide you on the various ways on how to fix hair clippers that won’t cut.

Why Hair Clippers Are So Popular?

What are some of the ways in which you can remove unwanted hair from your body? Waxing, laser hair removal, scissors, depilatory creams. Among all these hair clippers are the most famous and here are the reasons why:

  • Waxing
    The term waxing is not new to many but only a few have tried it. Most people shiver whenever the term waxing mentioned. This is understandable given the fact that body waxing is extremely painful. As much as it is effective in removing hair sometimes it can get extremely painful. Other than that it is very expensive hence not ideal for people who have a problem spending big.
  • Laser hair removal
    Laser hair removal is a tech that uses light impulses to destroy hair follicles. Laser hair removal is considered ideal if you want permanent hair loss however this is not everyone day to day cup of tea. To begin with, professional laser hair removal is very expensive. You can opt for home laser hair removal gadgets but are still expensive compared to hair clippers.
    Laser hair removal is also very painful and if done wrong can alter the skin composition leading to cancer.
  • Scissors
    Scissors are effective in removing hair but only trimming. If you need close shave scissors are not ideal for you as much as they are cheap. Scissors are easy to use, don’t irritate the skin and doesn’t cause the development of ingrown hair. A great choice but not as effective as hair clippers!
  • Depilatory creams
    When depilatory creams were fast introduced in the marked people were of the opinion that they would never shave again. These creams work by dissolving hair. They are effective but more often than not react negatively with sensitive skin. It is also not recommended for use on the genitals. This is quite a deal-breaker to many.

How To Fix Hair Clippers That Won’t Cut?

What do you do when you clippers won’t cut? Well, most people will opt to hire a professional. There is nothing wrong with this but it will cost you quite a fortune yet it’s something you can do yourself at the comfort of your home. This post will guide on how to fix hair clippers that won’t cut. And yes, you don’t need prior knowledge in the field. After reading this you will hate ever hiring a professional to fix your hair clippers.

1. Clean The Clippers

The main reason why most clippers won’t cut it due to poor maintenance in the form of cleaning. Clippers should be cleaned thoroughly once every three months. And by cleaning we mean disassembling the head. How do you go about it?

  • Remove the screws on the head
    I doubt if there is anyone out there who doesn’t know how to remove screws. Get a Phillips screwdriver and remove the two screws on the head of the clippers. Using your hands reach out to disassemble the blade from the clipper.
  • Wipe off the hair
    The purpose of disassembling the head is so as to clean off trapped hair. Using a thick brush, wipe the blades and the head of the clipper! You must have noticed that the blades had hair clogged all over. Chances are that this was the reason why it won’t cut.
    Soak the head and the blade in warm water for a few hours to make it easier for you to wipe off stubborn hair. Though not necessary, it is advisable that you apply clipper cleaning solution but if you don’t have it vinegar solution will work just fine. After cleaning you are required to dry the blades, you can use a clean towel just let them dry by themselves.
  • Oil the blades
    After drying you are expected to assemble back the blades. This should be easy just be careful enough to see to it that everything is back as it was before. When fully assembled you should oil the bladed. In this, you need clipper oil since its light.
    Point the head of the clipper downwards then apply oil on the blades. Apply just enough and in doing so you should be proud of yourself. See, it wasn’t hard after all.

2. Replace The Blades

Learning how to fix hair clippers that won’t cut requires you to be sharp enough to identify the problems. Some clippers will be cleaned and get back to working as if did before. In some cases, the blades should be replaced or sharpened.
In such a case you should have compatible blades to replace the old one. No degree in rocket science is needed for you to replace clipper blades. If you are not sure how to do it feel free to refer to the manual.

3. Replace The Battery

Convenient clippers are cordless. This means that they run on battery allow you to carry them around and use in the shower. More often than not, the battery doesn’t last long. Consider changing the battery if the hair clipper won’t cut. This should be the case of the clipper is no longer able to hold charge.
The good thing with this is that clipper batteries are readily available in local stores. Feel free to order from the host company just to be assured that the battery will be compatible with the clipper.

4. Check The Wire

Checking the wires should be the first thing that you do when the clipper won’t cut. Use a tester to see whether the current flows to the clipper. If it doesn’t, consider replacing or repairing the wires.


No more hiring specialist to fix your clipper. Not after learning the various ways on how to fix hair clippers that won’t work. There is nothing holding you, you are a specialist of your own caliber.

Alta Bulloch

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