How To Cut Female Hair With a Clipper ?

Most females exercise doubts when it comes to self-cutting their hair, but it's very simple and allows you to save money. When you dress in a particular way, the haircut is the first thing that get noticed, that’s why you mustn’t neglect your hair length.

So, to help you look clean and neat, we’ll be providing you the tips and step by step tutorial on how to cut female hair with a clipper, which you can use to cut your desired hair style.

What you will need to follow this tutorial 

Here you’ll be learning the essential tools that you're going to need when you want to cut your hair yourself. These are tools that’ll make cutting your hair so much easier.

Hair straightener: This tool gives you the option to cut your hair when it's wet or dry and allows you to see where you're cutting and differentiate the layers. It’s important to note that you tends to cut your hair less when it’s dry, thus allowing you to save the length, and you tend to cut more when it's wet.

Height regulating guide combs: This item will get all the knot to tangles out of your hair, which is a must before you start cutting. A big giant comb with a very wide tooth is preferred because it's easy to run through your hair and won’t break a lot of hair.

However, a rat tail comb is perfect when cutting your hair as you’ll be able to pull the hair without having to worry about uneven cut. This is because the rat tail comb teeth are so close together and thin that it pulls all of your hair exactly the way you prefer.

Clips: A variety of clips used for hair selections are available in a different sizes and shapes. Some comes with teeth to catch and firmly hold some parts of the hair, while cutting other sections. With this, you will be able to cut one part at a time, and create your own style.

Big towel: Talking about the necessary tools without mentioning the towel is incomplete. This is really important, especially for first timers. The main function of this item is to prevent the hairs from reaching your cloth or messing the environment while cutting.

Mirror: The last tool is the mirror. I’m sure that even if you are a beginner, with the help of the mirror, you will be able to cut perfectly. A giant mirror will allow you to see all your cutting. Once you sit at the front of the mirror, you can easily find how far you have gone in cutting.

Even if you could get two mirrors, one in the back and one in the front so you can see what's going on in the back to ensure you see your hair before you cut it so you know where you want to cut, how much you want to cut, what kind of layers you want to cut, etc.

Pro tips for cutting your hair with a clipper

Self-cutting of hairs with a clipper is very simple that requires little to no skill and it isn’t time consuming. Depending on your preference, before you start cutting, you should always ask yourself how you want the hair to look like, how short and your plans to comb the hair later. Only knowing this in the end will you be satisfied and also make a perfect haircut.

So, if you want to learn how to cut female hair with a clipper, keep the following tips in mind.

Ask yourself the haircut you want: The first thing is to ask yourself how you want your hair to be and the degree of uniformity. For example, if you love keeping the hair low for easy combing, you should cut above the one level. On the other hands, you may wish to cut the protruding ends or simply want to cut everything. Whatever the case, you should always be clear about what you want.

Choose a suitable haircut that befits you: To avoid looking odd, you should barb a haircut that supports your physic. For example, if you’re someone with a heart-shaped face, a long graduated bob short haircut will give you a perfect look. In addition to this, you will also look attractive.

Make it a unique experience: As a female, I understand comfort is among our greatest priorities. During cutting, don’t rush as you’re trying to redesign your facial look, which will last for days on your head. Also after barbing, check whether your look is not compromised.

Choice of clippers: Your hair either wet or dry determines the choice of clippers you will use. For wet hair, I recommend the use of a non-electric clipper to avoid electric shock. However, if the need to wet a dry hair arises, make sure you add little water in the final phase of the cut to avoid hazard.

Cut clean and disentangled hair: If you’ve a clean hair, you will find it comfortable to cut. However, to directly cut a tangled hair without combing, you may get hurt. To avoid this, firstly pass a comb through the hair to disentangle it, after that, you can now have a cut.

Choose the hair comb that best suits your style: Generally, combs are used to adjust the amount of hair to be cut. These ranges from hair straightener to comb and an illustration is given below hierarchically for easier comprehension:

  • Use a big comb to untangle knots from your hair
  • Use a rat tail comb when cutting
  • Lastly, use an hair straightener to preserve the length of the hair

Hold the clipper firmly in your hand: To avoid getting hurt by the clipper, always hold it firmly between your thumbs and the first two fingers.

Step by step instructions for cutting different hairstyles

How to cut long hair in Layers

The best style of haircut that befits any face shape is the layered haircut. This is because it is simple and easy to barb and the steps needed to cut it are highlighted below:

  • First and foremost, make a well-groomed and stretched ponytail with all the hair on the front of the head.
  • Then place the ponytail over the shoulder forward and make a tail on the crown.
  • Stretch the ponytail as much as you can to make the clipper suitable for your desired haircut.
  • Cut the tips of the hair in a straight line, re-comb the tail using the rat tail comb and repeat this process until the tips are perfectly straight.
  • Lastly, release the hair and comb it. You will discover that your dream cut have come to reality. What a simple cut!

Next is to learn how to make V-shaped haircut with a clipper, it is very simple to cut.

How to make V-shaped haircut

Unlike the layered cut, V-shaped haircut gives you a longer mane look without much volume on the tips. This hairstyle is so versatile that the passage of years has never rendered it obsolete. To cut V-shaped hairstyle, simply follow the steps below:

  • Firstly separate the hair into two equal parts.
  • Comb the two parts of hair, firmly hold one part, comb and cut directly to the size you want.
  • Then repeat with the other part. Upon doing this, you will be amazed with the V-shaped of your hair.
  • To match the size, check for any hair strand by bending your neck and bring the strands to the center.
  • Pay more attention to wet hairs as they look longer than when dry.
  • With this quick method, you’ll be able to parade your hair through the front and thanks to the layers you will get some volume.

Not simple? Below is step by step method on how to cut the bangs with a clipper without leaving any mess behind.

How to cut the Bangs without a mess

To cut the bangs, iron is needed to make a straight line in the middle of your head. This line divides the hair on your head into two equal parts.

  • From this straight line, take a desired hair height to make a triangle of hair that touches lesser or more of the shape. 
  • After the separation, the side you intend to get the bang will be clear enough, change it to the opposite of the desired one and grab it with a jelly.
  • Then cut in a straight line first and then blunt. Upon releasing the blunted hair, take it to your final desired side to observe a change. The more you practice, the greater you become perfect.

Maybe you prefer a safer and simpler method to cut your own bangs? You've it below.

How to cut short hair

This cut is perfect for females with round, square and bulky faces. This is because it helps to define their face by marking the angles much better. Ladies of today are after comfort, but above all, perfect look. This can only be achieved by having a good short haircut and yes, cutting short hair yourself is possible with these basic steps:

  • Brush your hair, make a back ponytail till it become tense and attach a scalp.
  • Measure the exact height of the hair you don’t want to cut, turn the end well and cut straight.
  • Then release the ponytail and the style is ready. The front part of the hair will be shorter than the back.

How to cut curly hair

We all know that cutting a curly hairstyle with a clipper maybe somehow challenging especially for newbies. Still, if you will go through the steps below, you’ll find it is very easy and stress free. 

  • For wet hair, comb all your hair and direct it forward. Then pack it with a rubber band near the forehead and stretch as possible as you can.
  • Choose the desired length you wish to cut and place an inscription on where you intend to cut. Then place another rubber tape on where you want to cut and stuck it tight.
  • After this, use a clipper to bring down the hair to the rubber band level diagonally.
  • Remember that curly hair shrinks when dried so pay attention to the measured size.
  • Once dried, apply curl by curl to achieve perfect tips but it will be worth it.


As you can see, self-cutting your own hair is a practical work, which requires little to no experience before practicing. Now that you’ve gone through the step by step methods on how to cut female hair with a clipper, you are fit to cut any style you wish once you get a good clipper and other tools. Although it is advisable to start cutting with a little piece because this is easier and the hair grows on time.

However, when you cut too much, you will have to wait a few weeks for the hair to develop before resuming again. But the more you practice these step by step tutorial on how to cut female hair with a clipper, the greater you become perfect. With all these tips, we hope you find this article useful and get down to cut your hair. Will you dare to do it?


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