How Often To Shave Head ?

Shaving is a practice that has been with us since ancient times. Shaving is not only for the armpit of the private parts. In the modern generation, men are embracing shaving rather well, and research has shown that women consider men who shave their head rather attractive and more masculine. With this, the obvious question that arises is, how often to shave head?

Shaving is The New Famous Gig in Men

Back in the days, shaving was considered a disgrace, and men who shaved clean viewed as rather less attractive. Shaving has become quite popular, and most men are opting for it.
Men who shave are more confident and look rather neat. But, how often to shave head!? Should you shave every day, once per week or once a month? Well, the answer to this question is it depends.

Practical Reasons That Might Warrant You to Shave Your Head

  • Profession
    What is your profession? Is there a specific code on how you should look? The good thing is, virtually just any profession these days has no problem with shaving. This is evidenced by the movies and TV programs we watch. There is always someone cleanly shaved, and this shows you how the practice has become popular. As long as you have some excellent beard of mustache shaving should do just fine for you. Who knows, you might as well end up influencing other colleagues.
  • Hair loss
    Are you stuck between a rock and a bald place? Every day watching your hair thinning and hairline slowly cutting in, it must be heartbreaking. Hair loss is quite common in both men and women. Stats have it that 7 in 10 men worldwide had had some phase in their life when they experienced hair loss. What causes hair loss?
    The two leading causes of hair loss in men are aging and fall in testosterone hormones. Neither of the two can be practically avoided when it sets in, and this makes hair loss and thinning quite common in men. How do you deal with it? It’s quite simple, shave off the thinning hair and let it grow afresh. What was to be a one-time thing might end up being your signature look!
  • The shape of the head
    Here it gets slightly complicated. Do you know that the shape of your head can determine whether you will look good or not if you shave? Well, now, you know. Before shaving, have a chat with your barber or friends and if they give you the green light shave the hair.
  • Lifestyle and health
    What does lifestyle get to do with how often to shave head? Some people, due to health issues and lifestyle may experience loss, hair getting weak or brownish. In such a case you should shave.

Benefits of Shaving Your Head

  • Hide male pattern baldness
    Baldness in men cannot be avoided. Once it sets in, there is no going back. You are only left with two options stay with it as it is or shave off. Given the severity, bald shaving will help you hide the baldness patterns. Not most people find the pattern attractive, and it is no brainer hiding it.
  • Look younger
    People who shave look younger compared to most of their age-mates. Not saying that having long hair will make you look old but shaving is a look you want to try out if you want to look younger than your age.
  • No more bad hair day
    Bad hair day is quite typical both to men and women with long hair. Here is a pinch on this; bad hair is compared to wearing a dirty shirt to work. Gross, right!? Most of the times, circumstances leading to a bad hair day cannot be avoided. If you shave the hair there will be no more bad hair days, just cleanly shaved and neat days.
  • Masculinity
    Most women view men who shave masculine and attractive. Is there any man out there who would want to be viewed as such? Maybe, this is the breakthrough you need to be the person you have always dreamt of.
  • Affordable
    If affordability is what you seek, it can never get cheaper than shaving your head. Leave alone how often to shave head. When you shave, you won’t have to incur styling cost, no need to purchase expensive hair care products and shampoos. Just a shave and you are good to start the day. What more could you ask for?
  • Convenience
    There is no need to go to the barber 4-5 times in a week to gate a hair makeover. Shaving comes with the convenience of doing it at home.

Factors That Determine How Often to Shave Head

There is no specific answer on how often you should shave your head. This widely varies depending on an individual due to the following factors:

1. Preference
This is all on you. How long do you want your hair to grow before shaving? To determine this, all you have to do is look at the mirror and judge whether you should shave or not. You are in control preference is just fine.

2. Skin toughness
How sensitive is your skin? Some people have somewhat way too sensitive skin, and in such a case you may want to take a day or two breaks before shaving again. Sensitive skin needs time to heal to avoid irritation; ideally, you should shave 2-3 times in a week.

3. Genes
This must have come as a surprise to many wondering whether we are going back to high school biology. This will be a recap; some people have their hair grow rather fast than others. If your hair grows fast, this means that you will have to shave more often and vise versa.

4. The schedule
Most people work on an hourly basis, and those with a busy schedule find less time to spare and rush to the barbershop for a shave. Someone schedule can dictate how often they shave either way you should always find time either to shave at home or visit your favorite barber. 

How to Shave Your Head

You can either decide to shave in a barbershop or at the convenience of your home. I would go for the last option due to the comfort that comes along with it. How do you go about it?

  • Shaving with a razor
    When shaving with a razor, you might want to wash the hair with warm water. Using a clean towel, wipe the hair such that its dump rather than soaking wet. If the hair is too long, trim it with scissors, then start shaving with the razor. To avoid the risk of ingrown hair and skin irritation, shave along the grain as the hair grows. After shaving wash with cold water to block the poles then apply aftershave.
  • Using a clipper
    Shaving your head with a clipper is very easy. There is no need to wash the hair. Start shaving immediately only that you will have to ensure that you shave as the hair grows.


There you have it on how often to shave your head. Nothing is stopping you now, and there is nothing to fear when it comes to shaving your head. At least not after shedding some light on shaving key aspects!

Alta Bulloch

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