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6 New Best Facial Epilator in market 2019

A mustache and beard will have you look handsome and sexy hence the slogan: no shave November. The same thing cannot be said for women with facial hair. Women tend to remove just any hair in their body sometimes even on parts that are rather rarely visible. Facial hair will have a woman look masculine […]

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How Often To Shave Head ?

Shaving is a practice that has been with us since ancient times. Shaving is not only for the armpit of the private parts. In the modern generation, men are embracing shaving rather well, and research has shown that women consider men who shave their head rather attractive and more masculine. With this, the obvious question […]

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How To Trim Men’s Eyebrows With Trimmer

More often than not men have the habit of growing hair in some of the most absurd places. For instance, the nose and the eyes, as much as hairy men appear more masculine there is nothing flattering in having bushy and unkempt eyebrows. This brings us to the question for the day: should men trim […]

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