8 Best Pomade for Thick Hair Reviews 2020

We all know that managing of thick hair is not an easy task especially if you’re the fashionable type. This little difficulty has led some people leaving pomade for gels, which may sometimes give an undesirable look. Apart from the undesirable look, your hair natural texture may also be compromised, thus harming your hair.  To avoid […]

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How To Sharpen Hair Clippers?

Quick Contents Choose a Good Working AreaLoosing of The BladesClean the Blade and Remove Hair and Other DebrisDry the Blades How to Sharpen The Blades? Washing of Cutting Blade and DryingCoupling and Lubricating of The Blades Testing of The ClipperHow to Care for Your Clipper?How To Oil Your Hair Clippers For Peak Performance & long LifeFAQs on How […]

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Top 9 Best Shampoo for Kids 2020

Want to prepare a foam bath for your kids, and help them stay clean without experiencing skin irritation? Buying the best shampoo is the key. Of course, quality shampoo has mostly organic ingredients, traces of inorganic ingredients may also be included. These inorganic ingredients are mostly used for storage purpose and to extend shelf life. […]

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