9 Best Wave Grease Reviews 2020 – Updated Ranking

Have you ever dream of having a perfect wave hairstyle that makes you feel proud of yourself? And you wish to keep this hairstyle in the best position for longer period. Worried no more has we have brought to you, the best wave grease reviews to help you achieve your desire.

This item provides sufficient power and strength to allow you create any kind of hair waves  ranging from modern to classic wave, thus leaving your with a slick and stunning black look. Also, it allows you to hold your hair and keep it wavy for a longer period in the best position.

What is a Wave Grease?

Wave grease is a gel or pomade natural product used to achieve various hair stylings without leaving your hair unhealthy. This product helps you to create and maintain your choice of hair styles without any hassle. They are made from natural oils and other natural ingredients although some artificial ingredients may also present.

Types of Wave Grease

The kind of hair you have determines the type of grease you’re to use. However, understanding your hair type and the use of good wave grease type give the perfect hairstyle. Primarily, there are two varieties of wave grease. They are: Gels and pomades.


If you’re someone that likes classic wet look gel is the appropriate product for you. Gel holds your hair firmly in its best position for longer period. However, gel has some limitations which makes people prefer pomade product over it.

Gel makes your hair stiff making it impossible to achieve other style once you have applied gel. To achieve other style, you will have to wash off the previous style away and reapply the cream.

Secondly, gel may leave scalp on your hair making you to experience discomfort as a result of drying out and flaking that may arise.


This is the most widely used grease types that is used to overcome the issue of flaking. With these products, you can achieve a varieties of style without any hassle. Pomade are of different variety, namely the water-based pomades and grease based.

The water-based varieties are modern, easy to apply, spread out quickly, and are easy to wash. They however do not hold your hair for longer period which is their down side, unlike the traditional grease.

Although, there are newly developed water-based pomade that can hold your hair for longer period. This is made possible as a result of beeswax incorporated with them. The grease pomade, on the other hand, holds your hair naturally for longer period.

In general, pomade gives less holding to the hair compared to the gel and the two grease varieties are useful and designed for different purposes.

How to Buy Best Wave Grease?

A good wave grease product must give the hair its shape and position after the grease has been applied. For this purpose, you shouldn’t just buy a wave grease that helps your hair retain its moisture only, but also the one that guarantee that your hair retain its shape of waves after several hours of applying it.

Things like quality of the product, price, speed and time it takes to achieve a wavy hair, time it take to wash and many more are among the features to look into before buying one. So, below are the factors to consider when buying a wave grease for your hair.

Quality of product

If you are someone that doesn’t joke with beauty, settling for product of best quality is meant for you. The best quality wave grease are those that complement the shape and beauty of your hair while still remaining firm for longer period. They are always harm free and made up of natural ingredients.

Although this product may be expensive a little bit than the inferior quality one, we think every price tag of this quality product worth buying.


The price of wave grease varies based on the ingredients used to prepare the product. Product of poor ingredients has a lower price compared to higher priced quality product. The quality products has some natural ingredients like olive oil, argan, vitamin E and many more which helps to improve the health of your hair.

They achieve this by improving the supply of blood to the air. Although, all the available products in our guide are pocket friendly yet, they are of best quality and performs optimally. You can simply opt for your choice of products based on your budget capability anyway.

Instruction on the label

No matter how experienced you are, you should always check and pay more attention to the instruction written on the label every time you buy. This is because the manufacturer may optimize their product resulting in a little change in the instruction from the previous one you might familiar yourself with.

Duration it takes to wave hair and ease of removal

The condition of your hair is also a paramount feature to look into before buying a wave grease. Much attention must be placed to the wave grease you intend to buy. Originally, wave appears quickly on naturally curly and coarse hair.

The ease to remove depends on the type of grease you use. If you use gel product, this product will give you a tough time before you can remove them while some pomades are easy to wash with water especially the water-based option that has medium or light hold power.

Types of hair

If you have a soft hair and wish to style it, you need a product with a high holding power. Gel is widely recommended for this purpose as it as a strong holding power. However, some pomade can also serve this purpose especially the one of beeswax feature.

But if on the other hand your hair is coarse, pomade may be useful.

Length of the hair

If you are used to wave grease, you will know that different wave grease work for different hair length and style. If you have a shorter hair, pomade product designed for wave is a choice of product for you. On the other hand, if you wish to have a strong firm on your long fine hair, gel is an ideal of choice.

Smell level

If your organ of smell is very sharp and you get allergic to bad smell, buying a product with low or no castor oil is good. This is because the unpleasant odor associated with wave grease is produced by castor oil.

9 Best Wave Grease Reviews in the Market

Also, there are some products with a pleasant odor while there are some without odor at all. No matter how the situation may be, kindly go for the choice that won’t have any negative effect on your health.

1. Suavecito Pomade Firme (Strong) Hold – Best for Keeping Hair Firm and Fixed

If you want to style and keep your hair in one place, this pomade is the perfect weave grease to use. Not only does it allow you to create the hairstyle of your choice, but also drastically reduce the headache of keeping it in place.

Whether your hair is soft and pliable or thick and unruly, this water based styling pomade will help you keep your hairstyle fixed throughout the day.

What’s more? It is easy to wash out since it is water based; all you need to get it out of your hair is some water. It also gives the hair a natural looking shine on application as opposed to other pomades that leave the hair looking glossy and unnatural.

This pomade holds firm and won’t form flakes like some gel based products. And since it is formulated specifically for men, be sure that the smell is masculine in an old fashioned cologne kind of way.


  • Easy to wash out of hair
  • Holds the hair in place throughout the day and easy to comb through
  • It is one of the cheapest pomade out there


  • Has a lingering masculine scent that others might find a bit strong

2. Cold Label Wolfin Pomade – Best for Natural Hair Growth

If you are into natural stuffs and don’t want to worry about the effect of chemicals on your hair, Cold Label Wolfin Pomade is just right for you. It does this thanks to the natural ingredients used in producing it for firm hold and stronger hair growth.

In addition to keeping your hair in place, the pomade’s natural formulation combines to have powerful effects such as retaining moisture, extra hold on the hair, deep hair conditioning, and antimicrobial functions. And besides, it will make your hair soft and tops it with a classic premium scent.

This item is specifically designed to allow you train your hair into your desired style, making it ideal for longer hair styles, although, it is suitable for any hair length. It helps in enhancing and achieving natural waves in your hair.

For an effective result, it is best to brush the hair in the direction of its natural growth after applying the organic hair pomade. Because of its all natural ingredients, it works well with the hair and does not make it greasy.


  • An extra hold on hair is guaranteed
  • Emit a classic premium scent
  • Softens the hair follicles


  • It is a bit difficult to get out of its can

3. As I am Double Butter Rich Daily Moisturizer – Best for Keeping the Hair Moisturized

This item is the go-to choice for those looking to keep their hair properly moisturized. This is possible, thanks to its combination of both natural and chemical constituents responsible for keeping your hair silky and smooth.

It comes with natural butters and organic oils responsible for moisturizing and adding shine to dull hair, thus making it more manageable. This helps to keep the hair stronger and repairs split ends through the pro vitamin B5 it contains.

This item can be applied in small or large amount on different hair types, depending on your hair's moisture needs. Avoid overusing it to prevent product build up that can disrupt your natural curl formation and make your hair end up looking dull and limp.


  • High moisture retention capacity
  • Has a nice, friendly scent
  • Contains pro vitamin B5 for strong hair and split end repair
  • Softens dull and dry hair to make it shiny and manageable


  • Product build up may result from heavy use

4. Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade – Best for Giving the Hair a Natural Look

This water based pomade is one of a kind that not only holds your hair in place but also allows you to run your hands through it as desired. This is possible thanks to its hop ingredient, which act as a thickening and conditioning agent and a light tonka bean, which gives it a sweet scent similar to vanilla.

This pomade does not add shine to the hair but rather it improves the appearance of dull hair and flaky scalp and gives the hair a more natural look. Since it is water based, one rinse with water is effective in getting the pomade out of the hair.

The hop content also helps create more volume to the hair and help hold it strongly. For a nice non glossy finish to the hair, apply a dollop sized quantity of this pomade and style as desired.


  • Known for its strong hold on the hair to keep it in place
  • Tonka bean containing sweet smelling pomade
  • Water based pomade that comes out with one rinse
  • Gives the hair a matte finish and a more natural look


  • It’s a bit thick and heavy
  • Not ideal for light hair texture

5. Suavecito Duo Bundle – Best for Holding Styled Hair

The water based matte pomade is produced to give you an classic look and maintain it throughout the day with every hair in place. It does this by allowing you to rock any hairstyles of your choice from classic, retro, modern to old fashioned and remain intact all day long regardless of your gender.

This item has no fragrance, thus making it ideal for those who prefer not leave any scents or traces behind. It especially works on side parts, faux hawks, slick backs or just when you are trying to achieve a random messy look.

This makes if perfect for men and women who love biking, custom cars, tattoos and still want to slay with their hair in place. During the day and you just want to touch up your hair a bit, just apply a little water, which works well with this water based pomade. While applying the pomade, you can style your hair with your hands first and then use a comb later.


  • Allows you to rock flexible styles of your choice
  • Water soluble and so easy to get out of the hair
  • Can be used by professional barber or cooperate guy constantly on the move


  • Unscented for those who love a little fragrance in their hair pomade

6. Suavecita Pomade for Women – Best for Preventing Hair Damage

This Suavecita is designed for women who are having difficulties in keeping their hair in one place. It’s easy to apply and wash away. Also, it’s no harsh ingredients that can damage your hair or scalp, thus allowing you to create different hairstyles of your choice and keep it healthy.

You don’t have to worry about it drying your hair out or forming unpleasant flakes like some alcohol based gels. It softens your hair and helps you achieve a long lasting hold, with a light floral undertone which smells like summer berries.

Since it was made with women in mind, be sure that it won’t leave residues or cause build ups in your hair. Perfect for all styles and lasts all day long while also keeping frizz under control.


  • Water based and thus washes out easily
  • Feminine floral scent
  • Moderate, natural looking shine and holds for long


  • It was made just for women

7. Pacinos Pomade Hair Grooming Paste – Best for All Hair Types

Pacinos pomade hair grooming paste was designed for everybody irrespective of your gender and age. This is possible, thanks to its strong yet flexible hold that allows you to manipulate your hair anyhow you want it unlike other products in the same category.

The grooming pomade is made up of soft wax and oil responsible for enhancing the look of natural hairstyles. And besides, it’s a moisturizing hair pomade that defines and give your hair a nice texture, making it suitable for all hair types on adults and children.

The pomade is easy to use and provides a long lasting hold on the hair. It does not leave sticky residues behind when washed out and also complements the hair with a semi shiny quality.

It also conditions the hair, gives it better volume, and can be used to create hairstyles such as modern looks, pompadour, and comb over and even for creating waves. In addition, it can be used to achieve a casual or professional look with just the right amount of shine.


  • Suitable for both adult and children
  • Useful for all hair types and hair styles
  • Water soluble so easy to get out


  • Has a barber shop like scent

8. Jovinno Natural Premium Hair Styling – Most Natural

This all natural ingredient pomade sourced from France is produced to allows flexibility and control when styling your hair. And besides, it keeps your hair and scalp nourished with its all natural formulations.

The natural ingredients help to stimulate hair growth from your scalp and gets rid of dandruff. Also, it features a rosemary extract responsible for preventing premature gray hair, eliminate static and flyways.

It has other natural ingredients like flaxseed which is high in omega3 fatty acid for good hair and scalp health. It keeps your hair in place all day long and gives it a matte rather that glittery finish.


  • All natural ingredients
  • Improves hair growth in addition to holding hair in place
  • It is not sticky and comes right off the hands easily


  • The scent though nice isn’t noticeable

9. Xotics by Curtis Smith Sweet Jamila Hair & Body shea Glaze – Most Versatile

Sweet jamila shea glaze is designed to support hair growth and glowing skin by protecting them from heat and sun damage. It does this by preventing loss of hair, split ends and help fight bacterial infection and dandruff.

It contains ingredients such as shea butter for moisturizing effect, tea tree oil which as an antiseptic effect. These natural ingredients soothes skin inflammation, rejuvenates tired skin and relieves you of dermatitis.

This unit works on all hair and skin type and is free of  artificial coloring, parabens, and sulfates. To protect the hair from the adverse effect of ultraviolet rays, it can be applied on wet or dry hair. Also, it can be applied on dry areas on the skin or scalp to provide moisture


  • Contains some natural ingredients
  • Has a dual purpose for hair and skin
  • Has a nice scent


  • Does not hold hair in place

Benefits of Best Wave Grease

Wave grease is highly beneficial to you as they complement your beauty and also makes you look healthy. Below are among the benefits of wave grease:

  • Create and maintain different hair styles such as undercuts, 360 waves, side parts, pompadours, and many more.
  • Helps to keep your hair in the best place and maintain perfect control throughout use.
  • Gives your hair desired stunning and shinning look.
  • The natural product like calendula, olive oil, and hempseed oil found in this products keeps your hair safe and healthy during and after use.
  • Keeps your hair darker, slicker, and also provide a powerful hold. 

How to use wave grease?

Use of wave grease is simple. You must however read the instruction before opening the container. After that, the following steps should be followed especially if you’re using it for the first time.

Step 1: Cutting of hair

If you have much hair on your head, you have to cut it to a moderate level that support the hidden of scalp on your head if you have any. If your hair is short before, skip this stage and move to the next.

Step 2: Take a shower

Remember there used to be scalp on the hair after cutting.  At this stage, taking of shower is significant, especially when you are using oil-based products. This is because the oil has an ingredient that help you to get rid of the scalp on your hair by sealing it. Otherwise, the oil will dry up the scalp.

Step 3: Dry to damp

Drying of the excessive hair after taking the bath is necessary because excessive water reduce the efficiency of the grease. Thus, you must bring down the water level to save cost of grease application.

Step 4: Brush your hair

After drying to damp, the next step is to brush your hair with an appropriate hair brush. Brush as many times as possible but must not exceed three minutes.

Step 5: Apply grease to the hair

After brushing your hair, then apply the product on your hand based on manufactures recommendation and rub it very well to keep it warm and consistent. Then rub your hand all over your head and brush your hair again in a clockwise direction.

Step 6: Wear wave cap

To hasten and complement your effort, brush your hair frequently with bristle brush. This should be followed by subsequent wearing of the wave cap for longer period depending on choice.

After this, remove and check your hair. You will be amazed with the perfect wave that will be displayed on your head.


How often should you use wave grease?

The frequency with which you should use the wave grease depends on some factors. Factors like type of wave grease, type of hair, and the speed with which your hair dry is important. For gel product, you should apply the wave grease less frequently compared to pomade.

This is because gel holds your hair in the best position for longer period. Also, if your hair is very soft, you can apply wave grease every day because soft hair tends to dry up easily. Generally, it is preferable to rub your hair with wave grease three times a week although there is no penalty in applying it more. 

How long does it take waves to form?

There is no straight answer to this as it depends on two major factors especially if you’re building the wave from scratch. These factors are: your type of hair collaborated with the speed which you wish to get the wave.

If you have a coarse hair, you should be expecting the wave less than a month of proper application of the grease with subsequent brushing. But if you have a fine hair on the other hand, you will be expecting wave less than two weeks of regular brushing as well.

However, there may be some exceptional cases that may take more than a month to achieve.

What is the best wave grease?

The best wave grease is the one that has all the necessary features needed to give an optimum result. This product does not harm you during, after or when stop use. They give you your intended style and are often easy to wash when necessary without leaving any scalps on your hair. They may or may not also dry up easily and even add nutrients to your hair.

How to get 360 waves?

Getting 360 waves is very simple, though, it requires little technique and full attention. To achieve this, after you have dried up your hair and rubbed it with wave grease, you will then brush your hair from the top to the bottom in a circular manner as many times has possible.

The brushing should however begin from the center of your head.


Above are the required information needed to get the best wave grease. When you’re ready to buy your favorite of grease, don’t leave any of these information behind. You can see that all the products mentioned in the best wave grease reviews are affordable, have good holding capacity, easy to use, and also has no future harmful threat. They also make you hair look healthy by supplying blood to it thus, making it look shinny and slicker.

If you are someone that is allergic to bad smell, you can also buy from the products listed in the best wave grease reviews as most of them have pleasant odor while some are odorless.  This will pose no hazard to your health. Also, if you are someone that like changing style, we strongly recommend for you, the use of easy to wash product.


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