Top 8 Best Waves Brush Reviews 2020

Want to get waves pattern on your hair, just like your favorite TV stars or the NBA player and even better? Then use the best waves brush. These best waves’ brushes come in brands and form each gyrating like a pendulum proclaiming to be the best. It is this brush that aids the style and direction of your waves. Hence, let dive deeper to explore what more you need to know about the best waves brush.

How to choose the best waves brush?

When it comes to buying anything –or wanting to part with our money, there is no doubt that we all usually want to make sure it’s worth every penny before taking the final decisions of purchase. And that includes how to choose the best waves brush, and at this juncture, you won’t be able to make the right choice except that few things are put into considerations. These things are what will be expounded below regarding buying the best waves brush.

The Types of Bristles

The types of bristles for the best waves brush you choose it as important as anything. And it comes in two forms—the soft and the hard bristle. Regardless of the one, you chose it both has its pros and cons.

If you have short and fine hair, then the soft bristles are made for you, but if otherwise, you have the thick and curly hair, then the hard bristle should be your option. The soft bristles offer tenderness and keep your hair waves down, while hard bristles are highly effective for a deep wave pattern.

Soft bristles are also recommended for those with sensitive scalps or skin irritation problems. 


One thing most people consider trivial is the waves brush handle. Although it does not have anything to do with the performance of the brush, it’s evident that if you need to brush for five minutes and within three minutes to time, you start to feel hand fatigue. This will no doubt hinder the correct application with regards to style.

Hence, a waves brush that comes with handles is more conveniently and most preferred. Nevertheless, those brushes without handle also give you a firm grip due to the form such as contours and curve shapes. And if you are new to waves brush, it is recommended you start with those without a handle.

Brush shape

After the handle, the next thing to consider is the brush shape. You should buy a brush that has a shape that will give you a firm hold. Brushes with contours give you the much-needed flexibility to brush your hair and style it in any desired direction.


To get the brush that will be durable is to consider the one whose bristles won’t fall off easily. So, any brush that sheds it bristles will definitely not last long, and you will have to get a new brush before you make the right decision.


An excellently made brush usually comes in full boar bristle, which is perfect for your wave layers. So, it is best to watch out for the brush that comes with boar material. However, you must know that brush made from horse or ram hair can also serve the same purpose, and it has closely related quality like the boar.

The red flag is you should never buy any brush made from nylon or even synthetic material. These artificial materials are the cause of frizz, and they don’t also last longer compared to those made from natural materials.

Additionally, the other thing to consider is whether the material is made of wood. Although most brushes are made from wood, hence there are little or no worries about this. Plus, the brushes made from wood are lightweight and easy to carry about while traveling.

Brush Design

Some brush comes in a design that allows air to move in and out freely; these brushes are vented in shape. And it is also doesn’t get damaged easily even though you make use of it with a hairdryer. If perhaps you make a low cuts hairstyle, then this is your choice.

Another type of design is a doubled side design, work like no other. At a single-use, it gives you a double effect such as – a frim pattern and a sparkling shine.

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8 Best Waves Brush In The Market

*** More details about the products ***

1. Torino Pro Wave brush #350 by Brush King - Best for Healthy Hair Growth

Amongst all King brushes, the well-known is Torino Pro 350. Its versatility and flexibility to all types of hair is second to none. It comes with a bristle that gives room for pores on your hair, therefore enhancing a healthy growth. The detangler is another feature that makes this a fit for even children.

Also, it has contoured that speed the rate at which waves form in a 360-degree pattern. Plus, It tips help your hair to develop the best waves texture, and additionally facilitates the even flow of oil distribution. It gives waves to the hair in record time than your average brush waves.

Another exciting thing is that Torino Pro 350 comes with a safety box that also includes maintenance accessories, hence giving you the worth of every penny spent. Its handle is crafted in such a way that it gives you a firm grip making it easy to use without experiencing hand fatigue or muscle strain during use.


  • The brush comes with a soft pull
  • A good option for those with eczema
  • Doesn’t hurt your scalps
  • Come with accessories like the hairbrush storage box


  • Not ideal for long hair
  • Expensive compared to other brush

2. Kingston Grooming - Best for Styling Both Genders Hair

Some of us don’t like any brush that is neither hard nor soft –if this is you, and then you have to get Kingston Grooming Mediumwave brush. It is the best brush for both ladies and men who want a brush of first-rate quality manufactured from pure natural material. It has no nylon or synthetic material that will get to your scalp or hair.

The brush is designed in a contoured curve manner such that it enables you to handle it properly and massage the entire hairs on your head without difficulty. Hence, you won’t have to spend a chunk part of your time brushing your hair to get the desired waves, and it works perfectly regardless of your hair texture. This item is equipped with natural materials that give your hair the even distribution of oils.

The brush has 100% quality boar hair that works well for your hair and beards. It implies that you get the soothing and relaxing condition and the exactly much-needed of firmness that gives your waves the shine.


  • Has a compact design
  • Suitable for both beards and waves
  • You can go about with it effortlessly
  • Has a medium stiffness that makes your hair frizz-free


  • Bristles shed off easily
  • Go soft after sometime

3. Torino Pro Wave Brush #490 by Brush King - Best for Soft and Fine Hair

One specific feature of this brush is it–supreme quality. It is the ideal brush to get if you want a well-designed and stylish hair waves. Its paddle brush is your best shot at for compact and well-formed waves. The brush is 100% from natural boar hair, and its stiffness is just the needed texture for a sufficient flow of blood to the scalps.

The brush is a top-rated brush amongst the few bushes that are great and magnificent for frizzy hair and hair that breaks. Its design gives the user the seamless means to control and style the hair. Also, this is the ideal brush for those with soft and fine hair, as it tips apply gently to your hair and ensure your hair has the space for airflow.

If you have any difficulty in choosing the best waves brush to give a friend, then with item, you have a gem. Interestingly, the brush suits perfectly for low cuts hair than most average waves brush in circulation. Since its King's crafts, it also comes with a safety box.


  • Continuous use gives hair sparkling shines
  • Broad hair reach and a gentle pull
  • Dot likes tips for soft hair
  • Nice for low cuts


  • Bristle wears off easily
  • Not ideal for curly hairs

4. Torino Pro - #450 - Best for Creating Flawless Hair Waves in Short Time

Perhaps hair waves is next on your to-do list and now you eager to have oceans of waves in a breakneck period, then Torino Pro#450 is the brush for the job. Also, one of the many products of King Brush; however, this is a high-powered brush that gives you flawless hair waves in a short time.

Even though it is a medium brush, it has long bristles that work drives smoothly on your hair without reaching your scalps. The brush design ensures that you make little or no effort in brushing your hair in any direction to get the fitted waves. Its long bristles are crafted wholly from boar and nylon. Do you think no brush can dive deep in your curly hair? Then you should try Torino Pro#450.

Another thing is, immediately you apply this brush to your hair, you feel the effect and it starts creating the pattern of your waves. Torino Pro#450 also is designed for those new to hair waves in mind; it works well for all levels.


  • Has a featherweight
  • Covered every nook and crannies of your hair
  • Very handy for fast waves
  • Best brush for starters


  • Not too effective on wet hair
  • Not best for fresh-cut

5. Kent - Gentleman's Hairbrush - Best for Creating Waves on Straight and Curly Hair

No doubt, a superb quality waves brush for gentlemen, just like the name. Kent Gentlemen’s wave brush is manufactured in such a way that is going to last for years to come, and aside from it works excellent on straight and curly hair, one reason why this is worth considering is that everyone can use it, to get defined 360-degree hair waves.

The brush can be applied across the various length of hair, be it –long or short, including beards. Plus, it gives your beards the sparkling shine you desired. Its bristles are made to work seamlessly and painless on various scalps, including the sensitive scalps.

Even though its bristles look sturdy and durable, it works on thin and soft hair perfectly. Maybe you seek for a lifetime waves brush, and then Kent Gentlemen waves brush is worth considering as it is durable and well made. Additionally, the brush comes with a user’s instruction guide that comes handy for those new to hair waves.


  • A good brush for hair care
  • Easy to use and hold
  • Gives natural 360-degree waves
  • Has user’s instruction guide that should be followed


  • Expensive
  • Has no handle

6. Torino Pro Medium Wave Brush - Best for Creating Waves of Hard Hair

Rest assured that after you have purchased this brush, then you will look no further for another, as the brush is one of the highly-rated best waves brush in circulation. Not only is it a versatile brush, but it also manufacturer from boar material. Both males and females can as well use it.

With the brush, your days of having synthetic and nylon glued to your hair while styling are over. While using it to get the best of waves, it adds the same time aid the facilitation of blood flow and airflow to your scalps. It doesn’t only gets you the desired 360-degree waves but also good healthy hair.

The boar bristle is sturdy and robust, so you can apply it to the coarsest type of hair and still get the waves pattern in a short while. Interestingly it can be used on a wide range of purpose, and also it is an ideal fit for those who scalp are flakes-filled.


  • Easy to move around with.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to handle and gives a full grip to the hair
  • You can use it for beards and hair


  • Bristles place hold appears faulty
  • Made of heavy wood

7. Wolfin Pro- Premium Curved 360 Wave Brush 

One thing that fascinates me about this particular wave Brush is the manufacturer warranty, should buyers not comfortable with what they have purchased -- you will get your money back. The product is crafted to fit firmly in your hand while using, even though it has no handle.

Wolfin Pro 360 has curved that enables you to get close contact with your hair, which is needed for creating a waves pattern. It is neither the too hard not too soft, but it is made from boar bristle. The bristle is sturdy and makes styling your hair effortless.

You must know that the brushing doesn’t end with creating waves pattern, but it includes removal of other toxics material such as uric crystals and other leftovers on your scalps that block your pores. Wolvin’s tips are made to clear those harmful substances. It implies those will sensitive scalps will find this more soothing to use.


  • Full warranty should you not satisfy with the product
  • A right agent of scalps stimulation
  • Perfect size for an average mans’ hand
  • Bristles are sturdy and gives shining effects


  • Has no hand grip
  • Bristles placement not ideal for curly hair

8. Torino Pro Wave Brush By Brush King #370 - Best for Rejuvenating Dull Hair

This is a fantastic waves brush that rejuvenates your old, dull, and curly hair back to life. Unlike most brands that just placed there brand’s logo on any brush, this is ultimately a start to finish products by King brush. I must mention that this is one of Torino Pro’s brands that is highly demanded in the market.

The brush is wholly manufactured from boar material, and hence its quality is the first-rate. Similar, its texture is soft and gives the best of pull to your hair. Immediately you start using this brush you begin noticing the waves pattern, hence you should apply it to the direction you want. The versatile brush also helps eliminate frizz and protect your hairs from breakage due to flakes and other hair related problems

The brush handle gives you full grip, and hence, it allows s you to have the best control of the brush to get the 360-degree pattern. Following the user’s manual will serve as a guide to easy your application of the brush. It is tips are designed to aid ventilation of airflow.


  • Facilitates the growth of healthy hair
  • The perfect brush for those with thick hair
  • Safety and user guide


  • Might not be ideal low cuts
  • Bristles to fall off easily after extended use

Use Wave Brushes for Beginners

FAQs For Best Wave Brush:

Is a soft brush good for waves?

Yes, not only is it highly recommended, but it also has a good lifespan than the hard brush. Also, soft brush aids the even distributions of material to apply to your hair than hard brushes. Plus, the soft brush doesn’t get to bruise your scalp should you have a sensitive scalp.

How often should you brush to get waves?

You should brush your hair more than five times daily in your desired wave pattern directions.

How long should a brush session last?

Well, there is no default answer to this, but a brush session should last as long as you are comfortable with the brush and not developing fatigue.

What type of wave brush is best for curly hair?

Obviously, the hard bristle brush is best for curly and long hair.


After all, that’s explained here; you now have options to choose from the best waves brush reviews listed above.  Plus, you are now equipped with the know-how of various brands and what their product offers.

While Torino’s products by Brush King are good in terms of quality and also safety accessories, Kingston Grooming is suit choice that falls between soft and hard bristles. And suppose you want a product that gives you peace of mind then Wolfin Pro- Premium Curved 360 Wave Brush is your best bet.

Generally, the choice is a subjective subject, and only you know what you want and why you want it.


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