7 Best Shaving Brushes in 2020 – Reviews Updated

There are thousands of choices to select from when you are looking at choosing the best shaving brushes that will give you the smoothest wet shaving experience you crave. Since the options are numerous, we are helping you to select the top products that will guarantee you a remarkable shaving experience.

Why You Should Trust Us On This Guide?

Selecting the right shaving brush has been an age-long problem. Several generations of men had gone through that trouble searching for that right brush and you are currently doing the same. The problem starts with the fact that there are many products out there and most time, they all get confusing.

First, you don’t want to have the brush bristles coming off on your face while wetting your face with the shaving cream. We want to save you that trouble and we are doing so by surfing through the market to bring the best right products to you. These products were selected by experts who understand excellent craftsmanship of a perfect shaving brush, and who have filtered many products to source just the perfectly crafted shaving brushes that are most ideal for your use. 

These products were chosen, aside from the expert opinions, based on real customer reviews and genuine user’s evaluation of each of our selected products. Hence, for every item, you find in this guide, be sure that each of them is chosen based on expert opinion on their craftsmanship, and genuine customer reviews and attestations to the quality of these brushes.

How to Pick the Best Shaving Brushes?

A shaving brush is considered a great investment by most men. Hence, in picking that right shaving brush, here are what to consider:


Shaving brushes come in different bristles. Bristles are basically the hair that forms the brush and generally, shaving brushes either come in synthetic bristle, horsehair, boar hair or badger hair. Each of these bristles has its own advantages and disadvantages. Whichever bristles you are settling for must be soft and gentle. Hard bristles are not great for your skin. They may cause irritation or burn your face while shaving.

Also, your brush's bristles aren't just there for show. They have many functions such as helping to enrich the shaving lather on your face, exfoliating your skin to get rid of dead cells on your face, and they help to warm up your skin which is necessary for opening your skin pores for a smoother shave.


The type of handle your shaving brush has would determine how durable it will be. Why a single shaving brush could last you a lifetime is because the right handle is holding all the bristles in place. The only reason why bristles come off on your face while wetting is because you didn’t select the right brush with the right handle.

Shaving brush handles are made with different materials ranging from metal, plastic, horns, brass, synthetic and even wood. You will find woods and metals as the most favored type of handle in most homes and this is because they are relatively cheap. Each of these handles can guarantee a very long-lasting use depending on the grade and quality nature of favored material used in crafting the handle.


Traditional shaving brushes are similar in size but there are also other brands that offer unique brush sizes. Depending on what you want, larger brushes are capable of lathering a large area on your face faster than what a smaller brush can do. However, if control is what you seek, a smaller brush would give you full control of your face than a larger brush.

Also, you need to consider the three main divisions of a brush and make sure they are all in the right sizes. These divisions are the knot, the general height, and the loft. The knot is the gathering of the bristle and you need to consider the right thickness for you. furthermore, the loft is the height of the bristles from the top of the handle, and you might want to consider a moderate height for this. Furthermore, the handle length should also be moderate. Too long handles are not fancy and too short ones might not give you adequate control.


You might want to run far away from brushes with extremely narrow tips. This is because no matter how full the bristles of your brush is, it is the tip that does the work when it comes to wetting or lathering. Traditional brush shapes are either bulb-like or fan-like, and they are actually the commonest.

Although you may find the hybrid of these shapes in emerging brands, the best remains the traditional bulb or fan-like tips. They give you control and they are excellent in exfoliating and face lathering.

7 Best Shaving Brush Reviews in the Market

Considering all of these factors above coupled with our expert opinion on craftsmanship, and real customer reviews, below are our top seven products.

1. Perfecto Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Treat yourself to a rejuvenating shaving experience using this hundred percent real badger hair shaving brush. This brand eases you into a relaxing shave with its luxuriously gentle bristles. You don’t have to patronize expensive barbers anymore. You can give yourself more than that average luxury with this excellently crafted shaving brush.

The most luxurious shaving brushes are made with pure genuine badger hair and this shaving brush is no exception. You get to have that awesome gentle touch that also helps you exfoliate your facial skin while shaving. Furthermore, it comes with a bulb-shape brush tip that helps intensify lathering. This item foams up your shaving shampoo or cream into a luxuriously smooth lather for an awesomely smooth after-shave feel.

The design is sturdy enough to last you a lifetime as the hundred percent genuine badger hair bristles are held firmly by a handle crafted from a genuine hardwood that is processed for extreme durability. Also, this wooden handle has ergonomic features that give you a very firm grip and reduce the chances of the brush falling off while wet-shaving. Most importantly, this all-natural badger bristles will treat your face to a second to none grooming experience regardless of the type of shaving razor you are using.


  • Genuine Badger Bristles and wooden handle
  • The handle comes with an ergonomic feature
  • Full bulb-shaped bristles for escalated lathering


  • Sheds bristles for a while

2. Vikings Blade Luxury Shaving Brush

Getting an almost natural hair feel from a synthetic shaving brush is tough and this product came with just that. It has a soft and gentle touch which would reduce the risk of having irritation or burn. The synthetic bristles will exfoliate your skin while soothing your facial hair with luxurious lather from your shaving shampoo or cream.

Talking about the aesthetics, it is impossible to ignore the Silvertips that form the bulb of this shaving brush. Although made form top-end synthetic fiber, it has almost the same feel, if not exact, with any premium badger hair bristles. The silvertip bulb and the entire synthetic fiber bristles improve lathering while shaving and also help in retaining water or wetness within the brush for better shaving. Furthermore, you should know that hard water has nothing on this product.

Additionally, the bristles are set firmly on an acrylic handle, refined for perfect ergonomic handling and durability. It has a heavyweight steel base for sturdy foundational support. If you are looking at buying something traditional is appearance, with a blend of modern pizazz then this brush is just the right choice.


  • Heavyweight steel foundational base
  • Silvertips top-end fiber bristles
  • Hard water resistance


  • Heavier than a traditional brush

3. Parker Safety Razor Shaving Brush & Stand

Be a man of class and go for this handmade perfection crafted to ensure wet shaving is a thing to always look up to. This unit is particularly crafted for men with very sensitive skin. Getting a tough brush will only irritate your skin and may cause a burn. However, premium Silvertips bristles made from genuine badger hair offer just the right softness needed for sensitive skin.  

This brush would treat your face just right with a gentle and very soft silvertip bristle that exfoliates gently and still removes dead skin as effective as other tough bristled brushes. Furthermore, you will enjoy a 22mm silvertip badger bristles that retain water effectively and lathers superbly. Actually, the more water a brush is capable of retaining and the fuller the bristles are, the greater the amount of lather it will produce. Also, the 22mm knot width means you get to cover a wider area on your face in a short while and as such, shaving becomes easier and faster.

Also, you can add a splash of class to your bathroom deco wit this item crafted with a beautiful faux horn handle and a chrome base. The handle provides a very firm base to the bristles that you will hardly experience shedding.


  • Handcrafted and luxurious aesthetics
  • Firm handle support to prevent shedding
  • Wider brush knot for wider lathering coverage


  • Bristles come with a mild odor that disappears after a while

4. Perfecto Original Pure Badger Shaving Brush

If you are a little conservative about wooden traditional shaving brushes and you still want a hint of modernity, this shaving brush just might suit your taste. It has everything a shaving brush has got to offer you during wet shaving. It comes in the traditional bulb-shaped tip with excellent acrylic wood imitation handle. The handle is crafted with ergonomic features that afford you a firm grip while handling with wet hands during shaving. Additionally, the handle provides sturdy support for the bristles to prevent them from excessive shedding. You will enjoy an excellent water retaining capacity which comes from the fact that this brush has an impressively full bristle knot. 

Furthermore, the bristles are made from genuine badger hair which is why this brush produces very rich lather when used in shaving. In other words, this brush will help save time because it can produce such a great amount of lather in no time, and because of its knot width, it can help cover a large portion of your face in no time.

Also, if your skin isn't so sensitive and you wouldn't mind a mildly soft shaving brush, then this item would give you the exact exfoliation you face needs to retain a natural glow and smooth after-shave effect. Furthermore, this product is compatible with all types of razors. It will produce just the right amount of rich lather and water your razor needs in order to give you a peerless grooming experience.


  • Ergonomic features for handle
  • Great for exfoliating
  • Great with all types of razor


  • Not ideal for sensitive skin
  • Not ideal for hot water use
  • Non-fancy handle

5. Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush

Every gentleman should take pride in owning this masterpiece. It is distinctly crafted for men of class and refined taste. It is made from the best selection of premium badger hair formed into bulb brittles that produce a moderate amount of rich lather during shaving. The brittles also have high water retention capacity that allows you to take enough water on your face for a smoother and soothing wet shaving experience.

Also, because of the medium-sized bristle knot, this product affords you closer contact with your skin for a more detailed and smoother shaving experience.

It comes in a luxuriously finished exterior that makes this brush a symbol of sophistication in all bathrooms. The 99mm handle is made from top-end plastic with ergonomic features that make handling a lot easier while shaving. It also comes with a wet-drip stand, equally made from plastic, which makes storing very fancy and drains the brush of water quickly after use. Additionally, this product is most ideal for people with super sensitive skin because of the very soft bristles. For people with tougher skin, this item might not exfoliate the skin well.


  • Excellently crafted exterior
  • Comes with a wet-drip stand
  • Very gentle touch


  • Lathering is quite moderate

6. Omega Professional Boar Hair Shaving Brush

You may go unconventional with this fan-shaped shaving brush with bristles made from pure boar hair. The modernly crafted design makes it a top choice for every modern man. You will enjoy longer bristles with excellent lathering capability that will make your daily shaving ritual totally stress-free and fast.

Most importantly, since boar hairs are always stiffer and tougher, this brush is very ideal for people with thick and embedded beards. This item helps you lift your facial hair up, cover it with a rich lather, in order to have a super clean shave without injuring yourself. It has great exfoliating power for people with dry or tough skin without causing irritation.

Because the bristles are longer, this product tends to retain water higher than regular brushes. Also, the handle design is well-crafted for efficient ergonomic handling. It is long enough for easier maneuvering and the knob is cut in an uncommon but very fancy shape that makes it a touch of class in your bathroom space, and also provides enough sturdy support for the bristles to prevent it from shedding off. Furthermore, the amazing wet-shaving preparation this brush will give you makes it excellent to be used with any kind of razor without the fear of skin irritation or cut.


  • Longer bristles
  • Unique handle knob
  • Great water retention and rich lather


  • Slight smell

7. Semogue Boar Bristle Shaving Brush

Enjoy the all-natural qualities of this pure boar hair shaving brush has got to offer. First on the list of these qualities is the peerless grooming this item will give you. This brush will not only exfoliate your face but it will lift your facial hair to allow your razor to get to the undergrown facial hair, leaving your face with soft smooth baby skin.

Additionally, the long premium boar bristles are designed into a fan-shaped brush that allows you to cover your entire face with a rich lather in no time. You are going to be saving yourself a lot of time and stress by opting for this brush. The water retention capacity of the brushes is also top-notch, affording you the chance to take enough water to your face when wet shaving.

Furthermore, the traditionally crafted handle is made from all-natural Portuguese oak wood with a general length of 55mm. This gives moderate room for maneuvering while shaving and it also gives sturdy support to the brush knot to protect it from shedding unnecessarily. Also, the handle of this handmade and uniquely crafted shaving brush comes with an ergonomic feature that allows for easier handling while shaving. You wouldn't have to deal with your shaving brush slipping off while shaving.


  • Handcrafted for perfection
  • Long bristles with sturdy handles
  • Excellent water retention


  • Bristles may develop split ends

Guide on How to Use a Shaving Brush Properly?

Just like your everyday item, the shaving brush is subject to damage if not well taken care of, and you may not get to enjoy the optimal use of your brush if you don't understand how to use your brushes properly. Below are hints on how to use a shaving brush properly:

Never Soak in Hot Water

No matter how sturdy the handle of your brush is, never soak in hot water. Hot water tends to damage the seal used in holding the bristles firmly. Although it is important to pre-soak your brush in water to make them soft enough for a rich lather, you can use room temperature water for this. Soaking your brush in hot water will make the bristles shed off too quickly. A shaving brush can last you a lifetime if well maintained.

Gather your Lather, Prepare Your Face

Get a bowl or a container with little depth when preparing your shaving cream or shampoo. A right bowl gives room for lather to build as your swish the right mixture of water and cream with your brush to gather rich, creamy lather. Also, remember to wet your face with warm water, in order to open your pores, before shaving.

Store Brush in a Dry Place After Use

While some brushes come with wet-drip stands of their own, many don't but it is important to rinse your brush after use to get rid of all lather on it. Lay it sideways to help drain off water. Standing a brush after rinsing it off may divert water to the base and weaken the bristles. Air dry your brush and store it in a dry place.


Shaving is an everyday ritual that requires the best shaving brushes in order to achieve the best result. You no longer have to wait your turn in a barber's shop to have a clean shave. You can have that peerless grooming right under your roof. Interestingly, you no longer have to ponder on how to choose the best shaving brush that will assure you both durability and peerless grooming. We have selected the top seven products for you. We, however, hope and assurance that it will produce excellent shaving results for you

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