Top 9 Best Shampoo for Kids 2020

Want to prepare a foam bath for your kids, and help them stay clean without experiencing skin irritation? Buying the best shampoo is the key. Of course, quality shampoo has mostly organic ingredients, traces of inorganic ingredients may also be included. These inorganic ingredients are mostly used for storage purpose and to extend shelf life.

Why should I use a shampoo for my kids?

Shampoo is versatile washing products specially designed to be used as a normal hair wash or for normal body wash. They are made from organic or inorganic materials and may however have a pleasant or strong odor. All in all, the use of shampoo cannot be underestimated particularly for parents who care for their children.

Below are a few mentioned benefits of using shampoo for your kids.

  • hey are very safe and have little or no harmful effect on the body especially the organic type.
  • The mixture of shampoo and some plants ingredients helps to stimulate hair growth.
  • Makes the hair looks attractive and pretty, especially if it contains coconut oil or mix with other materials like a dye.
  • Helps to remove scalps and other hair irritants.
  • Helps the hair to retain its true texture by preventing it from radiation.

Factors to consider before buying shampoo

Choosing the best among the overabundant available shampoo company is not an easy task. This is because most products endorsed their shampoo as the best even when they are made of poor quality. To survive in these environments, it is necessary to acquire some valuable information needed to get the best shampoo for your kids, which are explained below.

Does it give tear or is it tear-free?

Among the first thing to consider when ready to buy a shampoo is to know whether the shampoo has tear formulas or not. This is because tear formula products upon touching the kid’s body may harm them. This is made possible due to the flexibility of their skin. However, not only the kid’s body does this product harm, but also, it harms the eye as well.

However, to avoid this, it is recommended to buy tear-free products. But if you still wish to buy tear formula products, extreme care must be taken while washing so that the shampoo does not enter the eye of your child.

What is the Price?

Since your budget determines the choice of shampoo product, you will buy, we have therefore taken our precious time to craft out the best among the overabundant available options outside. Our available products of shampoos are not only affordable but also they are made of quality ingredients.

In general, irrespective of your financial status, you will definitely find the choice of your child’s shampoo in our list.

What is the odor?

Before you buy any shampoo for your child, you must carefully study and understand the nature of his/ her body.  This is because all shampoo products either natural ingredients or artificial have an odor that may be either strong or mild.

The inorganic made shampoos, however, are widely known for their strong odor that may be unpleasant. This may cause vomiting in some kids, while the naturally made shampoo, on the other hand, has an always mild odor.

Is it allergic or less allergic?

If you are someone that likes sharing shampoo with your children, please go for a shampoo that is less allergic. This is because most adult shampoos are very strong and allergic to kids. They cause an allergic reaction in kids because the kid’s body is very sensitive to chemicals and other external products.

This may result in body tear, or it may even create skin rash upon coming in contact with their body.

Detangling and other feature.

To complement your kid's hair beauty, detanglers, dye and aloe vera and many more products may be a mix or use separately with shampoo. Detanglers may be used as a spray on your child’s hair and it helps to smoothen and makes their hair-free.

However, for those with a non-sharp hair, a dye may also be used. Though special attention is needed to prevent the dye from staining their body.

Reviews of Best Shampoo for Kids in The Market

Now that you understand how to choose the best shampoo for kids, we’ve helped you secure the best products that perfectly fit your child, reviewed below.

1. Fairy Tale Shampoo and Conditioner Spray - Best Shampoo for Toddlers

Want to move your family protection to the next level ? Use fairy tale and forget the tale of head lice, an all in one cleanser, conditioner, and detangler of nasties and frizzes. Formulated from a blend of premium organic rosemary and natural geranium oils in a citronella peppermint fragrance.

Also, It's fortified with natural plant extracts vitamins, and enriched with organic herbs minerals, such as hair moisturizing aloevera and scalp soothing chamomile for all time hydration. The fairy tale is clinically proven to be safe, gentle and effective for your entire family.

This makes it healthy and safe for children and adults alike, it's free of dangerous chemicals, paranormal, gluten, nut, and sulfate.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Healthy for all family members
  • Great scent
  • Nutrient rich


  • Effectiveness of product varies for unknown reason
  • The product might arrive on bad packaging condition

2. Burt Bees Shampoo and Wash – Organic Baby Shampoo

Looking for a toxin free, non irritating, and a high quality skin and hair care product, that’ll keep clean, nourishes and soften your kid sensitive and delicate skin? Burt bees baby shampoo and wash with its fresh delicious scent, will give the perfect soothing solutions to your baby's skin need.

This product is specially formulated from 99.9% clinically proven natural ingredients, that contains proteins, vitamins and minerals that nourishes, moisturizes and nurtures baby's skin naturally. Never worry about toxins and dangerous chemicals that can harm or irritate your baby delicate skin, this combo is free of ph thalates, parabens, petroleum and SLS.

Thanks to its organic tear free shampoo cleansing that is safe and effective for every day use. Your baby will enjoy a gentle and easy bath experience from this plant based head-to-toe mild wash.


  • Naturally safe and effective
  • Specially formulated for baby delicate skin
  • Fresh and delicious scent
  • Clinically tested and trusted


  • Watch out for pirate mafia product with low quality
  • Now watered down product

3. Honest Company Shampoo and Conditioner - Best Organic Baby Wash

Honest company shampoo and conditioner set is the ideal natural hair and body care specifically produced to prevent clogging pores, and eliminate irritation to sensitive skins.

It is clinically tested and trusted, and naturally fortified and blended for all and sundry. This item is nutrients rich, all natural and light in weight.

The product hydrates the hair without getting it oily, cleanse the hair and leave it shiny. Also, it's free of all harsh chemicals and dangerous ingredients.


  • Affordable
  • Non irritating to sensitive skins
  • Hydrates without getting hair oily
  • Counteract dry skin and hair


  • Not tear free
  • No long lasting fragrance

4. Dr Brenner's Pure Castile Liquid Soap – Organic Baby Shampoo

Designed to clean different body parts, this pure castle liquid soap from the third generation master soapmaker features over 90% natural ingredients and organic oil.

It is formulated from plant based and certified fair trade ingredients, and has no thickener or foaming agent. Thanks to its 3X more concentration that's dilutable, you’ll be able to use it  multiple times. 

Besides, it’s no synthetic and harmful preservatives. It is environmental friendly, thanks to its fully biodegradable, all natural, vegan ingredient and 100% post consumers recyclable plastic.


  • Affordable and free of dangerous chemicals
  • Uses recyclable organic practices
  • Protect the skin from harsh weather condition


  • Not suitable for intense cleansing

5. Fairy Tales Detangling Shampoo and Conditioner – Best shampoo for Toddlers With Thin Hair

Want that static frizz to be a thing of the past? The fairy tales tangle tamer will easily deal with even the most unruly knots in families hair story, making it the perfect solution to transform hairs into the soft and silky type you crave for.

This paraben-free tangle tamer, fortified with organic keratin, vitamin B extract strengthens, and moisturizer all hair types. In addition, the organic ingredient delivers a soothing and detangling solution for unruly knots and curly tops.

So, if you’re looking to eliminate the struggle of brushing and combing, this product has had a proven effectiveness on even the most difficult knot and unruly hair since 1991.


  • Eliminate frizzes and locks with ease
  • No toxic chemicals
  • Can be used by the whole family
  • Organic nourishment and moisturization


  • Not very suitable for adults.

6. Shea moisture mango and carrot kids – Best for Shining and Frizz-free Hair

If you’re looking to enhance your beauty naturally, this product is the ideal item to use. This is because it’s fortified with the restorative property of carrot oil, moisturizing effect of mango butter and the nourishing strength of coconut oil. Thus making it the perfect combo to keep your hair shining and frizz-free.

It keeps the hair nourished thanks to its organic raw shea butter to deliver intense hydration, orange blossom extract to sooth sensitive scalp. Also, it contains carrot oil to restore bristles and damaged hair scalp, coconut oil to seal open hair cuticles and keep curl soft, smooth and tangle free.

Another beautiful thing is its yummy mango fragrance to compliment its ever wonderful nourishment, moisturization, hydration and restorative properties.


  • Good for restoring dead hair
  • Make curl and coil soft
  • Give shiny and silky appearance
  • Free of dangerous toxins


  • Difficult passage through pump
  • May leave a white residue in the hair

7. HoneyDew Natural Anti Dandruff Shampoo – Best Natural Shampoo for Kids

Are you looking for an ideal anti dandruff shampoo that's compatible with any conditioner for all gender hair type? HoneyDew natural anti dandruff shampoo will soothe dandruff itching and flaking without irritation and exceed expectations in quality and effectiveness.

Specially developed for kids, this ultra gentle anti dandruff treatment is packed with essential anti oxidant and vital minerals to promote skin and hair condition. From curly, wavy, frizzy and fragile hair, it contains pure and safe ingredients, nourishes, cleanses and protects dry and damaged hair.

Crafted from natural lavender, known as a caring botanical for cosmetics and medicinal purpose for a silky healthy looking hair growth. Its tea tree contains revitalizing botanical antiseptics, antifungal and anti bacterial to soothe dandruff itching, redness dryness and oiliness.


  • Specially developed for children
  • No artificial fragrance
  • Great anti dandruff treatment
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Can hurt sensitive area on small kid

8. Fresh and Monster Toxin Free – Best Natural Shampoo for Kids

Are you a mother in need of a plant based 100% toxin free body wash? A bottle of fresh and monster is home to an impressive quirky monster to delight mothers while inspiring kids to embrace uniqueness.

It provides unique experience of an all natural scented botanical products and fruit extract. Also, it’s natural, safe and affordable. This multi tasker is packaged with natural ingredients to make the kids safe, and clean their body without experiencing  toxins and tears.

It’s a tater free, organic moisturizing treatment with no artificial color and fragrance. In addition, it has no harsh ingredients like paraben and sulfate.


  • No synthetic fragrance
  • 100% toxin free
  • Affordable
  • Captivating and attractive for kids
  • Has a bad scent
  • Small bottles and bad package delivery 

9. Puracy natural baby Shampoo and body wash – Best Shampoo for Toddlers

Puracy natural baby Shampoo and body wash is the go-to care product for moms looking moisturizer that nourishes the skin and hair of their kids. No wonder!!! It aced the Bump Award as the "best baby shampoo" (business insider).

This item is the healthy choice for all skin and hair types, thanks to its plant powered 100% cleansing performance that purifies to give a clean silky hair and smooth soft skin. The shampoo poses no danger to nature and humanity. It's hypoallergenic, free of gluten, free of sulfate and all harsh chemicals.

It works on eczema, cradle cap and sensitive skins. It is packaged in biodegradable and recyclable bottles to ensure a cleaner environment, Its refill pouches save more than 90% water plastic and energy.


  • Safe for body and the environment
  • Contain sea salt ripened citrus
  • Suitable for all type of skins
  • Hydrates and nourishes
  • May irritate sensitive skins
  • Not suitable for adults

How often do kids need to shampoo?

FAQS on best shampoo for kids

1. Do toddlers need shampoo?

Shampoo can be used by everybody of different ages, race, or gender. For toddlers, their shampoo product must be made of full organic ingredients and also has no toxic effect.

2. When should I switch to kids shampoo?

There is no direct answer to this as this depends on your body naturally. If your body is less sensitive, you are advised to stay away from baby’s shampoo as this may bring little or no change to your hair.

Normally, you’re advised to switch to kid shampoo once your normal shampoo starts inflicting injury on your body surface. This is because baby’s shampoo is less harmful compared to the adult one.

3. Teaching your child how to shampoo?

You can start teaching your child how to shampoo by simply allowing him/ her to stay by your side and watch while you are shampooing yours. Practically, after watching you for many times, you can tell them to wash their own but by telling them to close their eyes.

This will prevent the shampoo from entering their eyes or touching the sensitive part of their body.

4. How often should a child's hair be washed?

The frequency of washing a child’s hair depends on the concentration of the shampoo, how coarse or soft the hair is as well as the severity of the irritants in their hair. Originally, mild shampoo requires three to four times use per week.

However, extreme care must be taken while washing as frequent washing may deteriorate the quality of the hair.


Parents and guardians who love beauty and sound health for their babies like treating their kid's hair with shampoo. However, before you buy shampoo for your kids, you are advised to understand your kid's body nature. This will save you some cost and also prevent you from buying the one that will tamper with your child’s health.

In fact, using the one of high organic ingredients or low synthetic chemical one is the best. This is because the baby’s body is very sensitive and quickly respond to external compounds. Their hair is also thinner, soft and some may be curly.

In general, we hope this guide will be useful for you as all the available baby shampoo in our guide are affordable, made up of quality materials in addition to other stated features.


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