9 Best Quiet Hair Dryers 2020 – Reviews and Top Pick

Among the vital part of the body that needs special protection is the organ of hearing. The ear is very sensitive in picking sounds especially from the surroundings, and louder sounds may harm its functionalities. Unknowingly, you may also contribute to these sounds through the use of some appliances such as hair dryer.

However, we present you with the best quiet hair dryer reviews that’ll not only protect your ear, but also allow you to enjoy drying and save you from disturbing your neighbors from irritational noise that may interrupt their activities.

What is a quiet hair dryer?

A quiet hair dryer is a lesser noise-making appliance used for drying hair. It works by releasing hot air which gives shape, silk appearance and shines to the hair. Equipped with this electronic device is a regulator where you can switch from cooler to hotter and vice versa depending on choice.

How to buy best quiet hair dryer for curly hair?

Before you opt for your choice of the silent dryer, there are some features you need to consider. Features like volume, power, price, weight, ergonomics, adjustment, etc. are needed to look into before you buy one as they will not only help you to determine the right appliance but also, they will give you the privilege to give recommendation next time. Listed below are the features:

Volume (decibel indication)

Since the major reason you’re buying a quiet hair dryer is to abstain from noise, the first thing to consider before making a purchase is the volume. The volume level is measured in decibel rating dB. However, silent hair dryers with decibel level ranging between 50 to 60 dB are among the quietest and safest for your organ of hearing.

However, for products that didn’t come with a sound level indication, how will you determine their sound level?

The power of the dryer which is measured in wattage will be of help here. The power helps to determine the performance of the appliance. The lower the wattage of the appliance the longer it takes to dry your hair but you will find the sound appealing. Although we do not say all-powerful dryer makes noise as some are the exemption to this.

Ease of Adjustments 

When choosing your choice of the quiet hair dryer, we advise you to choose one of the easier adjustment different airflow strengths. This is because the adjustment has a direct effect on the blow-drying. If you’re able to buy the one of this feature, you will have more control over the dryer volume because a weaker blower level often goes with lower volume.

User-friendliness (usability and ergonomics)

Importantly, the fact that you’re looking for quiet dryer doesn’t mean you should compromise some features like easy to use and ergonomic. If you’re a right-hand user, the easiest position for the control knob to reach using your thumb is either on the left side or, at the front side of the device. While the reverse is the case for the left-handers.

If you buy a dryer with an operating button contrary to the above-stated position, there may confusion when pressing. For example, you may mistakenly press the switch off button while the action is still ongoing and this may bring frustration. Or if you wish to change the temperature or blower level of your dryer, you may have to interrupt the hair dryer process for a short time or may even have to direct the airflow away from your hair.


To exploit the world of advanced technology using the dryer appliance, you don’t need to opt for a quiet dryer only, but also, a lightweight appliance. Heavy hairdryers, when used for a prolonged time can be annoying. This is because you may experience pain in your entire arm, neck and even your whole body due to the heavyweight worsen by an unergonomic shape and an unfavourable centre of gravity.


Since the quiet dryer is built with more advanced technology compared to the traditional dryer, its price may be a little bit more than the conventional one. However, professionals and people who valued their health prefer to buy the silent hair dryer by overlooking the price. This is because silent dryers doesn’t harm the ear and also while using it, your neighbours are safe from unpleasant noise.


Quiet dryers without a protective grid is not safe for you to use. I know you may have a doubting thought but you don’t have to as the grid helps to save your hair from getting caught in the hair dryer. For example, if your dryer is not equipped or poorly with a grid, you may be noticing a sucked hair.


Normally, 2300 watts is the most common power of dryers. Ideally, dryer with a power range of 1400 – 1600 watts are the best and make lesser noise compared to those of higher power. Although there are some high power dryer that are quiet. Whatsoever the case may be, optimal coordination between the motor and blower is essential for a fast-drying result contrary to the old traditional beliefs of the higher the power, the faster the dryer dry hair.
In general, for optimal result, you may buy a dryer with concentrator if you have a curly or fine hair and also, you may buy the one with diffuser if you have a thicker hair.

Protection of the hair

Your hair can be protected by drying it at a temperature lesser than 100 ° C. This is because any temperature above 100 ° C can harm your hair especially if your hair is thin. It is, however, advisable to choose a dryer with several temperature levels, though the lower temperature may take a longer time to dry hair compared to the higher temperature.
Not enough time to research? Below is the best quiet hair dryer reviews available in the market.

9 Quiet Hair Dryer Reviews

​After reading through the detailed product reviews below. Will help you make a better choice.

1. Centrix Q-Zone Dryer – Best Overall

Do you have a very sensitive ear and hate noise at night? Maybe you’re one that gets easily interrupted by the slightest of noise from your wife or girlfriend's hairdryer? Then look no further as Centrix Q-zone dryer is designed with the minutest of noise pollution.

This device is designed for use in salons where noise reduction is particularly significant and needs a hairdryer that operates with low frequency. It uses a two-stage engine, and a ceramic tourmaline heating and ion technology to reduce drying time.

Plus, if you have anyone whose scalp or hair is susceptible to heat damage, then this hairdryer is a no-brainer choice for them. The silent hair dryer is kept at a lower temperature to protect the hair from heat damage.

Also, it generates up to 1500 watts of decent power plus two different speed and heat settings to dry at your desired speed and temperature. For the finishing touch, you can use a cold trigger that you can press on the handle or grip


  • ​Quiet and protect you from heat damage
  • ​Well built and durable
  • ​Comes with 2-speed modes and three heat settings
  • ​Has a concentrator


  • ​Weight is a bit heavy
  • ​Get hot occasionally

​2. Parlux 385 PowerLight Ionic and Ceramic Hair Dryer – Red – Best Overall

The Ionic and ceramic hair dryer Parlux Power Light 385 is the new generation of hairdryers. It is powerful and perfect for more straightforward style than ever, thanks to the ceramic and ionic technology that ensures smoother, shinier, and silky hair. And it is more quiet and elegant.

What makes this new innovative device unique is its low energy consumption and generates high power. This allows you to save cost on energy consumption without hindering you from creating your choice of hair styles.

Unlike the previous one, the manufacturers were able to reduce some components, to produce an extremely light hairdryer. It retains the most crucial sound functions that come with silent proof, with also a firm handle. The Ionic hairdryer is ecofriendly as the material is recyclable.

This item features two special nozzles for fast coupling and secure connection and can be rotated 360 ° with the most exceptional ease to adapt to all positions of use. Thanks to the additional innovative slot, you can use the performance of this dryer to dry and comb even faster to meet the needs of contemporary hairstyles.


  • ​Best for both professional and personal use
  • ​Has 24 months warranty
  • ​Well designed and eco-friendly
  • ​Powerful and quick


  • ​A bit expensive
  • ​Hot handle occasionally

​3. Panasonic EH-NA65-K nanoe Dryer - Best for Nourishing Hair    

If you prefer a function-oriented, quiet hairdryer that is also powerful, then go for this device. Panasonic EH-NA65 is designed to work flawlessly, even on the most sensitive hair. And it operates quietly and gently, even on the most frizzle of hair. This is possible thanks to its inbuilt nano technology that removes hair moisture and spread it gently through the hair, thus protecting it from dryness.

It is interesting to note, that it not only helps protect your hair from heat damage, but also helps reduce frizz, making hair smoother and lighter. Unfortunately, this hairdryer seems to gently consume more power in exchange for energy, although very soft with your hair during use.

The item comes with three handy accessories, namely a quick-drying nozzle, a concentrator nozzle, and a diffuser to significantly increase the dryer's functionality. As you’ve guessed, a quick-drying nozzle dries the hair much faster, while diffuser adds volume and helps fight against freezing.


  • ​Has multiple heating systems
  • ​A handy power cord for seamless operation
  • ​A concentrator nozzle


  • ​It is a bit bulkier

​4. GHD Air Hair Dryers, Professional Strength Motor Hair Dryer - Best for Healthy Hair

GHD air is a hairdryer that combines an attractive design with the beauty salon features. It is designed in cooperating with the best stylists to help you get a beautiful salon experience every day. Also, it is equipped with a professional motor to provide a high-pressure airflow that dries hairs in no time.

Although GHD does not claim that the motor is one of the quiet hairdryers but is sure operate quietly better than the average hairdryer. It's also faster, which makes it time-efficient, meaning less time with warm air reduces the risk of damage. With the hologram code, you could verify the authenticity of the product website.

Many attractive accessories do not accompany the basic model, but a concentration nozzle is all you need to get a straight hairstyle. If you have curly, dry hair, GHD Air can be your new best companion. As if that all, the Ionic technology blocks moisture and gives your hair a healthier and brighter appearance.


  • ​Faster than most hairdryers
  • ​Reliable and heavy-duty performance
  • ​User-friendly customer support service
  • ​Has a one year warranty


  • ​A bit expensive

​5. MHU Professional Salon Grade 1875w - Best for Preventing Frizzles

MHU professional salon is popular and highly appreciated by professional stylist whose aim is to provide comfort to their customers. Despite its higher output power, this item with a maximum output of only 75 dB is a bit less noisy than other hairdryers of the same class.

The hair dryer offers two fan settings and three different heating settings for a more personal experience. And besides, it is manufactured with far-reaching infrared heating technology. The infrared releases the required heat into the cuticle reducing the risk of frizzles.

It incorporates a negative ion, which is responsible for reduction in drying time by half the time of your regular hairdryer. So, this dryer not only protects your braids but also safe to use.

At a volume of 75 dB decibels, the dryer is quieter than your regular hairdryer. Also, the faster drying of hair is facilitated by the heat level higher than 1875 watts, while the airflow concentrator and diffuser reduce the noise.


  • ​Pocket friendly
  • ​Powerful and dry hair quickly
  • ​Long power cord ensures maneuverability


  • ​Not quite durable
  • ​The position of the power button makes usage difficult

​6. Turbo​ Power​ Twinturbo 2800 Coldmatic Hair Dryer 314 - Best for Shiny and Soft Hair

With power as high as 1700 W plus the fact that the dryer is made in Italy speaks volume that is it worthy of consideration by individuals and professionals. It produces optimum balance and performance with virtually no shaking supports to help make the hair finish much brighter and silky.

This versatile and environmentally friendly hairdryer incorporates a K- Lamination technology that does not overheat and consumes little energy, making it pocket friendly when it comes to maintenance. The two speeds joined with ion technology and four temperature ranges, makes it a convenient option to offer stylish hairstyles for all hair types.

Also, it has a cold shut button responsible for applying a cool breeze and protect your hair from having frizz, if you need to comb your hair, thus, giving you an excellent shine and softness. Considering the design, it is well constructed and durable, plus the engine has a long life estimated at 2000 hours.


  • ​Dries hair extremely quick
  • ​Comes with an air filter in case of a clog
  • ​A year warranty


  • ​Noise level can reach 87 dB
  • ​It is quite heavy

​7. Revlon RVDR5045 Quiet Pro Ionic Dryer - Best for Hair Styling

Revlon Lightweight Quiet Pro innovation is ground-breaking, and about half calmer compare to your regular hairdryers. Its Ionic innovation makes hair healthier, softer, and quicker. The concentrator serves conveniently for easy styling. It is much quieter than a typical hair dryer and dries your hair in no time. It does not heat or dry your hair.

It is equipped with an ionic technology responsible for emitting negative ions so as to break the water molecules in your hair into smaller particles. Thus, allowing faster drying of hair and at the same time maintain a certain degree of humidity, causing your hair to be more hydrated and soft.

With a perpendicularly attached fan, the dryer offers surprisingly calm execution. The fan has a radial plan and bent wings to make the hair colder to allow you fix the styling and therefore manageable with the fingers to give them the desired shape.

This unit is outfitted with two ergonomic switches and a connectable clasp for accuracy molding and drying. One switch switches between two heat levels, while the other chooses between two distinctive speed levels.


  • ​Well designed and has a detachable cover
  • ​Long power cord for easy use
  • ​The ionic innovation helps combat curly hairs
  • ​Come equipped with a concentrator


  • ​Bulky and heavy to hold
  • ​Controls are located directly on the handle, so it is possible to regulate the device when using the instrument accidentally.

​8. Revlon Lightweight Quiet Hair Dryer - Best for Preventing Hair Damage

If you have a limited budget but need a quiet hairdryer. Or maybe you are in haste and need to dry a lot of hair in no time. This hairdryer won't be a disappointment. It only works at 70-74 decibels, which means it's quite quiet, even at high speed.

Another exciting thing about the device is its great control and quiet operation. The clamped fan reduces noise and ensures high drying performance, while the lightweight body offers more control and makes the hairstyling more comfortable. It has three layers of ceramic coatings contributing even to heat distribution to prevent damage.

The ceramic helps to maintain the temperature of the air jet of the hair dryer constant and distribute the heat evenly. Thus, avoid damaging the hair and leaves them less dry or brittle than models that do not use this material.

The instrument itself is light but big enough, so it's not practical to travel with it. Like the other hair dryers listed here, a smoothing concentrator for drying and styling is also included. This device is almost 50% quieter than other hairdryers.


  • ​Light in weight and easy to control
  • ​Protect the hair from damage
  • ​Quick drying of hair and quiet


  • ​Not as powerful as expected
  • ​Not suitable for travelers

​9. Wazor Lightweight Low Noise Hair Dryer - Best for Flexibility in Hairstyle

The powerful 1875-watt DC hairdryer swiftly and silently dries your hair. With the function of negative ions, it helps to renew and soften the hair. This hair dryer would produce multiple times more negative particles other ion dryers on the market, resulting in softer and healthier hair with less static.

It has a trigger, two speeds and three heating settings for maximum flexibility in styling and drying of all styles. With a twofold security net and a removable lever filter, the airflow is concentrated at a higher intensity, making the concentrator nozzle efficient.

Although, heat is vital for drying your hair, it is sometimes useful to take a break from the warm air. This hair dryer has a button for ventilation of fresh air. It is a handy button because it is suitable for drying hair but without thermal damage. The soft, curved design gives a firm grip while drying, and a hook to hang from a hook makes it easy to store in a closet or bathroom cabinet.


  • ​Comfortable to hold and clean
  • ​Profoundly evaluated by buyers
  • ​Quick-drying with no frizz


  • ​More of personal use than professional


How can I make my hair dryer less noisy?

Hair dryer cannot be silent, but you can buy a choice of an appliance with a lower decibel level since these determine the sound intensity. Also, low power quiet dryer tends to emit bearable noise compared to one of high wattage.

Unlike the conventional dryers, the quiet dryers from our best quiet hair dryer reviews are equipped with a set of advanced technology that enhances drying, making it work silently. All in all, the sound of the dryer cannot be stopped except when the device is no more in action but it can only be minimized.

Does using a hair dryer cause hair loss?

Depending on use. If you’re very cautious and strictly follow the instruction in the manual, when drying, you won’t experience any hair loss. But if on the other hand, you’re careless particularly if you forget and stay longer on one spot for a while, while drying, you will experience a hair loss, as a result of excessive heat from the dryer.

How to use a hair dryer effectively?

The use of a hair dryer is very simple and may require no previous knowledge once the necessary tools are in place. Especially drying without style. This could be achieved by turning on the dryer and then fix it on the damp area of the hair.

However for stylize drying, this may be a little bit hard as it may consume more time and previous knowledge may be required if you want it to be perfectly done.

Firstly take strands of the hair according to the size of the brush, then wind it to prevent it from getting tangled around the brush bristles and then fix the airflow from the dryer to the brush. This same brush will begin to descend along the length of the hair as it dries up.

Can a hair dryer damage your hearing?

Yes, a hair dryer can damage your hearing. This is because the daily decibel level of the ear ranges between 60 – 80dB. However, if you use the conventional dryer, there is high tendency your ear get damage quickly because they have higher dB that is more than what the ear could resist, thus harming the ear. To overcome this, it is advisable not to use the dryer daily. At most thrice a week is proper.


The innovation of quiet dryers has made drying easier than before. If you’re someone who takes his/ her hair has part of their beauty and values their health, kindly pick from our best quiet hair dryer reviews to dry your hair. This is because these dryers prevent all forms of hair damage because they dry by blowing and also, produce lesser noise that is bearable to your ear, unlike the conventional dryer.

Without a doubt, our top pick from the best quiet hair dryer reviews is Centrix Q-Zone Dryer. It is a very safe and comfortable dryer. The technology and the material with which it was designed, make it one of the best silent hair dryers on the market.


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