10 Best Professional Hair Dryer for Hair Stylist

Are you in need of a professional hair dryer to support your daily hair drying activity without going to a salon? Maybe you’re a stylist that uses hair dryer every day, then, owning one from the best professional hair dryer for hair stylist is essential.

These dryers are equipped with some specific features that are not found in conventional hair dryers. They are always quiet, have a good heat setting, light in weight, and easy to use. They also give a desirable quick-drying due to their speed.

So, how do you get one?

Factors to consider before buying a professional hair dryer?

In this guide, you’ll be taken through the step by step guide on factors to look out for when choosing a professional hair dryer so you can get one that gives an optimum result during usage.

Drying power

The first thing to consider when you’re buying a professional hair dryer is to review its electrical power and the output speed. The former determines the time it takes to heat the air while the latter determines how the heat comes out of the nozzle. However, a professional hair dryer may cost you little more than the traditional dryer because of their drying power.

Most professional hair appliances have a power of 2000 watts. Although some powerful one may reach up to 2500 effective watts in drying and shaping hair irrespective of types. As for the speed, the professional higher-end model hair dryer has two combined adjustable output speeds, one normal and the other stronger.

Control system

When we talk about a professional hair dryer, there are also some other features they must fulfill regardless of their price options. A suitable control system is needed to regulate the temperature and speed of outlet air needed for optimal performance. This will prevent you from possible errors that may arise during usage.

In most cases, these control switches are always located in the handle of the dryer and are represented with different buttons. For your ease, they are always included with an air cold button that regulates the heat. All in all, these buttons must be safe to use, easy to change, accessible, and requires lesser effort to operate.

Easy to use

Apart from the easy control system and the standard drying power, another paramount feature you need to look into before buying your choice of a professional hair dryer is its ergonomics. Since these devices are meant for frequent use, they have improved designs which make them easy to hold and maneuver.

To aid the user, the handle must be easy to hold and ergonomically designed. These features plus the combination of a lightweight will enhance its mobility on the area you intended to dry without getting tired. Also, you have the privilege of moving the dryer over some distance has it has a long flexible but durable cable.


The size of a professional dryer varies, and it’s always proportional to the drying power. All sizes are available in the market, and the larger size one will have a heavier weight which may quickly hold you down especially if you’re not muscular.

However, since style drying may take a longer period to accomplish, the lighter dryers are the most suitable for this task. Due to this, most manufacturers are now developing a product of improved lighter weight quality day by day.

Advisably, if you’re a traveler or mobile person, we strongly recommend the use of a smaller dryer as some of them have some specific features like retractable handles, dual voltage, etc. that will suit your usage.


Some high-quality dryers are made of nice and user-friendly materials and also provide a greater finish. These dryers usually do not harm your hair. Advisably, to avoid all the occasional breakage that may occur, you should use high-quality plastic polymers or other standard materials preferably the one of anti-shock.

This is because a product of this type increases the safety of your hair dryer. Also, there is no need to be panic of the dryer getting damaged or scratched as a result of this quality made materials. However, to avoid possible breakage of the motor, it is more important that the blow does not even reach the interior system of the dryer.

To round this up, you can also optimize and extend the life of your dryer by mounting a removable filter with it. Also, leaving the dryer clean and unobstructed is necessary.

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The price of a professional hair dryer may vary with sizes and brands. It may also cost higher than the conventional dryer in most cases. However, if you’re someone that favors professional style and awesome look, you shouldn’t take the price tag as anything as this may sound discouraging. All in all, our lists of available hair dryers are affordable, and they perform amazingly.


Accessories such as nozzles, diffusers, etc. are also an essential part of the dryer that functions differently. For example, the nozzle which may be narrow or longer helps to focus air to the exact place and are useful in straightening and drying the hair quickly.

The diffusers, on the other hand, are larger head tools that increase the surface of action and reduce the temperature. They are useful in giving perfect volume to the hairstyle and also define curly hair. In addition to the temperature maintenance, the diffuser also features an internal filter that helps to minimize and control the airflow.

Lastly, big thanks to the advanced technology as this dryer is also capable of distributing heat in a way that allows you to have more control over it providing more volume and without curling curly hair.

After walking you through the factors to consider when buying a professional hair dryer, we've helped you handpicked some of the best professional hair dryer for hair stylist reviews below to save you time and effort.

Let’s dive in!

Best Professional Hair Dryer For Hair Stylist Comparison Table

1. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer – Best Overall

If you seek a Dryer that is light, small, and comfortable, then Dyson Supersonic is your best shot. Its motor is in proximity with the handle, not at the end of the device, unlike most hairdryers, thus making it comfortable to hold and operate.

Another striking component is that the dryer comes with magnetic accessories that you can connect to the front side of the dryer to facilitate the drying of hair quickly. This leaves your hair bright and damage free hair.

The supersonic heat sensor measures the temperature of the airflow more than 40 times per second. And continuously adjusts the air temperature to protect the hair from heat damage.

While using this device, you can easily adjust temperature and speed level to create the perfect hair types for your customers. And besides, it has a very long cord, so you can plug it into a power outlet, maneuver it easily, and also eliminate the need to continuously unplug and plug it while drying hair.


  • First-rate technology and elegant design
  • Very quiet
  • Dries your hair superfast
  • Long cord for easy use


  • Bulky cable
  • Expensive

2. Rusk Engineering Super Freak Professional 2000 Watt Dryer - Best for Damage Free Hair

RUSK is one of the most prestigious brands for those who want to dry their wet hair immediately. Many consumers have selected and tested this product out and have come to the conclusion that RUSK product is very useful for getting shiny, soft and voluminous hair—dried.

As RUSK has offered an ionic hairdryer, it produces negatives ions that can break water drops into smaller particles. In this technique, it seals the cuticles of the hair, retaining moisture level in the overall process. So you will get smoother hair, and dry your hair exceptionally quick without harm.

Its made up of tourmaline and ceramic technology that produce negation particle responsible for quick drying of hair, smoothen it and ensures it shine without any damage during the process. This makes it safe to use and effective in conserving heat.

Another fantastic highlight is the use of infrared heat to dries your hair. It is more sensitive and less harmful heat rays that enter the hair's external layer, the skin, to dry the water particles inside the hair first, which diminishes drying time just as potential warmth harm.


  • Has a 2000 watts Italian a/c motor
  • It's budget-friendly
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • An ideal choice for personal and professional use


  • Air condition button not well placed
  • Not too quiet

3. Professional Salon Ionic Hair Dryer - Best for Fizz-free Hair

This model is designed purposefully for the salons in Europe with a durable and first-rate quality, which is second to none. Unlike your regular hairdryer that blows air in a hard way, Professional Salon airflow is rather smooth and frizz-free to your hair.

It is important to note that this item not only dries your hair at the speed of light but also does it efficiently and effectively. The device is built in such a way that it fits seamlessly with the hand, arm, and shoulder strain related to regular hairdryers.

With just 12 lbs and heavy-duty 10 feet electrical cord, you are sure to have purchased a ground-breaking device for everyday use. Interestingly, it is only 1600 W, meaning it consumes less power compare to other hairdryers in the same categories.

It features an exceptional Dual Ion generator for a switch and two heat and speed settings buttons that enable you to adjust seamlessly while styling.


  • High-quality technology
  • Ergonomics design
  • Two-year warranty
  • Extended use without strain and fatigue


  • Not too durable
  • It is a bit expensive

4. Kipzi 1875W Hair Dryer, Nano Ionic Blow Dryer - Most Pocket-friendly

If you do not want to break the bank to get an expensive hairdryer, then KIPOZI 1875W is your viable option. The hairdryer gives your hair the needed drying and styling experience as it comes with a diffuser that enables you to effectively style your curly hair, while the concentrator straightens your hair to the desired form.

Also, this device is way faster and smarter than most regular hairdryer since it is embedded with the latest advanced nano Ionic technology that additionally ensures that you get a sleek and frizz-free hair.

It is designed with the user’s experience in mind, as it is one of the easiest hairdryers to operate. With two airspeeds and three heating buttons, you are definitely in for a salon experience at home.

This unit is ultra-light in weight at 1.2 pounds; you always have it on the go. Additionally, an ultra-light hairdryer means that your hand will experience strain and fatigue-free while using. Another feature worth mentioning is the cool button and air filter. With a powerful AC motor, a voltage of 125 and 1875 watts, it is safe to say it consumes less power.


  • Long cable for flexibility
  • Quiet and lightweight
  • Detachable air filter


  • The plug is country sensitivity
  • Cable not retractable

5. Panasonic EH-NA65-K nanoe Dryer - Best for Drying Stubborn Hair

Consider by many as one of the most powerful hairdryers in circulation, Panasonic EH NA65 Nanoe uses 1857 w of power, and this makes it the right choice for different usage. It implies the dryer could with its power, dry even the most stubborn of hair quickly.

While you have various options for heating settings, hence there are no causes for alarm even if you have the thinnest of hair –as with the three settings you could choose low, middle, and even high settings as desires. Plus, a cooling system that prevents your hair from over-drying

The nano technology helps you in emitting moistures and air to the hair, which are both needs for strengthening the hair. It also gives multiple times more moisture than the regular hairdryer in the market. The technology won’t let your hair strands get broken easily.

The device produces a sound level of close to 87 dB and thus making it one of the quietest hairdryers, couple with it sleek and lightweight, it is undoubtedly worth its price.


  • A unique technology
  • Modern oriented design
  • Various attachments
  • Different speed and heat adjustments


  • No colors option
  • A bit heavy

6. Jinri 1875W Professional Salon Hair Dryer - Best for Smooth and Shiny Hair

This is one of the few good products that the brand’s name hasn’t done justice. Jinri hairdryer is built with a far-infrared, tourmaline, and ionic technology. The technologies prevent your hair from the worst effect of drying heat exposure.

The function of the tourmaline ion technology is to make sure your hair is free from frizz, while far-infrared is to give a practical, smooth and shiny blow. This professional hairdryer comes with negative ions that ensure the adequate level of moisture content and as well as protect your hair from unnecessary heat damage.

It implies that with Jinri, your hair is now smoother, silk, and free from static due to positive ions. Since it’s a power of 1875 watts, rapid hair-drying experience is what you will get. Plus, a power rating between 100-125 volts is fair for the price.

The product featured and amazing features like three different temperature ranges, two-speed options, and cooling airflow buttons. Not only that, the product is certified by ROHS and ETS with a year replacement and two years of warranty from the producer. It has 8 feet cable length, and air filter that requires no technical skills to clean it.


  • A year replacement and a two-year warranty
  • It is certified safe to use
  • Long cable for easy movement
  • It has three detachments


  • A bit heavy
  • It makes some light noises occasionally

7. Xtava 1875 Watt Pro Hair Dryer - Best for Creating Hairstyles

If you are a DIYer, this model is specially designed for you. With a power of 1875W and an inbuilt cool button to make the most of your hairstyling. It doesn’t matter if your hair is coarse, long, and curly, Xtava is the device you want to buy.

It is exciting to see a hairdryer with lots of fantastic features at a meager price. The presence of two different ion technologies and three-speed controller, frizz are nowhere to be found around your hair, and as well its rapid drying experience is worth their weight in gold.

Equipped with two speed and heat setting, which can both be used to style your hair to a desirable length while the high heat settings are for thick or coarser hair; the lowest heat setting apply on damaged or highly sensitive’s hairs

It is noteworthy to mention that amongst the mid-range of a quiet hair dryer, Xtava is still the most powerful and ideal for hairstylists and professional salons. An added advantage is the 8.2 feet long cable, which gives room for movement. It comes with a three-inch hairbrush made from bristle to help combat curly and frizzy hair.


  • Automated shutoff
  • Equipped with a brush
  • Two-speed settings controls
  • Three heat settings


  • Cord not too durable
  • A bit loud

8. T3 Micro Curly Hair Dryer - Best for Keeping Hair Healthy

You can’t but love this product sleek and lightweight design. T3 Micro Cura is a product of a Multi-award-winning manufacturer. It is designed to help you effectively eliminate frizz and make your hair grow longer with its innovative personalized fan, inbuilt ion generator, and digitalized temperature control in less time than you can imagine.

Its fan keeps air from going abruptly and ensures it flows directly into your hair for even distribution. Also, the digitalized temperature regulator produces the needed heat, which is some missing in most hairdryers and hence your hair no matter how sensitive and delicate it is free from harm due to fluctuating temperature.

One other benefit is the generations of negative ions that eradicate the effect of positive ions that are responsible for frizz and unhealthy hair. Thereby leaving your hair shiny and smooth without much effort. With two nozzles that can be used for drying your hair quickly, and the other for styling T3 is no short of accessories.


  • Cord comes in a cable wrap
  • A filter cap
  • Elegant and compact in design
  • Retain reasonable air moisture


  • Costly
  • A bit loud

9. Sam Villa Professional Light Ionic Dryer – Best for Curly Hair

Unlike most made in china products, Sam Villa Professional Light Ionic Dryer was designed by top-rate experts from Italy. Even though it’s 1750 watts motor is by far generating more airflow than some 1875 models in circulation.

It is important to note that a different degree of heat is not ideal for all hairs. If perhaps you have straight hair, then you will need between low and medium levels of temperatures. And if you have curly hair, then you need high heat for sufficient dryness. This is why Same Villa comes handy as it provides the three different levels to you.

Also, another great highlight of this is the different speed settings that give different parts of your hair separate and necessary conditions. Impressively, every Sam Villa product did come with two concentrator nozzles, for which one is wide, and the other is narrow. It is built with two states of the art technology –tourmaline and Ionic that not only dry your hair faster but also smoother.


  • Quiet during use
  • Elegant and compact design
  • Turbocompressor technology
  • 8 feet power cord


  • No dual voltage
  • Price is a bit expensive

10. Ghd Air Hair Dryer - Most Sophisticated

Arguably, the most sophisticated ionic technology and from the cradle of top scientists and the best stylists, ghd Air is designed to give you the best experience of hairdryers anyone can imagine.

The hair dryer dries your hair faster than the most dryers in this category. With this dryer, you can now have a salon experience at the comfort of your home, leaves your hair frizz-free and straight like never before.

Salon professionals mostly use a blower for drying their usually bulky and uncomfortable customer hair. Conversely, ghd Air hairdryer is a godsend, as the product is lightweight and hand-friendly. It is also one of the quietest hairdryers and brings no interference with your spouse sleeps.

The Ghd Air is power with 2100 watts; this enables it to tackle your thick hair effortlessly. Plus, a filter that prevents dust from going into the device comes handy. Although, some users complained that fitting back the filter could prove difficult after cleaning. And knowing that it comes with two nozzles is an added advantage of accessories.


  • It is easy to operate even for a novice
  • Comes with different nozzles
  • Dries hair quickly and fast
  • Ultra-light


  • A bit bulky
  • Filters problems

After choosing one from the best professional hair dryer for hair stylist reviews. The next thing is to learn how to use it properly.

How to use best professional hair dryer for hair stylist?

Quick Way to Clean a Hair Dryer

Become familiar with the team

Since the professional dryer is designed to offer a diverse range of configurations, which you can customize to suit different drying needs. If you’re dealing with a thicker and stronger hair strand, higher heat is needed while for soft or fine hair, lower heat is needed.

In general, if the heat supply to your hair is not sufficient, the desired hair type may not be achieved.

Prepare the hair

Once you’ve configured your hair drying to your satisfaction, then it is time to perform the previous steps of preparing your hair, i.e. washing of hair with fresh water. After you’ve done this, you then need to apply the necessary shampoo for cleaning of the scalp and also use conditioner to remove the nodes.

At the end of the shower just before drying, it is recommended to remove excess water with a towel.

Dry straight hair

If your customer has a straight hair, we strongly recommend for you, the use of some heat-protective product. After this, the next step is to place the heat concentrating nozzle in your dryer and maintain a constant air course from top to bottom. By doing this, the remaining water will be absorbed.

If you intend to create volume, you can use the traditional stylist's trick by placing your head down and applying heat directly to its roots to lift them.

Dry wavy hair

Although, this may require a little effort especially if you want to lacerate. However, it is easier as it involves the placement of the heat concentrating nozzle and the maintenance of an air course from the top to the bottom. Starting at the roots and ending at the tips.

To simplify this process, it is better to divide the hair into potions. The more hair you have, the more the divisions. For an effective and quick achieve, experts have recommended the use of special tools like wild boar bristles brush. This helps you to distribute the heat properly over the strand.

Dry curly hair

If the kind of hair that your customers have is curly, you’ll find it easy to dry. To achieve this, you must first place a designed styling cream all over their hair, then, you can distribute the cream correctly using your comb or fingers.

To remove excess moisture without harming the natural curls, we strongly implore you to use a diffuser and medium or low heat settings.

Frequently asked questions

1. Does an expensive hair dryer make a difference?

Contrary to general belief, originally, an expensive hair dryer features a compact unique technology incorporated into their design. This helps to emit the required heat and airflow that is suited for your hair care without mistreating your hair. Unlike the less expensive one that may release gentle heat which may take most of your time before drying.

Also, expensive dryers are always lighter while some features may be missed in the less expensive one.

2. How many watts is a professional hair dryer? 

Depending on the brand, most professional hair dryers have a power of 2000 watts which is more than sufficient for effective drying. However, some may have a power of 2500 watts which makes them dry hair quickly and release greater air to dry the hair.

3. What hair dryer do salons use?

This directly depends on the types of hair to be dried and the choice of the stylish brand. In most recent times, most salons are now using the professional dryer while the conventional dryer is not to be found in most stylist shops.

This is because of some promising features plus the durability of the professional dryer.

4. What is the most powerful hairdryer?

There is no direct answer to this although the professional dryer has an edge over the conventional dryer. This is a result of some superior tools incorporated with this dryer including the removable filter paper plus some special attachments. All these joined together to enhance performance.


Drying of hair is quite simple and usually involves the use of an excellent performance hair dryer. Little or no knowledge is needed to achieve this task. However, for optimum result, choosing from our best professional hair dryer for hair stylist reviews is strongly recommended. This is because these kinds of hair dryer have unique features, which make it a perfect fit for all drying style.

Our choice of pick from the best professional hair dryer for hair stylist reviews is the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. The reason is because of its durability, ergonomic design, ease of use and is affordability. Some professionals who value professionalism over amateur jobs would, however, overlook the price tag which may be a little bit expensive though giving an amazing result.


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