Top 6 Best Pomade Waves Reviews 2020

All of us admire guys with waves –most notably those with 360-degree waves. We often marveled at the level of work done that has contributed to achieving that. But the gospel is if you have no clue on how to go about yours, then reading this guide on the best pomade wave reviews will usher you into achieving your dream hairstyle that has proven to be elusive. Continue reading to get the full gists.

How To Choose The Best Pomade Waves?

There is no gainsaying that choosing the best pomade for your hair can be a daunting task. It is even worse when you see and read different products and brands, calming to be your best suit. However, to help eliminate these worries, below are a few, but important things to put into consideration. They will guide you on choosing the pomade that will not only work well but also suit you –as it will help you avoid the downsides of using the best pomade waves.

Let’s begin.

Understanding your type of hair

To start with, before you even consider picking any wave cream, you should know the sort of hair texture you have. Since the pomade that will work for fine wavy hair probably won't work for long curly hair. Unfortunately, many individuals pick any pomade wave cream without knowing and thinking about their hair texture.

The general guideline here is: If you have wispy hair, you should buy the cream with light formulation, and if maybe you have thick, coarse hair, you should buy the cream with a solid formulation. Thus, it is insightful to know your hair and pick the best and prescribed formulation that suits it.

Go through the product Label

Now that you have known your hair texture and the type of formulation you need, the next is to read the product label. This may appear trivial, but you must understand how to apply the pomade you have chosen. Doing this won’t only get you the preferred result but also saves you from misapplication.

Nutrient or no nutrient

Undoubtedly, the essence of using pomade waves is to keep your hair wave and in style, isn’t it? Well, some brands have added a little innovation by adding nourishing hair nutrients to their product.

These nutrients include Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, and sometimes Olive oil. What they do is to ensure the adequate flow of blood to your scalps and also ensure your hair follicles are in perfect condition.

Sadly, as beneficial as these nutrients are, not all products come with it, although it doesn’t mean those without it are harmful products. Plus, nutrient-based pomades are quite expensive than the ones without it. Hence, you are advised to cut your coat according to your cloth.

Pomade type

Honestly, this can be very tricky even to some professional stylists. Generally, there are two types of pomade 1—water-based, and 2—Oil-based. You are the point of selecting how do you know which to buy?

The difference is, water-based pomade has low holding properties, even though they are easy to apply and wash off. While oil-based pomade comes with high holding properties, but you might need shampoo to wash it off effectively.

Thanks to the latest discoveries and advancement in the field of pomades making, you can now get water-based pomade that also possesses the same magnitude of holding properties that oil-based pomade has.

Additionally, if you prefer to go for water-based pomade, ensure that it has beeswax and if otherwise, you preferred to stick with oil-based then ensure you washed it properly after every use.

The pomade scent

Yes, the scent that you wear may make or break you. Pomades come with different degrees of smell; there are Pomade with a strong fragrance and others with a mild fragrance. You must know that the scent of pomade won’t go off unless the pomade has been washed off, as it glues to you as long as the application is still active.

By default, many will go for the ones with a strong scent, but you have to consider others that have an allergy to a strong smell. Hence, you should choose the Pomade with a mild scent and non-repugnant. Interestingly, brands are becoming sensitive to pomade scent now, that some now use natural scent while others still use artificial.

If you see any with natural scent, then it best you give it a shot.

How best can the pomade shape your hair

Well, this is not a necessity, though, but it is worth mentioning. For you to get the desired waves with any pomade, you have to consider how flexible the cream is concerning shaping your hair. Also, water-based pomade gives you a seamless experience while oil-based might be a bit rigid

The Degree of Shine

No one wants waves with a dull shine. Hence, you must check out the degree of particular shine pomade can give. How do you do this, you asked? The truth is the degrees of shine varies from one product to another. Some offer your hair a sparkling shine while other a dull shine. It best you bet on one that gives a sparkling shine.

Top 6 Best Pomade Waves available on the Market

Below is a more detailed review of each product, making it easier for you to choose.

1. Layrite Superhold Pomade – Best for Stubborn Hair

Wait, you think your hair is rigid, stubborn, and have tried countless of pomade waves to no avail? Then I bet you haven’t try Layrite super Hold pomade wave. Even though it is water-soluble, it is formulated to tackle rigid, stubborn hair like yours. A gentle application to your hair will release its rigidity and give it a lengthy hold that comes with softness and sparkling shines.

Regardless of your hairstyle, this balm works effectively on all hairs, such as frizz, curly, medium, or even coarser hair. After applying this balm, the more your hair starts drying, the stronger, better the effects on your hair. This item is very powerful that a finger-tip application of it can leave a long-lasting impression on your hair texture.

The pomade comes with a fragrance that smells like cream soda, and even at that, it is one of the few pomade waves that doesn’t flake after application. One thing that is the most impressive about this is that it can also be applied to style your beards.

It does not release flakes and gives dull shines like your regular pomade waves since its effect is felt instantly. Little wonder, the demand for this balm is mouthwatering.


  • Ideal for thick and curly hair
  • Comes with a soda-cream smell-like scent
  • Hold properties last longer than most pomade
  • Dissolves easily in water, and washes off effortlessly


  • Not suitable for very thick long hair
  • The smell could also be repugnant

2. Uppercut Monster Hold Pomade – Best for Those that Sweat too Much

Due to the difference in our body biology and physiology, it is common knowledge that some of us sweat more than the other. If perchance you are among this group, then you must know that the regular pomade is not for you; hence, your only choice falls with Uppercut Monster as it’s designed with a unique formula to keep the waves in the right position.

With its advanced formulations, this pomade works well on any hair that requires intensive treatment. Plus, it is the best wave for an even 360° waves in the industry. Besides, it keeps the hairstyle in place for a lengthy period. Due to the pomade lubrication formula, you can survive your most challenging days' because of its resistance to sweat.

It gives the user the flexibility to apply various styles to their hair—be it classic or modern. This water-based work is a pleasure to use and fits perfectly with your hair, not your hand. Its delicious crème brulée scent is another add-on. With its composition, you can be sure that your hair is fully protected as; It is excellent for damage control that adds extra nutrients and moisture to the hair.


  • Slick even the toughest of hair strains
  • Application is straightforward
  • Sweat-proof
  • Imposing holding properties


  • Requires the addition of shampoo for effective washing
  • May cause rashes dues to humid temperature

3. Roller Coaster Waves - Best for Keeping the Hair Smooth and Healthy

Arguably, the Roller Coaster wave pomade is the most excellent water-based pomade in circulation. The product comes with lots of hair nourishing ingredients, namely Vitamin E, Argan Oil, and Aloe vera. These ingredients are a good agent of healthy and smooth hair as it helps increase blood flow from the body to your hair. They are also an excellent way to tackle dandruff.

Also, since it is quite different from most of the pomades listed, Roller Coaster is a unisex product. Plus it handy should you prefer to style your hair, or even to preserve the moisture of your hair adequately. There is no doubt that this product will keep your hair more natural than any other brand. Additionally, it gives your hair the much-needed flexibility and consistent with regards to its shiny effects.

Another exciting about using this product is that its oil gives dull hair a sparkling shine and enhances its resistance. Its butter formulation comes handy, as it ensures that your hair scalp is always moist. And since it is water-based, rinsing out the pomade is effortless as you need not apply any other cream


  • The ideal pomade wave for males and females
  • No need to use shampoo while washing
  • Easy to apply evenly
  • Scents is pleasant


  • Not suitable for curly hair
  • No strong holding properties

4. Murray's Superior Hair Dressing Pomade - Most Versatile

One pomade brand that has stood the test of time is Murray’s products. The brand begins manufacturing more than a century ago, although there is an inconsequential difference between this product and the original. However, Murray’s Superior Hair pomade is ideal for any hair. Due to its versatility and numerous benefits, it became a household name among hairstylists and professional barbers.

The pomade is hair rich in oil and has sheer thickness. This has made the stick to its container, and even during winter, it still maintains its shape and forms. If you think your hair is ways abnormal, then this product is for you. It works well for those whose hair is frizz-deep as it works significantly for rigid hair. Perhaps you like a classy look, or even say Mohawks hairstyle, then this item is your best bet.

The grease of the product ensures it adheres and also keeps your style almost throughout the day. The high strength of this product makes it one of the best pomades available. Additionally, to keep your hair in form and slick thickness of the product thickness has to be sacrificed. Due to this, the pomade keeps your hair in such a way that no other product can.


  • Effects last for days
  • The pomade has a pleasant scent
  • Tackle frizz on one’s hair
  • An ideal choice for a reliable hair hold


  • Hold fades quickly in an unfavorable weather
  • You need to apply shampoo to wash the hair effectively

5. Ocean View Hair Pomade-Strong Hold – Best for Keeping the Hair Hydrated

Even though this pomade looks like a gel, it’s, however, somewhat thicker and harder than a gel. Due to its light texture, scooping it out from the compartment is effortless even when the temperature is unfavorable. Additionally, the use of this balm is likewise simple due to its cream-like form. You need to apply this pomade in a little quantity of grease and brush in like manner to get the desired result.

Its application skims over the hair efficiently and with no pulling and hooking. Unlike many pomades that you will need to rinse hair before using, with Ocean View hair pomade, there is no essence in doing that as the brand itself come with water in it. Interestingly, the water is sufficient to hydrate your hair scalp and help eliminate over-dryness, making this one of the best pomades out there

Another thing that impresses me is the degree of the product holding properties; even though it comes with water in it, it still does its job perfectly. It also implies that you will not need to spend extra cash on buying grease or oil with it. With the presence of advanced production formulation like beeswax, you can be sure that it does excellently well to keep your hair glossy and exquisite.


  • Has a pleasant fragrance.
  • Readily dissolves in water
  • Enhances the texture of your hair
  • Has an advanced hair holding properties


  • Presence of flakes during usage
  • Could be thick and clumsy

6. AXE Signature Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade – Best for All Hair Types

If you seek a pomade wave that won’t cause you to break the bank and also gives your hair the best in terms of quality, then AXE Signature Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade is your choice. It is one of the few popular balms that give your hair the glittering effect that is needed. Also, the cosmetic can be used by anyone with medium, thick, or lengthy hair. Immediately after applying it gives you the freedom to control your hair seamlessly

Axe Signature Clean cut is renowned for giving you a charming look, and with its fabulous performance, it leaves your hair reflexive and elegant. No doubt, in the market place today, it has won the heart and praise of many customers over its competitors. With this balm, your days of greasing your hair in frustration are over.

Additionally, one thing that will interest you about this product is that you don’t need much quantity for application; only a fingertip measure will do the job correctly. Plus, the product is delivered in six various packing styles that give you the options to select the one you desired most, and it also comes in a pack that is eye-catching and attractive.


  • Allows you to apply a style to your hair with easy
  • The pomade is budget-friendly
  • Come equipped with user’s directional guide on how to apply
  • Effects last long on your hair after using


  • You may experience some prickling on the layer of your head after use
  • No good return policy

How To Use The Best Pomade?

You must know that for an effective application: 

1). You should have you have trimmed or lowered.  

2). You can take a bath to get your hair damp –that is, not too dry and not too wet.  

3). You can apply your desired pomade to the damp hair, to which

4). Brush it then use to get the wave direction.

FAQs on Best Pomade Waves:

1. Should I use pomade every day?

Nope, don’t use pomade every day as if you do, there is a high chance of it blocking your pores.

2. Should I put pomade in wet hair?

Well, the ideal condition is—your hair should be damp, that is not too dry but close to wet

3. Does pomade ruin your hair?

The oil-based pomade has been linked to several problems such as dandruff and hair loss, etc.

4. 360 style pomade how to get waves?

First, apply the pomade in your hair, and the get hot towel to soften the balm, and then brush your hair in the desired wave pattern.


In the end, after an extensive analysis of various best pomade waves reviews above, the onus is now on you to choose the one that best appeal to you. After all, it is you who would use it. Nevertheless, it is important that I mention, that whichever of the best pomade for waves you are going to choose to ensure that it has a reasonable hold, easy to use, and wash off easily.
It is undisputed that Layrite is our overall best, Roller Coaster is best in term of nutrient but other fares better too, in another aspect or then the other. 


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