8 Best Pomade for Thick Hair Reviews 2020

We all know that managing of thick hair is not an easy task especially if you’re the fashionable type. This little difficulty has led some people leaving pomade for gels, which may sometimes give an undesirable look. Apart from the undesirable look, your hair natural texture may also be compromised, thus harming your hair. 

To avoid all these risks, it is highly recommended to use pomade. This is because the ingredients used to make pomade are of the best quality. The water made pomade, for example, has different holdings that make you feel comfortable.

These holdings can be firm, strong, average, or light so as to last on your hair depending on the type you use.  So, how do you choose one. Highlighted below are factors to consider when choosing a best pomade for thick hair.

Factors to consider before buying a pomade

The application of pomade to the hair is not a problem. However, the real problem lies in getting the best among the overabundant pomades. This is because an inferior quality product may give you an undesirable end result that may be provoking. Aside from this, they are also not economically and healthily save because your money may be lost and also, your skin may get damage.

To get the best pomade products, there are a lot of factors to consider before settling for one. These factors if properly considered, will bring your dream into reality, which includes finish, price, hold, smell, volume or weight, ingredient, and many more.

The finish

After understanding the nature of your hair, among the first thing to consider before buying a pomade of choice is the kind of finish you want at the end. Depending on the choice, your hair either looks shiny or matte. If for example, you value a natural look that is very attractive, kindly go for the matte.

However, if on the other hand, your choice of hair look is slick hair, go for the shiny one. This will give you a nice glossy hair.

Consequently, there is also a semi-matte product that alternates between the two. This kind of product is capable of giving you both features at a time.

The hold type

Pomades are very versatile when it comes to holding of hair. They exhibit either firm, strong, average/ moderate, or light hold.  Although, the commonly used one is the moderate holding. Unlike the stronghold type that keeps your hair firm and lasts you for a day, moderate hair hold is the best and it keeps your hair naturally in the best position with a little movement.

Also, some sturdy hold hair types makes your hair remains the same until it gets washed. Lastly is the light hold which is easy to wash compared to above-aforementioned holders.

In general, no matter how thick or coarse your hair is, you will definitely find your choice of pomade hair type that will hold your hair for a long time with an optimum result.


Pomade is the combination of different ingredients at a proportional formulation. This ingredient determines the texture, colour, and odour of the pomade. For texture, there are some pomades that are either water based, oil based, or waxed based. The water based pomade contains more natural ingredients in them and are widely used by people who value a natural look.

This is because they contain chemicals that neither harm your scalp nor affect your hair look. Additionally, they are also easy to wash leaving no hassle contrary to other pomades like oil-based pomades that are difficult to rinse off and sometimes may cause skin irritations.

Based on colour, some pomade appears to be coloured while others are clear. However, the most commonly used one is clear pomade. This is suitable for all hair types.

Also, there are some scents producing pomades. This scent maybe natural or artificial and comes from the material used in making them.


Most pomades are packed inside the tube and their weight ranges between 0.125 – 0.3125 pound. Truthfully, considerable amount of pomade when properly apply and rub on your hand should last longer on your hair. Some will even last up to a day.


Talking about the features without talking about the price is incomplete. Although most of the pomades available in our guide are affordable, yet, they perform wonderfully and even last longer than expected.

Easy to wash off

After enjoying the shiny and silky hair in the day, you will need to rinse off the pomade on your hair. This will help you to retain the original texture of your hair. The most commonly used washer or degreaser is the shampoo. Although, the use of olive oil has also been proven effective.

Reviews of 8 The Best Pomade for Thick Hair

Now that you have learnt the factors to consider when choosing pomade for thick hair,  the next thing is to present to you the best pomade cream available in the market, are reviewed below.

1. Imperial Barber Grade Products Classic Pomade – Best Overall

Imagine keeping your customers happy and they always come back for more, thanks to your ability to create different hairstyles such as pompadour, side-parted, slicked-back styles, or any other traditional American hairstyle? Imperial classic pomade is the best bet to help you achieve that. It does this thanks to its ability to hold down curly and wavy hair, thus allowing you to create different hairstyles of your choice.

This item is never too weak, nor too fragrant, and will allow you to keep your hairstyle for a long time. It is formulated to bring time-honored classic American styling to up the craft and grooming of American men, thanks to its water re-activatable property. Thus making restyling a breeze. It easy to wash off to give you an outstanding and convenience hold.


  • Hold strength is adjustable based on the amount of water in your hair
  • Easy to rinse and clean
  • Has no side effect
  • Suitable for most hair types


  • Strips hair oil and conditioning on wash
  • Better with a more masculine fragrance

2. Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy – Best for Flexible Hairstyling

Have you been trying different types of texturizing pomades, gels, waxes, pastes and balms, without getting any satisfying result? Worry no more, Kenra's Texturizing Taffy is the ideal product for that flexible styling you’ve been yearning for.

This item will allow you to experience cherished baby fine wavy-curly hair all year round. It does this thanks to its pliable formulation that enhances superiors texturing and separation with a movable soft feel

It works great and smells nice, thanks to its delicious berry-like fragrance. With just a small quantity, this texturizing master will make your hair curly, bodied and taffy for the about 4-5 days.


  • Light
  • Does not dull the hair appearance
  • Small amount does the jobs.
  • Good for fine, straight, and thin hair


  • Not suitable for holding hair long-term
  • Makes hair appears greasy

3. Smooth Viking Pomade – Best for Giving Shine on Hair

Want to wear that legendary sculpted Viking look, with this low-maintenance formula in action up there, you are adding an extra to the ordinary.

Be it the casual, slick, classic, formal or modern styling you want, this haircare pomade from Smooth Viking will let you create the hairstyle of your choice. And you’ll find it comfortable to wash off.

Prepared from high-quality premium ingredients, this water-based hair styling gives maximum shine and medium hold with natural volume to ensure you have your desired hairstyle.

Want the sculpted styling? A small amount on dry hair will do. Or the sleekly slick? Just dampen and you’ve nailed it.


  • Supercharges hairdo like no other gives unmatched supercharges
  • Suitable for all hairdos and easy to wash off
  • Ridiculously easy to put on any look


  • Not suitable for thin and aging hair

4. Baxter of California Clay Pomade – Most Safe to Use

Looking for the ideal hair pomade with proven track records you can trust? In one, Baxter of California Clay Pomade is an award winning top of the radar styling clay that will solve your trust issue and be your go-to styling clay in no time.

Diligently formulated from natural ingredients like beeswax and kaolin clay that gives textures and flexibility. This paraben free pomade will let you attain your desired look worthy of men, irrespective of your hair type.

Be you, in self and look, stop wearing just some random face in the crowd, this clay pomade can get you a more finished look as it defines, texturizes, and mold hair into place to deliver a strong pliable hold. 


  • All natural ingredient free of paraben
  • Strong and nice hold that last the whole day will not make hair look greasy
  • Small application will get the job done
  • Does not leave hair hard and stiff.


  • Might leave specks of clay on hair
  • Somehow greasy, making it not suitable for Asian head hair.

5. American Crew POMADE – Best to Look Kempt with Honorable Smell

Stop applying wuss, wuss, and wuss, over and over again! Hair pomade with wimpy ingredients will do your hair more harm than goo. Fortunately, American Crew Pomade has got your back. By just working little chunk evenly through dry and damp hair, you can continue hairstyling to your utmost satisfaction.

This item is all natural hair product with no synthetic fragrance, formulated to provide the medium hold and high shine your hair deserves. It doesn’t get the hair greasy, grimy unlike many others, and will hold curls in place without making hair stiffy or crunchy.

You will be really amazed with its water based formula which makes it washes out easily on hair. In addition, you will remain kempt and classy in an honorable smell.


  • Has no synthetic additives
  • Rinses out without making hair frizz
  • Smells nice and great


  • Counterfeits are available in the market

6. AXE Pomade Clean Cut Look Classic – Best for Eliminating Crunches and Flakes

Wanting that classic look with short to mid-length hair? AXE Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade will easily tame unruly knots, locks, and gives you total control over grooming.

This pomade allows you to restyle to a variety of structured hairdo, create the medium hold and the polished finish.

Also, you will be able to define the looks and refine your hairstyle with just a small fingertip bit of this pomade, and comb for an easy clean cut style. Set the day freshness and delicious scent by raking it through the hair, it will last you from day-out to night-out.


  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Delivers a great hold and polished shine
  • Good for taming unruly locks and fighting bedhead
  • Averts crunches and flakes


  • Comes in bad packaging

7. Hair Craft Co. Women’s Pomade – Best for Crafting Hairstyle According to your Preference

Are you tired of using multiple layers’ pomade that only leaves your hair clumpy and dry, necessitating incessant restyling of your hair many times a day? Hair Craft Co. pomade with its impeccable hold, will let you do hair your way.
What style do you have in mind? The subtle beachy waves, the firm sleek curls or just the slick high pony? With this you can style and restyle any type of hair to your choice of hairstyles.
Got other things to do? Hair Craft Co. Women’s water soluble Pomade is super easy to wash, do hair crafting to your preference until your desired look is achieved, just the ideal amount of shine, in a semi matte finish. With this item, you’ll be able to maintaining your stylish look.


  • Specially formulated for women
  • Gives impeccable hold and finish
  • Washes out with super ease
  • Economical than most women pomade


  • Gets hair oily and greasy
  • Not the best choice for fine hair.

8. Matte Cream Pomade Challenger – Best for Soft Hair

Looking for an all-day hold no shine pomade for your short, medium, and not very long hair style? This matte cream pomade from challenger for its medium-firm hold, dry matte finish and clean subtle scent promises to keep you feeling and looking good on all occasion. So, you won’t experience any pomade-like flaking, and clay-like clumping.
This item is an amazing buttery pomade that rinses out very easily, thanks to its water based formulation that requires no shampoo even after a whole day of adventure.
Pick up a jar and the challenger will go everywhere you go, thanks to its travel-size fits. And you can continue the great matte styling on the go. Keep looking good and natural with a delicious scent that doesn’t linger!!


  • It has a delicious scent that doesn’t linger
  • Easy on and washes out easily
  • Require no shampoo
  • Packaged in a travel size jar.


  • Not the best product for long hair
  • Only good for soft hair

How To Use Pomade The Right Way?

FAQs on Pomade for Thick Hair

1. What type of hair either wet or dry is the best to apply pomade?

Answer: This depends on your choice. If you intend to get a glossy appearance, applying pomade on wet hair will be beneficial. However, if you apply pomade on dry hair, you will get a textured matte finish within a short time frame.

Consequently, for moderate hair style, always apply little pomade on your hair. This is because excessive pomade gives too much greasy and sticky.

2. Why using pomades for thick hair other than the common hair gels?

Answer: This is because thick hair are very stubborn and difficult to control. Pomades are known for their ability to hold all hair kinds firm for a longer period. Without thorough washing, your hair will remain the same. This is due to low or no dry out exhibited by pomades, unlike the common hair gel, which has low holding capacity.

3. How often should I use hair pomade?

Answer: There is no direct answer to this as this depends on the hair nature. However, if you are new to pomade, it is recommended to use pomade once or twice a week. Once your desired hair has been achieved, you can then reduce the frequency of using to twice or thrice a week.

With this, all visible new hair growth can be treated the same.

4. How long does hair pomade last on thick hair?

Answer: This depends on the type of pomade you use. The strong pomades types, for example, are known for their ability to remain active for over 24 hours. Although, there may be a little set back when it comes to rinsing it off.

However, the light hold, on the other hand, is capable of holding your hair for 10 hours and more.

5. What hairstyle is the best for pomade use?

Answer: Pomade is versatile in use and is capable of performing wonderfully on all hairstyle. For example if you have a hairstyle that permits short hair, it will be easier for pomade to control it other than a hairstyle that permits longer hair.


We have come to the end of our guide and are glad to inform you that having a thick hair should be seen as a piece of luck contrary to how it is been portrayed by many people. However, all the list of our available hair pomades are made of high-quality ingredients and still, they are affordable.

They make your hair to retain its shape for longer period while still easy to wash. Additionally, they often give you a desirable shiny or sleek look to makes you feel comfortable.


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