6 Best Mustache Trimmer Reviews in 2020

There no doubt that looking good is good business and while many may not pay much attention, your mustache says a lot about you. It is believed that most men who spot a mustache are successful. To be able to command respect you must be properly groomed.

As such, purchasing the best mustache trimmer is a prerogative for every success-driven man. This article reviews the best products on the market, taking you through some buying guides that will help you make the best decision as well as shed light on some other key information. There’s a lot to learn, so let’s get started, shall we?

Why You Should Trust us On This Guide

We have the experience that covers over a decade, hence you can trust that we bring nothing but the best to the table, how else have we been in business for this long? We have a team of experts whose job is solely focused on researching on products released in the market and identifying the best amongst them.

Our researchers not only read up on these products, they also carry out field experiments and testing before any product is certified and recommended. Our recommended products have always met customers’ needs and we have lots of reviews to testify to that. Therefore, you can trust that we select only the best products for review.

How to Pick The Best Mustache Trimmer?

Purchasing just any product may lead to the wrong choice. To avoid this, here’s a list of buying guide to consider before purchasing a mustache trimmer:


Ideally, every man wants a trimmer with a long-running time while also having a short charging duration. However, it should be noted that longer battery life means a longer charging time and vice versa. But even at that, some trimmers fare better than others in terms of charging and running time. Knowing how long the trimmer you hope to purchase lasts and charges helps you make a good choice especially if you do not have the time to charge all the time.

Length Control

This is an important feature to consider because it gives you room to experiment more. The more the length, the better for you, hence go for a mustache trimmer that has more length as it’s more comfortable. However, there are trimmers with single adjustable lengths and also those with fixed-length combs; the type of length depends on the model of the product.

Cutting Power and Blade

A trimmer is deemed efficient if it only makes one pass; the combination of a good motor and a sharp blade will help you achieve this. Therefore, look out for trimmers that have efficient motor and also sharp blades. With these, it enables you to finish your facial grooming on time and also reduces the risk of pulling and snagging on hairs.

Product Design

It’s necessary to look out for a product with ergonomics. You don't want a trimmer that's too bulky or difficult to operate. The smoother, the better. Also, consider the size of the trimmer you are about purchasing, Do not buy a product that’s too big or too small. There is also a need to pay attention to the blade, go for one that you can handle efficiently so you don’t end up trimming off things you don’t want to.


While some mustache trimmers can be used in the shower, some others are not water-resistant. If you love shaving in the shower, do well to get a product that is waterproof else you may damage the trimmer.

6 Best Mustache Trimmer Reviews in The Market

Yes, there are lots of mustache trimmers on the market, but not all are suitable for a gentleman like you. You need nothing but the best and that’s what we have collated together to make it easier for you to make a choice. These products include:

1. Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Multigroom Series 7000

What other product are we to begin with if not the Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Multigroom Series 7000, this trimmer isn’t just ideal for the mustache, but it’s perfect for trimming every other part of the body where there is hair growth. It features a set of blade that’s suitable to handle hair around the body.

This all-in-one trimmer has 23 pieces that are made to cater to your hair needs. It has a dual cut technology that offers users maximum precision including two times more self-sharpening blade that can last as long as five years. To ensure it delivers maximum power and torque, it comes with a full metal motor and also a drive train which is reinforced with steel to give the best quality possible.

Furthermore, it has a unique cutting guard that is reinforced with fiberglass material, this prevents it from buckling and bending thereby ensuring that each time you trim with it, it gives you an even cut. It has a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable and can deliver up to five hours of run time after every charge. Each pack of the mustache trimmer comes with a stainless steel handle, a precision detail trimmer, full-size trimmer, precision foil shaver, an extra-wide hair trimmer, three beard guards, six extra-wide hair guards, two stubble guards, two bodyguards, an eyebrow guard, a storage bag, cleaning brush and a power cord.

We could only detect one downside to the product and that's its inability to function as a special tool in its field, but that is hardly the product's fault since it was engineered as a Multigroom product. Hence, it won’t do so well as a strictly facial hair trimmer. Also, it can get a bit finicky to handle as it has a lot of accessories that’s difficult to juggle all at once.


  • It has a durable battery life
  • It is washable making it easy to maintain
  • It is a multipurpose trimmer
  • It gives precision cut


  • Cannot function as a specialized trimmer
  • It is not waterproof

2. Warl Model 5622Groomsman Rechargeable Mustache & Hair Trimmer

You want to look your best at every point right? Then I suggest you purchase Warl Model 5622Groomsman Rechargeable Beard, Mustache, Hair and Nose Trimmer. The product which is forged from carbon has precision-ground blades that stay sharper for a longer time. It can be used in combination with the product's six-position beard regulator for various trimming lengths of beard. The bearded guard varies from short to stubble, thick, clean and even.

The product which has fourteen cutting styles and lengths ranging from 1/16 inches to ½ inches can be recharged and can also work without a cord hence it is convenient and easy to use. It comes with nose and ear trimmer as a bonus. Its head is rinsible, thereby enabling you to clean unwanted hair that's stuck in the blade.

It has a dual voltage as it can be used for both 110v as well as 220v. Also, it has an adjustable guide comb, four hair guide combs, three stubble combs, a styling guide, storage travel zipper pouch as well as fine self-sharpening precision blades. With Warl, you get precision trim which in turn gives you the beard of your dreams. All you need do is select your preferred comb width and length for any mustache or beard styling.


  • It is sleek, lightweight and safe to use
  • It is waterproof and convenient
  • It is made of high-quality materials
  • It has high precision cuts and very effective


  • The nose trimmer could be better
  • It is cheap

3. HATTEKER Beard Trimmer Kit 5-in-One

HATTEKER Beard Trimmer Kit 5-in-One features five various attachments for the body, hair, and beards too. For example, it comes with a full-size trimmer, a nose trimmer, a design trimmer, a wide hair trimmer, and a body hair trimmer. It features a precision trimmer that has adjustable combs ranging from 1mm to 16mm.

Besides, it has stainless steel standing and moving blades that have a precision gap. This is deeply close to the skin thereby enabling more pruning and low-friction heat; it doesn't produce high-temperature that will scald your skin. The USB charges the trimmer fast (in just about one and a half hours) giving users up to 60 minutes shaving time (20 shavers). It gives high performance and has a durable lithium-ion battery; this makes the trimmer a good travel companion.

It has a washable body for ease of cleaning. However, allow it to dry naturally after washing while also putting it in its protective covering after use to ensure it lasts for a long time. This product which features a beard trimmer, charger, six guide combs, a barber comb, a charging dock, styling comb, a cleaning brush, and an instruction manual comes with a one-year guarantee.


  • It features a one-year warranty
  • The whole body is washable
  • Fast USB charging
  • It is a five-in-one multi-functional grooming kit


  • It is not cheap
  • Cannot be charged while in use

4. MIGICSHOW Electric Beard Trimmer for Men

Another product that made it to our list is the MIGICSHOW Electric Beard Trimmer for Men. This beard trimmer is easy to use, offering users durability and efficiency. The full-size trimmer has high-performance lithium-ion batteries that offer users two easy options to choose from. The first is that you can charge it for two hours, after which you get to use it for about ninety minutes, while the second option is that you can charge for five minutes when you only need to complete a trim.

The beard trimmer is 100% waterproof and even showerproof; hence it can be used while in the shower. It has a specially developed precision trimmer which has a simple yet effective use. The 12-in-1 multi-functional trimmer kit features a full-size trimmer, precision trimmer, body trimmer, nose trimmer, micro shaver, storage bag and five limit combs ranging from 3mm to 12mm.

Although it cannot be used while it's being charged, it is easy to maintain and also install. All you need do is push the blade forward with your thumb and then add a few drops of lubricating oil on the knife; this ensures it’s more durable and that the pruning exercise is more comfortable and convenient. Furthermore, it has a LED screen that shows the battery level. It also has round the clock customer service agent as well as a one-year warranty.


  • It is showerproof
  • Features a LED screen that shows battery level
  • It is easy to install, use and maintain
  • The battery charges fast and is also durable


  • It has a high price tag

5. Hatteker Men’s Beard Trimmer Kit All-in-One

From the stables of Hatteker makers of top quality beard trimmers come yet another amazing product and this time it’s the Hatteker Men’s Beard Trimmer Kit All-in-One. The beard trimmer provides a precise and smooth trim, giving you the look you desire. There are lots of comb lengths to choose from, therefore you can style your mustache anyway you want it. It also has a full-size steel trimmer that creates clean, straight lines as well as trims even through the thickest hair without irritating your skin.

We like that the product has a narrow design, this makes it easy to trim with precision (enabling you to pay attention even to the tiniest detail). It has a body groomer that helps you remove all unwanted hair from your body including hair from the legs, armpits, face, and pubic hair and so on. It features a nose and ear trimmer which can get into these sensitive areas and trim off the unwanted hair found in those places, this is done without cuts or nicks.

On purchase of the product, you get a beard trimmer, body groomer, hair trimmer, precision trimmer, nose/ear trimmer, six guide combs, and a charger plug unit, USB charging cord, a traveling bag and a manual. The beauty of this product is that it can be used either wet or dry. It has non-corrosive blades as well as guards that are water resistance thereby making it easy to clean.


  • It features a LED display which shows the battery level
  • It has fast charging time (90 minutes) with a 60 minutes run time
  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • It is waterproof


  • The tray storage is somewhat cheap and awkward
  • It’s a bit pricey

6. Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Mustache Trimmer Kit

The last but certainly not the least on our list is the Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Mustache, Beard, and Stubble Trimmer Kit. It has precision ground blades that deliver high cutting performance. It's perfectly grounded edges ensures that the trimmer will never snag or pull while the quick-release button makes it easy to clean and change the blades.

One of its key features is its lithium power which enables it to run for up to 120 minutes without slowing down in its high-performance trimming. The trimming length is easy to adjust as it has nine length settings. The blades are coated with titanium, hence you can be sure that it's durable and sturdy. The blades are easy to detach and replace hence its efficient.

The product has the longest-running battery no doubt and one of the sharpest blades you can ever see. However, it should be noted that it can’t be used under wet conditions as it’s not waterproof. When exposed to water, the PCB can be damaged which leads to charging issues. The trimmer also has a long charging time, requiring between fourteen to sixteen hours before it can be fully charged. Asides from that, it’s an incredibly wonderful beard trimmer.


  • It is coated with titanium hence its sturdy and durable
  • The blade is easy to detach and reinstall
  • It has a high running time (120 minutes)
  • It gives precision cuts


  • It cannot be used under wet conditions
  • It has a very long charging time

How to Trim and Shape a Mustache?

Trimming and shaping your mustache is easy. Take the following steps to get the perfect shape you want:

  • Comb your mustache downwards and towards your lips
  • Using the lip as an ideal guide, trim off the lower contours with a pair of scissors.
    Note: If your mustache is wet as you trim, it will appear shorter once dry, so you have to put this into consideration while trimming
  • Run the trimmer over your mustaches in a downwards pattern. If you only want to clip off the hair that is not flat, then it's best to use a long sized guard and then a shorter one to reduce the bulk. It's always ideal to start with a longer guard as this prevents too much hair. But once you are well experienced, you can then try out other sizes.
  • Comb your mustache again. Trim off any stray hair that sticks out of the scissors
  • Comb it into any shape you want. Ensure you trim off excess hair so it looks neat and well done


There’s no doubt that a mustache is a lot of work. There will be lots of irritations and there will be days you are trimming just to ensure you’ve got the right volume, but it’s all worth the effort in the end.

Once your mustache is all grown and you have styled it properly, it gives you an edge, makes you look classy and mature. To help you look like a successful and well-groomed man, we have handpicked the Best Mustache Trimmer and reviewed them in this article and we are sure that any of the products selected will leave you satisfied.


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