8 New Best Hair Cutting Shears in The Market Today

Hair cutting is a practice that has been with us for ages. Our great ancestors used to do it and the practice is highly embraced in the 21st century. Unkempt hair will have you look lazy and untidy. Someone once compared unkempt hair to wearing the same clothes to work every day for more than one week. There are various ways in which you can cut your hair. This can either be at the barbershop or at the comfort of your home. Either way, you are going to need the services of the best hair cutting shears.
There are thousands of brands making cutting shears every one of them claiming that their product is the best in the market. Without being pointed in the right direction you are bound to make mistakes and purchase a rather inferior or less effective product.

Why You Need a Good Hair Cut?

No Shave November is a slogan that has been so popular among the youths these days but even then the hair is not unkempt. To look sharp and neat, you have to get a good hair cut. You can decide to visit a barber shop or do it all by yourself using the best hair cutting shears.

With a good hair cut, you will have the confidence to face the day to day activities. Facing investors in a conference or meeting won’t be intimidating anymore. Well, when the hair cut is good this means that you can gather some courage to approach your long time crash. It’s not always a guarantee that she will say yes but at least you gathered the confidence to tell her what you feel. It’s her loss!

Why Use Cutting Shears?

We are spoilt with options when it comes to cutting hair however, there is always an added advantage whenever shears are used. And of course you shouldn’t expect a close shave with this; shears helps trim long hair to perception leaving it uniform and neat.

Why Use Cutting Shears
  • Affordable
    The other obvious alternative for this is clippers which are good by their own standards but very expensive compared to shears. The initial cost of purchasing a cutting shear is low and little to no maintenance is required. In most brands, all that is required of you as part of maintenance is cleaning and oiling the shear after use which doesn’t have to be on a regular basis.
  • Easy to use
    No degree in rocket science is needed for you to learn how to cut hair with a shear. In fact, it is so basic such that no special training is needed. You can trim your hair at the comfort of your home just anytime you want.
  • No skin irritation
    In the human body, the skin is the largest organ. Some people have very sensitive skin. When cutting hair with shears you can be least assured that there will be no skin irritation. And, there is nothing more annoying than showing up for a date with swollen acne as a result of ingrown hair. Everyone loves a smooth skin and you are always guaranteed of one when you trim hair with a shear.
  • Safe to use in children
    Children are such a blessing to us and should always be treated with love and care. The best cutting shears are safe to use on children and as if that’s not enough, you don’t need the services of a professional.
  • Variety to choose from
    From basic business, when there is stiff competition, the outright benefactor is the consumer. You are the consumer and there are a variety of options to choose from. This is always the case with most other brands however it would have been unfair not to mention the aspect. You can always choose a design and color that you are comfortable with. 

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Best Hair Cutting Shears?

It is for a fact that deciding on the best cutting shears is not a walk in the park especially if you are not sure about what you are looking for. In this post, we will highlight a checklist of items that you should be on the lookout for to ensure that you purchase only the best product.

Purchasing Best Hair Cutting Shears
  • Durability
    No one wants equipment that has to be replaced once every three months. This is irrespective of whether the shear is for commercial purposes of own use. But, how can one tell whether a given product is durable or not? This largely depends on the material used and nothing beats surgical grade stainless steel when it comes to durability.
  • Comfort
    The shear should feel comfortable on your fingers. Don’t settle for anything that hurts your fingers leaving marks. If it feels comfortable then shaving will be rather easy on your end. An ergonomic handle is recommended since it will not only protect the fingers but the wrist as well.
  • Cutting effectiveness
    The prime purpose of purchasing a shear is to cut or trim hair. The product purchased should be on a position to perform the intended purpose effectively. The best hair cutting shears are sharp and retain sharp cutting edges for long.
  • Type of blade
    Basically, there are two types of blades in shear, the beveled edge, and the convex edge. Though both blades perform the intended purpose effectively they differ in features and functionality as follows:
    A. Beveled edge
    This is made for a combination of various different materials. Beveled edge shears are lightweight and highly portable suitable for mobile hair-dressers. The blade may or may not have micro-serration for better cutting efficiency. Beveled edge is easy to shave with therefore highly recommended for beginners.
    B. Convex edge
    The convex edge blade is often referred to as the Japanese style blade. It is one of the sharpest blades in the world. In a convex edge shear blade, the handle matters. It takes time to master how to shave with a convex edge and for this reason you have to be comfortable with the handling.
  • Price
    Price is a factor that can never be ignored when it comes to purchasing just any product. You can’t buy what you can’t afford and expensive doesn’t always mean high quality at the same time you should never sacrifice quality for the price. 

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Review on The Best Hair Cutting Shears in The Market

Deciding on the best cutting shears worth your money won’t be an overwhelming task anymore. In this post, we will review 8 of the best cutting shears in the market today ensuring that we mix up things to cover every taste and preference. This is one of those long posts you want to get comfortable if possible grab some coffee and get ready to be informed. 

1. Equinox Professional Shears Razor Edge Series

With over 5,000 reviews online, there was no better candidate for the top position in our review other than Equinox Professional Shears Razor Edge Series a position well deserved. To begin with, this brand has such an excellent design that is bound to impress just anyone.
Equinox Professional Shears Razor Edge Series has a patented design that ensures that it cradles the fingers of the user providing full control for a smooth and precise cut. The edges are hard sharpened and have an even base ensuring uniform hair cutting which is such a great deal unless you want to have your hair uneven.

It is easy to use Equinox Professional Shears Razor Edge Series; it suits both beginners and experienced professionals. With a length of 6.5”, the brand is safe to use in people across all genders and ages including babies.
When you use Equinox professionals you can worry less about hair getting caught in between the blades which are such as an issue with most cutting shears. It has an adjustable screw and the Japanese stainless steel blades are sharp to ensure a smooth and precise shave in both texturing and thinning.
Before you can use the shear for the first time it is recommended that you wash it with soap then dry it with a clean piece of cloth or cotton wool.


  • It is durable
  • Easy to use
  • Provides excellent grip
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Less maintenance is needed


  • Left-hand people struggle to use it
  • Slightly heavy

2. Professional Barber Scissor Hair Cutting Set

Whether it’s texturing or thinning the Professional Barber Scissor Hair Cutting Set will serve the purpose for you. It would be unfair not to recognize the well designed and attractive leather case for storing the shear when not in use.
Professional Barber Scissor Hair Cutting Set is considered a luxurious and elegant brand meaning that it won’t come cheap but worth every single dollar you spend on it.
The blades are hand sharpened and made from top quality Stainless Japanese steel claiming to maintain its sharp cutting edges 5 times longer than normal hair cutting shears.
Professional Barber Scissor Hair Cutting Set has a custom designed adjustable tension screw. It is best suits professional hairdressers but can still be used at home.


  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Bonus zipper leather pouch
  • Excellent customer service
  • Luxurious and elegant brand


  • Expensive
  • Not begin friendly

3. Kovira 6.5’ Hair Cutting Scissors

Kovira 6.5’ Hair Cutting Scissors have such sharp blades to reduce chances of having slip ends when shaving. The brand comes with a free zipper cushioned black leather case for storage.
It has a smooth tension screw to help ensure smooth and precise cutting not forgetting that it is made from 100% Japanese Stainless Steel whose sharp cutting edges last longer.


  • Have a bonus lovely case
  • Provides excellent grip
  • Beginner friendly


  • People with rather big fingers will struggle with this one

4. Kovira 6.5 Inches Hairdressing Scissors

When you purchase Kovira 6.5 Inches Hairdressing Scissors you will get full set hair cutting scissors and a shear. It is ready to use immediately once delivered to you.
This brand is such a specialty and can be used in thinning, styling and trimming which is all that you can ask for in the quest of the best hair cutting shears. Just like the previous Kovira brand, this is also made from 100% 440c Japanese Stainless Steel that is one of the best blades in the market today.
When you purchase Kovira 6.5 Inches Hairdressing Scissors you will get not one but two pairs of scissors at a rather affordable price. The easy to use spring leaf tension is a feather we can’t ignore.


  • Durable
  • Has a sleek design
  • Excellent grip
  • Beginner friendly
  • Affordable


  • Only suits people with small fingers
  • Not easy to adjust the screw

5. Rough Stache Professional Hair Scissors

Rough Stache Professional Hair Scissors is made from 100% stainless steel that does not only retain sharp cutting edges long but is also rust resistant. More often than not, even the best hair cutting shears can react rather negatively to some hair care products and chemicals. Well, Rough Stache Professional Hair Scissor is resistant to these chemicals always guaranteeing a smooth and clean cut.

At 6.5 inches, this particular hair cutting shear balances well on the fingers providing excellent grip and control. You can cut or trim just any hair be it dry or wet. It doesn’t end there; Rough Stache Professional Hair Scissors can also be used to trim beards and mustache.
The handle feels comfortable on the fingers and the tension adjustable screw guaranteeing a precise and detailed cut.


  • Rust resistant
  • Doesn’t react with hair cosmetic products
  • Suitable for people with small and big fingers
  • Dry and wet cutting


  • Cutting edges don’t stay sharp for long
  • Expensive

6. Ruvanti Professional Razor Blade Hair Scissors

Coming at number 6 in our review of the best hair cutting shears is none other than the re-known Ruvanti Professional Razor Blade Hair Scissors. It is handmade with only top quality premium stainless steel is used.
At 6.5 inches, Ruvanti Professional Razor Blade Hair Scissors has a convex edge razor blade that is rust resistant and durable. It can be used both at home and a professional barber shop on people across all ages including babies and the elderly.

Every pair of scissors goes through a strict quality control procedure so you can be least assured of top-notch quality. As a bonus, Ruvanti Professional Razor Blade Hair Scissors is packed in a black leather cushioned case that you get for free. When using the part of scissors for the first time you are required to clean it with lukewarm water and soap then dry with clean cotton.


  • Rust free
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Can be used by people across all ages
  • Light weight


  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Hair gets caught up between the blades

7. John 6.5” Barber Scissors Steel Hair Cutting Shear

This is a rather multi-purpose cutting shear designed to cut. Trim and style hair. John 6.5” Barber Scissors Steel Hair Cutting Shear has such a beautiful design and an excellent color choice that anyone into flashy things will love. The handle has an anti-slip magnetic finger grip that guarantees excellent control for a smooth and precise cut.


  • Great design
  • Can be used to trim, cut or style
  • Beginner friendly


  • Not suitable for left-handed people
  • Expensive
  • Way too flashy
  • Heavy
  • Losses its sharpness rather fast

8. Surnova 5.5” Precision Razor Edge Barber Scissors

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Last but not the least in our review for the best hair cutting shears is Surnova 5.5” Precision Razor Edge Barber Scissors. It has a hollow ground blade and convex razor edge that helps cut hair without bending or pushing the hair. The adjustment knob is coated with titanium to allow fine-tuning for a precise cut.
The cutting edges are sharp and maintain the sharp cutting edges longer compared to other brands. The company has a 60 days money back guarantee and lifetime warranty. How do you compete with that? 


  • High quality stainless steel Japanese blade is used
  • Maintain sharp cutting edges for long
  • Affordable
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not suitable for professional use
  • Have to make lots of adjustments to get a clean shave

How to Care For Hair Cutting Shears?

Just like any other cutting tool hair cutting shears require maintenance as well but, how do you do about it?

  • Depending on the type of blade used, you are required to sharpen at least once every two months. After all, how can you cut hair with something brunt? If you are not sure on when to sharpen the blades have your cutting shear checked for sharpening once or twice every 6 months.
  • Regular cleaning and oiling is required ideally every time you use it to keep the joint lubricated and clean.
  • Store the cutting shear in a pouch, the best hair cutting shears come with their own pouch.


It was not an easy call deciding on the best hair cutting shears however, given the features Equinox Professional Shears Razor Edge Series is the outright winner. There is nothing stopping you now from the trimming and cutting your hair with the best shears. Show some love by sharing this post with a friend or two and don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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