12 Best Hair Clippers (Updated 2020) | Reviews and Top Pick

Hair Clipper is known as a specialized instrument used in cutting or cleaning human hair, Someone said and I quote hair is the crown glory of any human being in the world. After testing a different type of clippers with volunteers and consulting an expert in haircutting, we can now identify some best hair clippers and talk about how to get the clippers and maintain it and their types.

The Factors To Study When Choosing Best Hair Clippers

There are countless things to deliberate when getting   clippers like the blades, motor, attachment guides, and how it design


Hair clipper blades have different sizes ranging from the smallest size which is 0.2mm, and it goes till 13.0mm, hair clipper that has magnetic motors are made of high carbon steel and it designed to sharp itself.  Blades that are made up of certified zirconium oxides conduct less heat and blades made of titanium last longer. Check out all this kind of blades when getting your hair clipper.


If you are expert in haircut you need a clipper with a powerful motor that can withstand tough hair for those that are using it at home, the motor may not be a factor. For expert that cut different volume of hair you can get a hair clipper with a universal motor that operates both DC and AC (rotary and pivot), also clippers with magnetic motors that is durable and reliable (like v9000 to v5000).

Accessory Guide

Electric hair clipper of today has attachment guides, guides like combs that are arranged in the inches from 1 to 16 this accessory are essential because you or consumers may decide what level the hair will reach before cutting. For instance, a no eight guide will leave 25mm of hair, and a no two guide will leave eight guides.

Easy Maintains

This applies to any product frequency and extended use of any product is prone to damage, it can have a negative impact on the functional ability on the clipper. Majority of the model available come with a maintenance kit, it includes brush and lubricant and detail tutoring on how to take care of it properly.


How a hair clipper is designed it another factor to be considered, ergonomic design of the hair clipper is essential in other to make it easy to handle, and it should have an excellent grip.

How you plan to use the clipper?

use best hair clipper

This is another factor to consider small model work better if are using it to trim your beards and cutting your children's hair, while the ones that are powerful that have good motor can work on any hair either thick, wet or curly hair. If you are preparation on using it at home, you can get some light model that easy to maintain and are waterproof.

Cord and Cordless Version

Cordless clipper is one of the best clippers for most people because it is very convenient it doesn't resist your movement when using it, and no cord comes your way. The only thing that brings worries in cordless version clipper is only the battery life, and it shouldn’t go off when using it but for cord version or model clipper there no potential worries. The cordless model or version always comes with rechargeable battery are still 100 percent better, and there is a charging base for all kinds of cell to bring it back to full power.

12 Reviews of The Best Hair Clippers

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1. Wahl Clipper Lithium Ion Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers - Editor's Top Pick

The Wahl lithium ion cordless clipper is one of the best cordless clipper and beards trimmers produced by Wahl; this clipper is powered with lithium-ion technology .that work for about an hour 30 minutes once it fully charges, it a clipper for people that cut their hair in a different location in the house, patio or garage.

The battery life reduces the stress of frequent charging .this product is 50 percent powerful than a stand Wahl magnetic clipper if you want to avoid uneven cutting pulling and snagging when cutting your hair this clipper is for you. And it consists of the different clipper comb and left and right ear taper .it also has a trimmer that 1 AA battery to work and its rechargeable.

This product is easy to use and it can be used anywhere It has five years warranty, and the product maker is Wahl is very responsive to any complains which it make the best product for you. We decide to pick this clipper among our top pick when will test it on five boys and three men none of them complain of the clipper pulling their hair all of them went home different hairstyle.


  • It comes with a multipurpose kits
  • It has a suitable blade guard organizer and a detached detailing trimmer
  • The storage case helps in organizing the attachment
  • It comes with a user guide for easy operation
  • It has an attractive color and a good look
  • Fast charging option help to make life easy


  • The blades are not sharp plentiful, and it may damage your skin
  • It cutting capacity reduce as the battery life reduce

2. Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit 

If you are interested in cutting and trimming your hair and beard yourself, you need a specially designed like Remington HC4250. The head shaver is so small that it can easily fit in the palm of your hand conveniently (it give you the ability to cut your hair without stress).

You can use this product to trim different hair length comfortably and quickly, and it comes with nine combs to adjust your to the height you desire, there cleaning brush, a bottle lubricant oil a charging adaptor to keep the product running and a storage bag to keep it in good condition. This product is the best product guys who want to keep their hair level around 1 to 2 inches or shorter.

This product made easy for user to get a haircut using with one hand, it has rubberized sides which make very easy to grip, the gentle touch in the blade is curved and wide this means it can adapt to any shape of the head more easily.

This product is one of the best product available in head shaving market; the has a lot of attachment and storage. It makes it easy for people that are traveling, and it has an extended last battery and chargeable.


  • It good for shaving  your hair
  • It comprises 13 pieces in all
  • It used without and with work
  • It furnished with a sturdy stainless steel blade
  • It fit the palm of your hand


  • It not good for conehead
  • It rough on the neck
  • The batteries are not fully charge

3. Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit 

This clipper is one of the best, powerful with the strong motor; it equipped with a lot of features to guarantee supreme customization when trimming and cutting your hair without sagging. The powerful engine in this product make it durable and ensure it cuts through thick with the comfort with great performances. If you hold this product with your hand, it gives the feeling of a durable and a serious product. As the product implies it one of the high-end products, all the accessories are excellent, and it came with a very clean looking soft case.

Based on the fact from the maker this product is 70 percent tougher than the company's standard comb fasteners. With stainless steel peripheral, it has the most stringent and most robust body of all trimmer we tested, and the battery lasts for four hours but according to our test before picking it as the one of the best the battery last longer with no sign of power fading away.Enter your text here...

This product has a feeling and a look of a best professional hair clipper, I love this product when you pick it and turn it on you discover that it a good and a professional product .with all the accessory that came with the product you have everything you need to cut your and your friend's hair at home.


  • Tough clipper guard of various length
  • Well-equipped hair cutting kit
  • Strong and durable motor
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Slightly heavy
  • It not designed for constant use 

4. OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510

Are you thinking of getting a lightweight clipper and you have to save your time, and money get this product, is designed in a style that offers double power as compared to the magnetic clipper? The product blade gives you a fast and accurate trimming; the product is adjustable to different sizes for the very close cut you can adjust the clipper in size of 000 and for a medium haircut adjust the clipper to size one the product motor supply power to cut wet hair.

In term performance and power I recommend Oster fast feed adjustable pivot motor clipper it does the work and I can argue it with any product base on performance and can work successfully on big hair

Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper is the best route for the features it owns, you will become your family barber, and it will save your money. And it an option for people for people who wants to buy a clipper which contains all accessory and it one the selling products, the operation of this clipper is very smooth it always provides the best desire you want for your hair.


  • Compact and durable
  • It works in all types of  hair
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy to use and control
  • It is good for sensitive  skin
  • Powerful motor for quick cutting
  • One blade fits all


  • It a bit heavy
  • It cannot be held for a long time
  • It corded means you must have an electric outlet nearby  while using it
  • It not good for balding and bulk cutting
  • A year warranty 

5. Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper #8470-500 – Ultra-Powerful Full Size

Move your cutting game to the next level Wahl professional super taper, is one of the renowned and the most popular product of hair cutting tools; it offers consumers an expert grade clipper kit and a chemical resistance cord of about eight foot that enables free movement when pug to an electric outlet and it can be in the house.

People who have used this product make a positive comment, and they are happy using it. The mighty V5000 electromagnetic motor cut hair quick and faster than other standard cutting tool, it has low vibration the color-coded guides are also a nice they are made from better quality plastics that you get from mill clipper, this product fulfills the demand of professional hairstylist.

The produce is good for people that want to use it for work and also self-used, it only needs as low as 110volt to work it not compulsory to be 120volt it a great product. If you need another clipper for expert hairstyle, you can still check the list.


  • It trims the beard
  • Ergonomic design
  • Color comb help in selection easily
  • Nice heft


  • It gets rust if not maintained properly
  • A bit noisy
  • Sometime vibrate strongly

6. Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper

This product it one of the best popular product in the market due to the Whal reputation as a solid product for barbers across the world, and it is for professional use only it is designed to give a sharp performance that expert demand.

The Wahl professional 5 star clipper came with V5000 electromagnetic motor that will cut twice the rate of pivot motor, and it made of quality stainless steel with rust resistance chrome ,it will cut till around 0.1mm t0 0.2mm leaving small mustache behind, caution careful carry out the cutting because the blades are very sharp it will hurt you it proper concentrations are not taken .

When you get this product, you get red blade guards and instructions, or guidelines Wahl clipper lubricant oil and some small gift two Wahl guards 3/16 and 1/16 and please take note do not use this clipper for beards and mustaches and lineups and fade it not a good clipper for them if you have to escape injuries.


  • Professional V5000 vibrator motor regarding vigor and stability
  • It consists of another surgical cutting edge which will cut your hair like a razor through margarine
  • Effective substantial obligation corded scissor
  • If it maintains regularly, it will last for some years


  • If absolute care is not taking it can hurt your head
  • It not easy to clean it require a screwdriver
  • It, not a good clipper for trimming beards and mustaches

7. Wahl Clipper Stainless Steel Lithium Ion Plus Beard Trimmers

The product is one of the best and popular beard trimmers after several rounds of testing involving different beard trimmers and a lot of expert hairstylist.

The product gives you everything you need to take perfect care of your grooming needs, it slim yet robust and it has dual voltage compatibility, and it also has the power and adaptability of a professional tool in the body is cordless.

It has a lot of attachment and clip guides than other product will test It consists of the fastest most potent motor will ever see in a rechargeable beard trimmer and a nose and ear trimmer with a remarkably sturdy all-metal body. And a flexible battery that works over 4 hours after fully charged and it enough to last for weeks depending on how you use it.

This product has a lot to give you consider it one of selling products in market presently it durable and perform better any other hair and beard clippers


  • Multiple accessories
  • High torque
  • 13 cutting lengths
  • Very high-quality carbon steel blades
  • Universal voltage


  • No soft  grip
  • Short life battery
  • Full-size shaving accessory not included

8. Remington PG6170 The Crafter Beard Boss Style and Detail Kit with Titanium

The Remington PG 6170 is for people looking for a perfect beard gadget to trim your facial hairs or beards a good hair trimmer for you, with over 170 minutes of cordless running time (it over two hours), this product is waterproof for easy cleaning and to trim your beards in the shower.

It consists of turbo mode to power through thick or wet hair without wasting time and energy with a lot of accessories with traveling bag to help in trimming your mustache, your goatee. And so on and it has a titanium coated blades tough enough to stay for a long time bearding, anyhow you shave it glides across the contour the face with total effortlessness, this makes it easy to craft yours in no time.

If you wish to get a product that different function and it won’t cost you go for Remington PG6170 the Crafter Beard Boss Style and Detail Kit with Titanium.


  • It well designed and built to the last
  • It has an excellent performance
  • Three hours battery life with each charge
  • It comes with plenty accessory


  • It below  average foil shower performance
  • It a bit too bulky for fine details

9. Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer BT7215/49 

Trimming your beards may appear to more stressful at times when you think about how you will clean up after use, but Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer has an inbuilt vacuum to collect about 90 percent of strays whiskers when using it.

Philips product is a great line trimming for men who like to maintain their latest outlooks, and it consists of accessories that will help to you to trim your sideburns, mustache, and another facial hair style with ease.

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer is designed in a grey and black plastic case with a narrow and tapers down to the bottom, the integrated vacuum system make a special product among other beard trimmers. The inbuilt vacuum cleaner has made a stand out among other beard trimmers and the trim and lifted technology give you an even trim, and additional accessory gives you plenty and detail option.

The 7200 series provide a fast, comfortable trimmer that has many useful features that make beard trimming faster and better.


  • It has an inbuilt vacuum cleaner that collects stray whiskers
  • It offers a choice  of 20 different length
  • It uses the lift and trims technology for a more precise trim
  • It has a lithium-ion battery that can handle up to 70 minutes
  • It comes with two trimmer heads and three  guide combs
  • It has an excellent grip    


  • It not the most affordable product in the market
  • It doesn’t cut closer than 0.5mm
  • It doesn’t have an adjustable turbo

10. Wahl Professional Peanut Classic Clipper and Trimmer

The Wahl Professional Peanut Classic Clipper/Trimmer was first introduced In 2007, and its popularity has gone viral over the time because it is easy to use and it has a small size, powerful motor and lightweight the peanut clipper is a very bright designed that works in brilliant ways. If you want a reliable cord clipper that cut thick hair without stress to stubble, I will recommend Wahl peanut for you.

The product is just 4 inches long, and it weighs only 4 ounces and sit perfectly on the palm of your hand, the peanut clipper has a cord and cordless version, the cordless version comes with rechargeable batteries, and it operates at just 1AA battery ( they supply two rechargeable batteries ). You have no problem getting in your traveling bags, and it consists of a lot of accessories.

This clipper is one of the best hair trimmers and has been pick not just because to guide you through some of best hair clipper, but it has stood up and overcome almost everything test again it in getting best hair clipper in term of durability, the power of cutting. Wahl Professional Peanut Classic Clipper/Trimmer has a rotary motor with 5,500 SPM that make it power and aid its performances.

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For light shaving and thick or wet hair, I will recommend peanut clipper it easy to control, if you love to work free without intricate trailing cords this is best for you.


  • It small and has lightweight
  • It has a virtuous grip and easy to handle
  • Powerful engine for its size
  • It comes with cordless and cord version
  • Unique design
  • Perfect for travelers


  • It vibrates slightly due to its size and weight
  • Heavy, bulky battery charging unit
  • There no carry kit for cordless version

11. Philips Norelco QC5580/40

This product is one of the best do it yourself clipper and it an innovative and durable product. One hundred eighty degrees rotation of the blade and head give you trouble free shave, and it consists of a powerful lithium-ion battery that power the clipper to last for about 60 minutes, and it also charges fast with an hour it fully charges.

The Philips Norelco QC5580/40 comes with head shaving attachment and is washable to keep the blade thoroughly clean and it easy to use the thing that cut my attention is the design how many hair clipper or trimmer that has a rotating head this makes the product brute and have a spectacular range starting from 0 and goes up to 5/8.

This is important for guys who suffer from infamous bump issue I Kwon some people shooting for the slick bald people who such pain the Philip Norelco head shaver attachment is the easiest to put on after you have put it on rotating it to you or wish or taste.


  • Lubricated life
  • About 90 percent waterproof
  • Different trimming lengths
  • It can use when charging
  • Battery indicator
  • Easy length setting with the aid of adjustable zoom ring
  • It has precise blades for smoothening and shaving 
  • Rotating at 180 degree


  • It Somehow noisy
  • Lower quality plastic comb
  • It cuts can be tricky

12. Philips Norelco Beard and Hair Trimmer BT5215/41

There is a lot of beard trimmer in the market, but Philips Norelco Beard and Hair Trimmer BT5215/41 are one of the bestselling shaving clippers in the market. This product is good to trim your beard and your body hair all the accessory in this product looks and feel top notch and when you hold it with your hand it solid and well-built and it will last for a long time.

The product includes 20 built-in length settings, and there is two clipping comb for short and long hair length from 7 to 13mm and 0.4 to 7mm respectively. It comes with an advanced lithium-ion battery which takes around an hour to charge fully and can be used for about 70 minutes after charge. The blades are made of steel which prevents skin irritation. The blades are double sharpened that cut more hair on every pass.


  • It is straightforward to maintain
  • It takes 60 minutes for the battery to charge and it works for 70 minute
  • Charming design both visually and ergonomically
  • Dual side trimming head save time


  • The beard comb tends to push the air sideways, so you have to make multiple passes
  • It doesn’t have inbuilt vacuum suck up the tiniest hairs

Types of Hair Clipper

The hair clipper is mainly made of two different categories based on how it works

The manual hair clipper: The manual has been available since around 1950, and its use to cut hair that is very close to the skin in a fast manner with hand, and it has been replaced with the introduction of the second types of clipper which is the electric clipper. It an upgrade of the first edition or kind, the manufactures only add electric motor so that the blade will oscillate in asides way manner.

Electric clippers are of different types based on the motor that merged, the electric clipper that has a rotary engine as one of its components is said to be one of the best electric clippers. The speed of the clipper is distributed equally among the blade and the power thus it makes a versatile tool and superior (users can use different cutting methods).

The magnetic motor powered electric clipper has to be the affordable ones, and they are reliable and straightforward the magnetic motor electric clipper is composed of a spring and electromagnet that works together so that the blade will vibrate front and back. This clipper has few parts that are moving, and it works quietly, and it can cut high volume of hair, and it can give a smooth cut.

Lastly, the pivot electric clipper is also similar to magnetic motor type the only thing that makes them differ from each other is that instead of spring they have two electromagnetic system and it works slow when compared with the one that has spring and magnet. It has high cutting power to the magnetic one, and it can cut wet hair successfully without stress and it suitable for every day trimming.

The benefits of the hair clipper

  • A body hair clipper or trimmer aid in managing or controlling the hair growth in the body on both female and male, and some people treat hair in the body as a natural gift to the body. It didn’t provide the real benefit to the personal health and well-being, and apart from that, the body hair may also be the home of some maybe a home for the parasite.
  • Hair clipper may also serve as a treat, the hair clipper help in staying clean and tidy. Some part of the body needs shaving and proper cleaning to stay healthy.
  • Shaved man and guys look attractive to women and ladies on beach and pools
  • It prevents blocked pores, dirt and bacteria and it makes beard and face cleansing much easier.
  • The hair clipper help in maintaining a uniform appearance.

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How to maintain your hair clipper for effective use?

  • Save yourself a lot of money and time by taking good care of your clipper; many hair clipper problems arise if you do not look after them. If you don’t have regular clipper maintenance routine start one today.
  • Gather your tool let accessory met for your hair clipper should be where you can find it
  • Keep the blade clean always, before you cut your hair or someone hair make sure that blade is clean remove any hair or debris. Most hair clipper set came with some cleaning kit hard brush will be advisable to remove the hair in the blade.
  • Ensure that the blade is affiliated correctly
  • Oil your hair clipper every cut and every time
  • Get a hair clipper spray to cool the temperature of the clipper and to prevent the clipper from burning your skin, and it will also disinfect the blade.
  • Change the blade; this is to be done like twice in the lifetime of the hair clipper

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Frequently Asked Questions About some best hair clipper

Can any hair clipper be used at home and shop?

Is it safe to used hair clipper?

What is the proper length to cut hair with hair clipper?

How long do you tend to keep the hair clipper?

How many watt or voltage that hair clipper works?

In Conclusion…

In general, we have successfully talked about some the best-selling clipper in the market, and we have talked about the different type’s motors for the electric clipper, and now I believe you will be to select and identify the kind of hair of clipper you want to be us at work and home. Choosing the best expert hair clippers is a challenge, and now I believe a thing to consider when getting a good clipper and how to maintain them for the smooth working of different product .keep this in mind some hair clippers require hairstylist and most clippers need a thorough cleaning. Don’t rattle for less than the best when it comes to something as vital are what caring for your hair.


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