10 Best Flat Iron for Thick Hair Reviews 2020 (Updated)

Having a thick hair gives a gorgeous and stunning look, but can be difficult to keep and maintain. Yes, we understand how frustrating it is to keep your thick hair styled and attractive. Especially, if you are a perfectionist and/ or a fancy type who likes checking on hair beauty often and often.

To overcome this challenge, buying the right appliance is the key and that is why we have brought to your attention, the use of flat iron. The best flat iron for thick hair when used will not only give you a healthy, perfect, and stylish look, but also, it will save your time, effort, plus it will serve you longer. If you have gotten one appliance before, we strongly advise you to buy one again especially if the product you have been using is not among the one mentioned in this guide.

However, if you haven’t bought any before, kindly check our buying guides as all the necessary information needed to settle for the best among the overabundant best flat iron for thick hair are provided below. Although most of these appliances come at different forms and prices, still the available appliance in our guide are of the best quality, yet affordable.

How do you now know the best flat iron that perfectly works for your hair? What and what are the factors needed to consider before you settle for one? Kindly stay with us as we head to the journey.

Let’s begin!

Factors to consider before choosing the best flat iron for thick hair

Before you settle for your choice of flat iron among the numerous options available at your disposal, there are some factors needed to be considered. These factors if properly considered will converts every penny you spend on the appliance into a joyful one. You’ll even be proud of your thick hair due to the unprecedented hair beauty plus the desirable look you’ll enjoy.

Factors like plate type, plate size, temperature, control, material types, price, and many more will be review below.

What plate type is the flat iron equipped with?

Among the first factors to consider before buying your choice of flat iron is the plate. This is because the plate is a paramount part of the flat iron that most desirable styling features you intend to get are directly dependent on. Including the straightening of your hair. However, the most commonly used types are the ceramic and titanium each designed specifically for a particular purpose.

The ceramic types are the most widely used for people with less thick hair and less resistance hair. This is because they are affordable and also, they distribute heat more evenly and effectively at a lower temperature, resulting in lesser or no damage to your hair. For an optimum result, the ceramic plate is often combined with tourmaline plates.

The Titanium plate, on the other hand, is an idea of choice for an individual with very thick or stubborn hair.  This is because they have greater penetrating power, more durable, and also, take less to heat up.

What is the size of the plate?

Also, another paramount feature to look into is the plate size. Although, flat iron plate comes in different width, the standard and the most common size is one inch however, lower inch size also exists. If for example, you have long hair, consider buying the one of bigger width as this will aid styling activities plus they save you time.

However, if you would like to share the iron with your relatives who have an unusual hair length, kindly opt for the iron of interchangeable plates. This doesn’t add to the price of the appliance as you may think anyway.

Does it have an adjustable temperature?

Talking about the plate type without talking about the temperature range of the appliance is incomplete. However, most appliances come with an adjustable temperature, the most desirable result is observed at a temperature range of 175 - 2320 C. The thicker your hair, the higher the temperature needed and vice-versa.

However, understanding your hair nature is paramount as this will ease and enhance your work.

Does it have a negative ion technology?

The consideration of negative iron technology should not also be overlooked especially if you’ve thick, curly hair. This is because negative iron plays a vital role in reducing the curl of a thick hair which in turn enhances the straightening of your hair.

Additionally, negative ion technology also makes your hair looks shiny, attractive, and perfect due to the interaction between the water molecules and ion.

What of the ergonomics?

Styling of thick hair may consume more time and for this, you need a flat iron device with reasonable ergonomics. If an appliance ergonomics is reasonable, you can work tirelessly for a longer period.

Among the things that contribute to the ergonomics of the flat iron is the cord. Apart from connecting the appliance to the power source, the cord also enhances your comfort while using. They make it easy for you to reach distance place without being removed from the power source, especially the longer sized one. Also, the cord allows you to work in all directions thus, aiding the maneuverability of your work.

Additionally, the grip of the machine and weight add to comfort while working. We advise you to buy an appliance with an easy firm handle that is free of slipping. This kind of flat iron can be used for a longer period especially if the weight is low.

What is the location of the control button?

Another important factor that most people often fail to consider when settling for a choice of flat iron is the location of the control button. In most appliances, they are often located on the side or at the end.

However, we recommend for you the buying of a machine with the control button located in the place where you won’t mistakenly tamper it while working.

Does it have a safety feature?

Electrical appliances are very dangerous and if care is not taken, they may cause an accident like an electrical shock, explosion, and many more. To avoid this, we’ve taken our precious time to help you select the safest flat iron for thick hair in the world of technology. Most of our selected appliances have some safety features like self-shutoff after prolong inactivity, some often come with heat resistant gloves.

Also, some flat irons are equipped with a sound indicator that helps to notice an unusual change in temperature plus you can also change the heat settings of the appliance when necessary as you are chanced to observe this through the transparent LCD screen.

What is the price?

Another important factor to consider before buying your choice of best flat iron for thick hair is the price. The price varies among products and materials which the appliances are equipped with. Generally, titanium made appliance are considered a little bit expensive and give a desirable result. Although, we did not say the ceramic made one are bad as well.

10 Best Flat Iron For Thick Hair Reviews

All in all, all the available flat iron in our guide are affordable and built of superior quality materials and are reviewed below.

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium - Plated Ionic Straightening Iron - Editor's Choice

Do you wish to always have clean, shiny hair with a perfect hairstyle and want to avoid visiting the hairdresser everyday because of the price and time it would take? BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ionic Straightening Iron will make your dream a reality.

This hair straightener is pockets friendly as it help keep your hair smooth without using chemicals and achieve some profiled curls artistic waves without having to visit a hairdressing salon. Thus, you’ll be able to improve your image without compromising your health.

What makes this unit unique is its easy to use feature as it requires minimum expertise. So if you have no previous experience, you’ll find it comfortable to style your hair.


  • Produce natural ions that eliminate frizz
  • Easy to use and comfortable to handle
  • Strong and long plates that enables smoothening of hair


  • Back side of the iron get very hot

2. Hai Gold Convertable Professional Flat Iron – Most Versatile

If you want to achieve a quick straightening of hair without messing with complicated hairstyles, HAI GOLD CONVERTABLE Professional Flat Iron is designed to fulfill the task of shaping your hair without pulling through or damaging it.

This item features an adjustable heat setting and strong precision plates responsible for delivering one-pass styling to keep your hair healthy and voluptuous. The plates are made of ceramic material coupled with tourmaline technology that heat up quickly.

It produces non-toxic negative ions that keeps your hair moisturized to ensure you always have a smooth and shiny hair. What makes this item unique is its versatility as you can use it as an individual or as a hairstylist, thanks to its lightweight features that eliminate hand fatigue.


  • Light in weight and comfortable to handle
  • Delivers zero toxic negative ions
  • Make the hair healthy and voluptuous


  • Size is a big bulky

3. Panasonic Nanoe Hair Styling Iron EH-HS99-K

If you always want to standout among your peers by rocking silky, clean and shiny hair, whether in your place of work or at an event, Panasonic Nanoe Hair Styling Iron EH-HS99-K will meet your expectations.

It does this, thanks to its patented nanoe technology that helps keep your hair moisturized while also eliminating frizz. This device features 5 adjustable heat settings and large iron ceramic plates for even distribution of heat while styling the hair so as to maintain your hairstyle all day long.

One of this unit biggest advantages is its iron styling head with compact design that easily reach the root of the hair, thus allowing you to style the hair from roots to ends. With this you’ll be able to maintain your hairstyle all day long.


  • Keeps the hair moisturized and frizz free
  • Ergonomic design makes it comfortable to handle
  • Leaves the hair smooth and shiny


  • Bulky size makes it unsuitable to travel with

4. CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium 1 1/4" Straightening Hairstyling Iron

Imagine creating your own choice of hairstyles. CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Straightening Hairstyling Iron will make your dream come into reality. This is possible thanks to its ability to reduce the heat up time, evenly distribute the heat and slide through your hair without pulling.

As of the design, it has a simple and elegant design that makes it safe to use. It is black color design with the ceramic plate painted in yellow gold to offer a consistent heat with smooth sliding.

It incorporates a color-coded digital temperature setting, so you can easily select the right temperature level for your hair. In addition, it has an automatic shutoff that turn off the device when not in use after one hour keeping it on.


  • Heat up a lot faster and easy to control
  • Great ergonomic design
  • Has an automatic shutoff


  • Plates doesn’t meet seamlessly

5. HSI Professional Glider – Best for Smart and Durable Hairstyles

If you’re looking to create a long-lasting hairstyle while also eliminating static and frizz, this Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener is your go-to device. It is integrated with high-quality ceramic tourmaline plates to allow you do your hair at lower temperatures so as to reduce the risk of damaging it.

What makes this hair straightener one of the best in the mid-range is its 8 HeatBalance micro-sensors that helps regulate the temperature and ensures even distribution of heat. Thus, allowing you to achieve smart and durable hairstyles while looking healthy.

It features a 110v-220v dual voltage that can be used anywhere in the world. So, if you’re looking to maintain your perfect hairstyle while on a vacation, don’t hesitate to purchase this powerful device.


  • Distributes heats evenly
  • Well designed and last for a long time
  • Has a one year warranty


  • Doesn’t straighten well on the first pass

6. Revlon Perfect Straight Smooth Brilliance Ceramic Flat Iron

If what you want is a hair straightener that heat up superfast so as to style your hair easily and quickly, Revlon Perfect Straight Smooth Brilliance Ceramic Flat Iron is the perfect fit. This hair straightener has an advanced Ionic tourmaline technology coupled with ceramic flat Iron plates.

With this, you will be able to keep your hair well combed for much longer, while also wearing a shiny and smooth finish. This iron 10 variable digital LED heat settings with color coded controls that allows you to control the temperature and distributes the heat evenly to avoid damaging the hair.

Its has a high heat setting up to 455 degree Fahrenheit, so it is ideal for hydration treatments. In addition, it is very safe to use, since it turns off automatically after 60 minutes of inactivity, and when you turn it on again you can recover the temperature in just 15 seconds.


  • Variable heat settings
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Pocket friendly


  • Control button don’t work sometimes

7. Remington S8598S with Smartpro Sensor Technology

If you’re looking for a beautiful, good and affordable hair straightener that take care of your hair by smoothening it a also prevent frizz, this model is the perfect device. It does this by using its Smartpro Sensor Technology to prevent it damage and also adjust to the moisture level of your hair so you can create the hairstyle of your choice.

It has pure ceramic floating plates infused with keratin and almond oil to help eliminate frizz and heat damage. This facilitates the smoothening of the hair more gently while providing silkiness and shine. In addition, it has a silicone sleeve that helps protect the plate so you can store it safely and also take it with you while away from home.


  • Has a silicone sleeve that protects the blade
  • Glide and straighten the hair with every pass
  • Heat up quickly within 15 seconds and has a 60 minute automatic shutoff when not in use


  • Cord is a bit short and has a strong chlorine smell

8. AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Smart Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener

AmoVee is a flat iron appliance designed for travellers and people with short hair. Its smart size makes it easy to store plus V shape design extends its longevity. It comes with a 3600 flexible swivel cord that helps to work in all directions so as to give you a desirable outlook.

Although, to some people, this appliance is considered unsafe because of its non-adjustable temperature. However, this is not true as most comes with a glove that helps to overcome unusual heat. Also, to enhance your safety, you are advised to unplug the flat iron if the heat is getting too much as the residual heat can be beneficial in completing the operation.


  • Produce negative ions that helps smoothen your hair and eliminates frizz
  • Distribute heat evenly on the hair living no place untouched
  • Has a safety lock that helps enhance storage


  • If used carelessly, it may hurt you because of its uncontrollable temperature

9. Revlon Pro Collection Salon Straight

Just like most flat iron, Revlon also heats your hair effectively within a short time frame. It is also easy to use plus a nice design that makes it attractive on durable. Amazingly, this appliance is also equipped with an optional slide-on smoothing attachment and snag-free bristles which helps to distribute heat evenly across your hair. 

The most remarkable feature of this appliance is his advanced Copper 3X Ceramic Plate Technology responsible for the transfer of heat with little or no damage. Also, the larger sized plate it is equipped with also helps to straighten and accommodate both longer and shorter hair.


  • LCD screen where you can easily check heat changes
  • The Smart Heat Memory System helps to automatically recall the last temperature
  • Has a plate-locking switch for easy storage


  • The iron may smell burning when used for a prolonged time.

10. KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener

This is an advance versatile flat iron equipped with amazing features for the betterment of your hairstyle. Talking about the voltage, this appliance has a dual voltage which makes it an ideal of choice for local and international travellers. Plus it has an easily controllable temperature thus, making it style all hair types.

This flat iron also has a digital LCD Display where you can easily observe any change on the device. Amazingly, this titanium plate also has a ceramic heater all join to enhance your safety. Also, this appliance has an automatic turn off although the only set back it has is the side location of the button which you may mistakenly press while working altering the appliance activities.


  • Very versatile and advance
  • Gives an amazing result that even last longer
  • Durable


  • Side location of the button may alter the work.

FAQs on Best Flat Iron For Thick Hair

Tips & Tricks for Straightening THICK Hair

1. Are wide plate straighteners better for thick hair?

Answer: Wide plates are better for straightening thick hair because they tend to accommodate more hair. Also, they help to keep heat loss to a minimal level.

2. What are the dangers of using the best flat iron for thick hair?

Answer: There’s no record associated with using flat iron except all the precaution measures are not strictly adhered to.

3. Is titanium or ceramic better for thick hair?

Answer: This depends on personal preference, hair thickness level, and budget. However, the most widely used irrespective of the hair thickness is the titanium made appliance, though, it may be somehow expensive. This is because of titanium heat and dry thick hair faster due to its greater penetrating power. Additionally, they are also durable.

However, if you are a low budget earner who likes the shiny result, kindly opt for ceramic made.


We have come to the end of the guide and you can easily deduce that using the best flat iron for your thick hair will give you a desirable look that is scorch free. You can also work for a longer period without experiencing any difficulty because most of our appliances are built with safety materials.

Additionally, you won’t also experience any hair damage as the width of the flat iron is wide, thus, preventing heat loss. All in all, our appliances are affordable and no matter how selective or tight budget you are, you will definitely find your choice of flat iron that suit your thick hair.


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