10 Best Flat Iron for Fine Hair 2020 – Updated

Dear fine hair bearer, do you know your investment in shampoo and conditioner can be to no avail? Because of it delicate and fragile nature, fine hair is prone to breakage and damage, especially when the wrong straightener is used. Flat iron has become the go-to product for those interested in maintaining elegancy and polished look.

With the right flat iron and hair care products, fine hair is meant to dazzle with shiny look, but knowing the best flat irons for fine hair is definitely a daunting task, as there are definitely hundredths of them on the market. For you not to damage that delicate strand of proteins up there, it's imperative you know what suit your hair best. This guide will get you equipped with all necessary know-of and know-how about the best flat irons for fine hair.

Let’s begin!

How to Choose the Flat Irons for Fine Hair?

With the constant advancement in technology, there has been a continuous evolution to flat irons for fine hair and a noticeable upgrade than in the past years.

For fine hair, you mustn't pick any flat iron randomly, if you still want to retain and rekindle that dazzling shines. And even if you know not the correct way to use it your investment might just be less worthy.

With this article read on, you will be very confident to select the best flat iron that suits your fine hair. There are many factors, features, and specifications to consider when selecting the best flat irons for fine hair.

Some of these features and specifications are deeply looked into as follows:


Generally, flat irons plates are made from 3 materials, which are; ceramic, tourmaline and titanium and at such can be categorized into three. To help you make informed decision during the purchasing process. Let's look at how this materials fare to one another.

Ceramic Flat irons: Ceramic is the most popular and most affordable materials used by manufacturers of flat irons. It heats up quickly and provide even heat distribution for easy styling and also serve as protection against heat to Keep hand and hair free of burns.

Ceramic Tourmaline: Tourmaline, a high negative ions element is powdered into fine particles and coated in ceramic plates, it decreases the risk of hair damage and give more shine and frizz control. It offers good heat consistency, protects and moisturizes hair by adding extra conditioning layer.

Titanium Flat irons: Are high heat conducting, offers better temp control, faster temperature variations, and reliable heat transfer that make styling a breeze. Titanium Flat irons also has better ionic capacity than ceramic flat irons and they are lighter and faster.

Temperature adjustment

Flat irons are capable of heating up-to a very high temperature. However, the heat level needed for different hair types varies. Most manufacturer of flat iron produce flat irons that are more suitable for people with coarse and thick hair and their temperature settings are designed not to be very specific for fine hair.

For fine hair, minimal temperature settings are required, and the best flat iron is that which give you the opportunity to adjust the heat setting to what suits your hair. Experiment with it till you get the appropriate temperature for your hair.

Expert has recommended that the temperature range of flat irons for fine hair, should be between the range 200-350 degree, any attempt to go beyond this temperature range is risking an irreversible damage to your fine hair.

Ionic technology

To avert potential damage to fine hair, manufacturers of flat iron has now adopted the use of ionic technology. Because of water, hair is full of positively charged ions, ionic technology induces negative ions into the follicles to neutralize the positive charges allowing moisture to lock into hair strands, and results in a silky, smooth and frizz-free glossy finish, plus an easy straightening process.

Plate size

Flat irons come in small and large plate sizes, the length of your hair should determine which plate size is best for you, since you are buying for fine hair, small plate within 1-1.5 inches is the most suitable size to get the job done in a few strokes and give you total control of the styling process.

Although, large plate can save you time by speeding up the process at the detriment of your hair, the speed is not the purpose, rather a proper and safe styling process is needed for delicate and fragile fine hair.

Heat protection

You don't need to pay extra price than the actual when using flat irons, working the flat iron through hair and getting your hand burnt is indeed a very expensive beauty. The entire process should be safe and secure against heat damage. For this reason, apart from the insulated handles and bodies of flat irons, some manufacturers go as much as including gloves in your package, for in case, while operating the appliance, a mistake will not get your hand burnt.

A beautiful face with a burnt palm is no complete beauty at all.

Hairstyling with flat irons can be delicate dangerous because fine hair is thin and delicate and are prone likely to be damaged by heat, as they are very light and move around very easily.


A flat iron with automatic shut off is way better than those without, as it averts the risk of potential damage to your countertop and fire outbreak. Yes, it's easy to leave the appliance on when you are in a rush or even in scene of forgetfulness.

The automation process is a simple timer that has been programmed to shut off after a specific number of minutes, and once it clocks, the flat iron is put off automatically.

Infrared technology

To overcome the damaging effect of high temperature in traditional heating irons, modern flat irons producers have introduced infrared technology, which is a handy feature for those with fine hair.

Infrared technology uses longer wavelengths to allow heat penetrate evenly into the cuticles, causing the hair to absorb surface water, lock in moisture and finally give soft and relaxed hair with additional protecting layer.

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10 Best Flat Irons For Fine Hair Reviews

Considering the factors above, the following are the best flat irons for fine hair.

1. VOLOOM Classic 11/2 Inch Volumizing Hair Iron 

If you get it right with this tool, you need not to invest frequently in expensive volumizing spray and mousses to give your hair the full bouncy look it deserves.
VOLOOM Classic 1 1/2 Inch Volumizing flat Iron is the first ever hair volumizer. With it, you can minimize the frequency of applying shampoos and colorings, thanks to it under layer volume pocket, powered by patented plate technology that brings natural structure.
Designed to give long lasting volumization to fine hair, VOLOOM Classic is a heavy lifter 1.5 inches’ iron, that pull deep to the scalp to eliminate split ends. Its plate is ceramic coated, to protect the cuticles from being damaged and as well ensure even heating and great styling.
Remain protected While on the go, its unique locking system is a safety mechanism. You can set your hair perfect heating temperature between the range 220 – 395 degree


  • Get closer to your scalp without causing damage
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Save cost of buying hair product frequently


  • Expensive
  • Working it on 220v might cause quick damage – Best for Sleek Girl Straight Hair

2. HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron 

No matter the evolution or trend in hair styling, this versatile iron can be indispensable for women who love the smooth silky hair. HSI professional flat iron boasts an innovative ceramic ionic technology that guarantee hydration and glossiness for fine hair, in combination with a deep acting infrared system to transform your frizzy hair into a sleek girl straight hair
Its wide adjustable temperature of 240 – 410 degree reduces your fear of potential hair damage. This second generation flat iron has heat balance technology to ensure heat is evenly distributed, thanks to its 8 micro sensor that regulate temperature. Protect your hand comes with a heat resistance gloves and a small travel size Argan conditioning oil to help in smoothing stresses.


  • Automatic temperature adjustment
  • Useful incentives as bonuses
  • Instant heat up
  • Floating plate that gives easy styling


  • Has no automatic shut off
  • Has no digital display

3. Remington S5500 1" Anti-Static Flat Iron

Boost your styling authority with an anti-static technology that get rid of frizz and fly-aways, when you use Remington anti static flat iron, it reduces the amount of negatively charged particle in thin hair.

The plate is coated in titanium protection that help in easy style setting, it also ensures fast heat up, in as small as 30 seconds. It has up to 410 high heat, that straighten on all pass to prevent over use and can be boosted to its highest heat range by just long pressing the turbo boost button.

The rem….. has digital controls and display on LCD screen, you can quickly select the adequate temperature for fine hair. For additional safety and protection, its 60 seconds auto shut off and a hinge lock protects the flat iron on use and in storage


  • Digital display
  • Quick heating
  • Auto power off
  • Turbo temperature boosting


  • Comes without protective glove
  • Build quality is average

4. RUSK Engineering Professional Ceramic and Tourmaline Flat Iron

Designed for professionals, infuse with ceramic and tourmaline, this flat iron is indeed a heating freak for those who love flat irons that give fine hair smooth and sleek look.  Rusk flat iron features an instant heat up mechanism, up to 450 degrees to easily boost the temperature to avail you the desired hair styling.

Best work closer to the scalp, it features a penetrating infrared heat that penetrate deeply to the root, to give a frizz free and polished hair. The plates of this flat iron combines titanium-infused ceramic, adding more shine to your hair to give your hair a more professional styling performance.


  • 24 months’ warranty
  • Combine best ceramic and tourmaline iron type
  • Instant heat up


  • Comes without protective glove
  • A bit expensive

5. CHI Original 1" Flat Iron

Whatever you want your fine hair to be like, the CHI Original 1" Flat Iron will do them at no extra cost, using the latest technology of combining ceramic plate with equal heat distribution. It also features modern ionic technology that produce an outstandingly moisturizing negative ions to add shines, plus a deep infrared technology that reduces static frizz and give the desired styling you’ve ever craved for.

Its quick flash heat up is more than enough, 392 deg for any fine hair. This product is a professional salon model of an all in one ergonomic design, manufactured to instantly give your fine hair the silky shines it deserves and more. At 1 inch ceramic plate, the unit is made for easy glide.


  • 24 months’ warranty
  • Rounded plate limit snagging
  • Instant heat up


  • Heat is not adjustable

6. ghd Classic Flat Iron Styler

Looking for optimal performance with a single heat setting? The ghd…. will efficiently do your fine hair more style, smooth feel, frizz free, and a lasting good hair days. It does this thanks to its ceramic heat technology that do wonders in just one simple gliding passes.

This original classic styler incorporates a floating plate on a rounded barrel that glide effortlessly through hair, creating unique styles and do’s. In case of inactivity, this appliance comes with automatic sleep system, to keep you and your household safe from potential fire outbreak.

Away or at home, continue styling that fine hair without the fear of replacement when you change locations, thanks to its well thought universal voltage system. At an optimal 365 deg, you have a normal styling temperature for fine hair, any hoter is a risk of hair damage.


  • Portable travel size
  • Quick heat up
  • Universal voltage system


  • Watch out, its market is fake flooded
  • Quality not as the previous generations’

7. KIPOZI Pro Nano-Titanium Flat Iron

Want to experience gold standard styling? KIPOZI Nano-Titanium Flat Iron with ion technology will heat up in 30 seconds to give fine hair befitting smooth, sleek and slick look. No pulling, no pinching, it features 3D floating plates that allows your hair to pass through effortlessly, giving convenient passes every now and again.

Save more time by harnessing it advanced PTC ceramic heater combined with an adjustable temperature range 170- 450 deg. Its 360 deg long swivel cord  prevent snagging. And an innovative floating plate for balance while in use.

Experience the most customizable flat iron with amazing features, like temperature reminder, automatic shut down reset, work state display, temparture conversion and an uncommon safety lock that's  adjustable.


  • LCD digital display
  • Heat up in just 30 seconds
  • Most of it features are customizable


  • Frustrating temperature setting
  • Durability is now an issue

8. Infinitipro By ConairTourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

No more waiting, from 15 seconds heat up time to an udjustable ultra-high 455 deg heat settings, the Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron will surely give your fine hair salon performance at home. This high end hair styler let you do hairstyling quickly and effortlessly. Diligently designed with tourmaline ceramic coated plates that ensure even heat distribution, reduce chances of damages and give frizz-less great looking hair.

It extra-long floating plates combined with negative ion emission, provide an impressive anti-static and anti-frizz effects more than most competitors

You will have to worry less about your flat iron left on, this product features an auto shut off when left unused for too long. On purchase you get a bonus of the famous argon oil to nourishes your beautiful hair from damage and protect your cherished hair from breakage.


  • Extra-long floating plates
  • Automatic shut off
  • Even heat distribution
  • Bonus conditioning oil


  • Temperature is not adjustable

9. HSI Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

With improvement to the fine hair straightening effect of its predecessor, this instant-heating ceramic flat iron will do hair flipping as well. It has a no-snagging 360 degree swivel cord to ease usage and maneuverability, ergonomic design, and coils that maintain even temperature.  

Features fully adjustable temperature ranging from 240-450 degree, quickly haet up with the advanced infrared technology. The floating plate is integrated with chips to steadily monitor the temperature of the plate surface and comes with rounded edges for thoe who love curly hair. Plus a digital LCD temperature control

Get extra bonus on purchase, the package comes with a heat resistant travel pouch for storage,  conditioning leave in bottle of Argan oil ,  protection glove.


  • Affordable
  • LCD digital display screen
  • Heat up in 60 seconds
  • Extra incentives on purchase


  • Automatic shut off is absent
  • Temperature adjustment can take more than expected

10. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini flat Iron

Your fine hair needs a professional styling tool to get that amazing straightening result at home or on the go, BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini flat Iron is the perfect flat iron to give your hair the magic touch it requires. It evenly distributes heat on the plate surface, thanks to its instant ceramic heater. And its lightweight and compact size make it the ideal travel companion

This ceramic coated heaters product superior heat retention ability to give an outstanding smooth styling results. With the use of titanium, there is no risk of your hair getting burnt. And a dual voltage system that reaches up to 430 degrees and as low as 220 degrees is perfectly suitable for your fine hair.

This one-inch plate, will keep your hair forever smooth and healthy at just only one pound, enjoy unending styling.


  • Instant heat up
  • You can set temperature to preference
  • Professional quality tool
  • Enhances smooth and wide styling


  • Hanging loop is absent
  • Auto shut off is absent and no digital display

How to use flat irons?

Before using flat irons on your hair, there are little things you should do of you want flat irons to be more effective, follow this simple steps and you will be more than glad you did;

Washing and conditioning: Use hair care product that are specially formulated to give fine hair sleek and smooth styling moisturizing the hair.

Drying: Do not make the mistake of rubbing as this may cause frizz rather try to towel dry fine hair by patting.

Combing: Free your hair of entanglement by using wide toothed brush.

Blow-drying: Maintain a straight downward position for your hair and blow dry in the same direction to facilitate a straight drying as much as required. You can also use a brush to keep your hair in the direction of flow.

Dryness: Ensure your hair is totally dry and not dampened at all, and be sure its free of tangles and frizzes.

Using flat irons:

Now that you are sure your hair is totally dry, you can get the desired result from flat irons by following these easy steps:

  • Connect the flat iron: take note of the voltage rating to avoid break down
  • Switch on flat iron and set the temperature first: remember
  • Divide your hair into parts, you will focus on a specific part at once to make it easy chunk at a time. You can use duckbill clips or bobby pins to achieve this
  • Select a parts and work the flat iron on the part from one inch close to the scalp with caution, don’t burn yourself
  • Make sure the flat iron is clamped around the part, ensuring the heated surface touches while the part of hair stays in between, remember not to cause your hair folding by holing the flat iron in one position for long or too tightly
  • Steadily move the flat iron in a straight downward direction following the length of the selected part.
  • Repeat the process until you are totally satisfied
  • Release another parts from the division and do the same, its better done in phase from on side to another as a random approach may be difficult
  • If necessary, apply hairspray to the finished part
  • After you are done with all parts, use your hairdryer at a low temperature to blow-dry for about two minutes with a brush. And that’s all, you are good to go.

FAQs on Best Flat Iron for Fine Hair

What temperature should you straighten fine hair?

Answer: Getting the optimal and perfect temperature for your hair requires some trials and error, expert recommendation is that bearer of fine hair should maintain temperature range of 200-300 degree, before getting your suitability, you should stick to the lowest heat setting and only adjust, if need be.

Should you straighten hair before curling?

Answer: Yes, it’s advisable to straighten hair before curling, if you want an easier and frizz-less curling.

Should you curl hair in same direction?

Answer: Curling hair is styling techniques you can experiment with, whatever the direction you want just make sure it keeps you beautiful and looking good.

Is it better to curl wet or dry hair?

Answer: Curling wet hair with flat irons can be a dangerous endeavor, and can also damage the tools, so it’s best to dry hair completely before curling.


There are more than 100 brands and product of flat irons on the market, but most are not specifically made for fine hair. This comprehensive guide has been able to streamlined what you must look for in flat irons and we’ve reviewed the most suitable amidst them for fine hair bearers. It has also explain how to use flat irons securely in simple listed steps.

Although, our overall best is the VOLOOM Classic 1 1/2 Inch Volumizing Hair Iron for the quality and credentials that are not obscured. As humans, our preferences remain unpredictable but making a well informed decision for your next flat iron is guaranteed from reading this.


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