6 Best CHI Hair Dryer Reviews 2020

Whenever we are in a rush because we are going somewhere it is advisable for us to dry our hair as quickly as possible. In order to achieve it, you will need a branded hair dryer to help you with that task. In this article, you will know the best CHI hair dryer that you can consider buying.

Why should you trust us on this guide?

We have a dedicated team of researchers that exerted a lot of effort and time to read the various reviews of customers. They carefully weigh in the crucial details on the product to give you the information that you can use to make your best decision when buying.

We know that it is important for you to have the best choice because we want you to get value for your money. This is why we took the effort to give you a review of the six great chi hair dryers for you to know them more. They are carefully picked to ensure that they will fit the criteria of a good hair dryer that will suit your preferences.

In this article, we will let you know what to expect on each CHI hair dryer. We will indulge in each pro and cons so that you can determine if it will fit your expectations. We are here to provide an honest review of the chi hair dryers and expect that the reviews are precise.

Why CHI hair dryer is the top brand?

Compared to other hair dryer brands, Chi has proven its worth to be one of the best out there. The hair dryers that this brand produces are considered lightweight and powerful. This is why a lot of professionals use their products in their work or even in their own business. With the best CHI hair dryers, you will be able to enjoy a lot of satisfaction.

Their hair dryers are comfortable to grip, durable, and perform according to their functions really well. The manufacturer also integrated the topnotch modern features that are truly awesome. Some of its features are the LED lights with antimicrobial properties and rapid clean technology. This is why Chi hair dryers are the most favorite product to use by both stylists and for personal use.

They are also made of the finest materials that will give you a guarantee that they will not deteriorate easily. Also, if you will compare them to other brands CHI hair dryers tend to be very stylish and will also emerge victorious when it comes to wow factor. The good thing about their products is that they are really popular and as a result, it is truly widespread so you can expect that their spare parts are easy to find especially when the hair dryer gets old.

Here are the following factors on why you should choose them among others.


Despite their premium features and quality, the price remains to be very reasonable. This is why buying Chi hair dryers will truly not hurt the budget.

Great Features

Chi hair dryers are known to possess amazing features that you will not find on competitor brands. They are mostly modern features that will give you a lot of satisfaction. It will take hair drying to the next level of excitement that you have never experienced before.


Chi only uses the finest materials on their products that is why you can expect that their products will not wear out easily even if you use them on a daily basis.


Chi has integrated a strong motor to ensure that their hair dryers will have the best possible performance. This will promote quick drying which will spare you a lot of time and effort.


If you will compare the hair dryer’s from Chi to the usual hair dryers that we have before, they are a lot more efficient in terms of energy consumption. This is why you can surely save a lot of money from your bills.

Comfortable to Use

All of Chi hair dryers have an ergonomic handle that allows you to easily grip it while you are using it. This will avoid soreness and will give your hands a lot of ease.


One thing that you will notice on Chi hair dryers is their beautiful-looking design. It will give you a lot of elegance while you are using them.

Quiet Operation

The good thing about Chi hair dryers is that they emit very minimal noise while in use for a less annoying and more satisfying hair drying experience.


They have a simple interface despite having modern features. This will allow you to use this hair dryer without having to figure out anything complicated, making everything super easy.

Top 6 Best Chi Hair Dryer in the Market

1. CHI Ceramic Hair Dryer 1875 Watts

Let us start this review with the CHI Ceramic Hair Dryer 1875 Watts. This hair dryer has a sleek and glossy black casing that is equipped with a strong motor. It also has a slim handle that is ergonomic so that you can handle it easily while you are drying your hair.

It has an innovative technology that is composed of a tourmaline ceramic element that gives an equal heat distribution. It is combined with an infrared technology that fights frizz.

The fast airflow will give you the best results that you are looking for in the fastest possible way. Furthermore, this is also suited for all kinds of hair types as well.

You can choose among the various speed settings that will fit your needs and preferences. This is probably the reason why it might be the best CHI hair dryer in the market right now.


  • It is travel-friendly and lightweight as it only weighs 2 pounds
  • It can be easily cleaned because of its detachable components
  • It is not that noisy while in use
  • It is user-friendly
  • It is highly durable as it will not break down easily
  • The design is really beautiful


  • A little bit expensive compared to other brands

2. CHI 1875 Series Hair Dryer

The next CHI hair dryer that we will discuss has a trendy red matte housing. It has a strong DC motor that promotes excellent airflow once you started using this product. It is composed of 5 settings which are 3 for the heat and 2 for the speed.

You use the cold shot button to secure the curls, styles, and waves in place for better management. The good thing is whenever this hair dryer is dirty you will just use its rapid clean technology and it will clean itself automatically.

The unit comes in a 6.5 feet cord and has a removable filter to ensure the long life span of the motor as you can prevent lint buildup from occurring.

Many stylists prefer using this product as it can generate ions to promote frizz-free hair. It also retains natural hair moisture and keeps your hair shiny as possible.


  • It has a beautiful exterior
  • It is super easy to use because it does not contain any complex components
  • It is energy-efficient as it only consumes 1875 watts
  • It is sturdy enough to last long
  • It has an affordable price
  • It is super quiet while in use
  • It has an ergonomic body


  • It is a little bit bulky

3. CHI Tech Travel Ceramic Hair Dryer

This ceramic hair dryer from CHI has a ceramic technology that produces ions to dry your hair gently. It will reduce frizz and make the hair shinier. It is one of the most travel-friendly hair dryers in the market because it is super portable. Aside from that, it only consumes 1400 watts which are significantly low compared to other hair dryers without compromising functionalities.

It is advisable for all skin types. You can adjust the heat and speed according to your own personal needs and preferences. It has a dual voltage that will allow you to use it in various places without thinking of voltage incompatibility.

There is an attachment included along with the unit which is the air concentrator nozzle. It also has a rapid clean technology that produces a blue LED light that has antimicrobial properties, it cleans the hair dryer while in use as it prevents dirt buildup on the inside of the hair dryer.


  • It is travel-friendly that is why you can bring it anywhere you go
  • It has a beautiful looking exterior
  • It performs without being too noisy
  • It is super easy to use
  • It is highly durable and will truly last long
  • It is comfortable to grip


  • The back cover pops up sometimes

4. CHI Tech Hair Dryer and Ceramic Hairstyling

Having a salon-quality finish is the main goal of why we are using hair dryers. With regard to that, CHI Tech Hair Dryer and Ceramic Hairstyling Iron is perfect for the job. It is the perfect combo to style your hair efficiently. The ceramic material that it has will maintain the temperature consistently. This will result in shinier and frizz-free hair which is perfect for all skin types.

After drying your hair, you can immediately use the hairstyling iron to achieve your preferred hairstyle. It is made of ceramic plates that guarantee efficiency.

After using, you can put them on the storage bag that is included in the deal. This will help you bring these hair styling tools anywhere you go.


  • It will surely last long because they are proven durable
  • It performs really well on its tasks
  • It emits very minimal noise while in use
  • It is comfortable to grip because of its ergonomic body
  • It is easy to store and bring anywhere you go


  • The hair iron is a little bit small

5. CHI Touch Screen Hair Dryer

Being modern will give a lot of useful benefits especially in hair dryers. It will allow you to enjoy the latest features that you never expected to be possible. This hair dryer has a touch screen control which is one of its kinds. It has the newest design that has a concave handle so that you can have a comfortable grip while drying your hair.

You can also use it hands-free because it has a stand wherein you can put the hair dryer when you want to use it. It has LED adjustable heat settings that can be utilized for all hair types.

The good thing about this hair dryer is its ability to generate ions to promote healthy hair. Using this compact ceramic heater will give you frizz-free and shiny hair in no time.


  • It has an extremely ergonomic design
  • It is super easy to use
  • It does not emit too much noise while in use
  • It has a black and red color that goes well with its nice shape which is crucial for its beautiful design
  • It does not need any maintenance
  • It protects the hair from further damage by means of a thermal heat control


  • It is a little bit expensive

6. CHI Handle-Free Hair Dryer

Last but not least on our list is this handle-free hair dryer. It is the most compact on this list which is essential if you love going on trips. It is powered with a 1500 watts motor that is efficient yet powerful. It has a rapid clean technology that will automatically clean the interior of the hair dryer whenever it is dirty.

There are two attachments included namely the comb and nozzle attachments for your specific needs. If you want to use it without holding it then you can utilize the hands-free drying stand that is included in the deal.

It has 2 temperature settings for you to choose from according to your needs and a cool shot feature to set the final look of your hair.


  • It is travel-friendly because of its highly-portable size
  • It has an eye-catchy and elegant look
  • It is very easy to use because of its simple interface
  • It has an extended warranty to keep you protected from defects
  • It is highly durable and will last long
  • It is superbly gentle on the hair


  • It is pricey and a little bit hard to grip


In this product review that we tackled, we have given our best to know the best CHI hair dryer. For instance, the CHI Ceramic Hair Dryer 1875 Watts has a powerful motor that has the ability to quickly dry the hair. The CHI 1875 Series Hair Dryer, CHI Touch 2 - Touch Screen Hair Dryer, and the CHI Tech Hair Dryer and Ceramic Hairstyling Iron are built for comfort and for you to experience the latest features.

Lastly, the CHI Hand Shot Handle-Free Hair Dryer and CHI Tech Travel Ceramic Hair Dryer are built for portability and basic functionalities so that you can style your hair when you are on-the-go.


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