Top 7 of Best Balding Clippers in Today’s Market | Reviews and Top Picks

Balding has grown quite popular in the past decade. Whether you are into shaving clean due to thinning hair, receding, balding or as a style one thing is certain, you must use balding clippers that will shave close to the skin. Balding is a style that is associated with class since it gives you that sharp and neat look. If your hair is damaged either due to frequent dyeing or using toxic cosmetic products, the best way to go is: shave it clean and have your hair grow afresh. However, for smooth and close to skin shave you must use only the best balding clippers. 

Can shaving clean with the best balding clippers make you go bald?

As most men age, they are bound to go bald. But, aging is not the only reason that causes balding. Sometimes shaving with the wrong balding clippers can make you go bald especially if the hair follicles are damaged in the process. By using the best balding clippers you can be least assured that the hair follicles will be left intact meaning that this won’t lead to balding. On the contrary, it will make your hair strong especially if it was initially damaged.

Factors to consider when purchasing balding clippers

There are over 1000 balding clipper brands all which claim that their product is the best. Without proper guidance deciding on the best balding clippers can be quite overwhelming. If you are reading this post, consider yourself lucky since we shall not only review the best but shall also provide a guideline on some of the factors that you should consider. 

A. Type of Motor

Basically, there are three types of motors all which have different features and are suitable for shaving hair different types of hair.

Pivot motor

Provides a high cutting performance and best suites shaving clean thick hair, it is light but highly criticized for not being speedy

Magnetic motor

Though heavy, the magnetic motor a speedy cutting performance. Shaves smooth and even but it is very noisy.

Rotary motor

This motor is ideal for shaving bulk and thick hair. It is silent unlike the two above but more expensive.

B. Blade type 

There is a great difference between the motor and a blade. The motor is the revolver whereas the blade is the cutting edge. The main two types of blades are:

I. Carbon steel blade

Though carbon steel blade corrodes and rusts easily, it is highly recommended for precision shaving.

II. Stainless steel blade

As the name says the blade is stainless, easy to clean and rust resistant. The only drawback is that the blade easily gets loose and has to be tightened every now and then.

C. Brand services 

Different balding clippers offer different services. They have a different warranty system. The customer service desk also differs. Some brands have better customer support than others.

D. Accessories

Different balding clippers come with their own set of accessories. The best brands will have accessories that will help you adjust the length of hair you wish to trim. Some will even have combs and oil to help keep the blades lubricated.

E. Price

Price is always a factor whenever you want to purchase something. This works on the principle that you can’t buy what you can’t afford and expensive doesn’t always guarantee high quality. 

Benefits of purchasing the best balding clippers

Better grip

If you are fond of dropping machines then the best way to go is finding a balding clipper with a great grip. When the grip is good it is become extremely difficult to drop the clipper.

Easy to clean

Some people have very sensitive skin, for this reason, the balding clippers have to be cleaned thoroughly. Some clippers are easy to clean whereas others you have to unscrew the clipper to clean the blade. The best models allow you to clean the clipper with only running water.

Close shave

For bald clean shaving, the hair must be shaved closest to the skin as possible. Not every clipper can do this and that’s why you have to purchase only the best balding clippers. Brands with blades equipped and designed to shave close to the skin evenly.

Great investment

A high-quality balding clipper is a great investment. It is durable and has little to no maintenance cost.

How do balding clippers compare to a manual razor?

One would wonder, does shaving clean have any advantages? The answer is a big yes. Bald shaved people look neat and sharp. Also, with no hair, this means that there is no maintenance cost. You don’t need any moisturizing oil or shampoo. Traditionally, manual razors were the equipment used to achieve a clean shave. They were effective in their own standards but with the invention of balding clippers, things seem to have taken a whole new direction. Over the past two decades, balding clippers have taken over and here are the reasons why:

  • As much as we would want to presume that manual razors are effective you have to go through an area over and over. This causes skin irritation and for people with rather sensitive skin, this leads to rushes. On the other hand, balding clippers achieve better rather similar or better results in just one or two shaves.
  • Lest face it, shaving clean with manual razors is tedious. You have to be extra careful on how you hold the razor to avoid pricking the skin. The same thing cannot be said about balding clippers. They are specifically designed to shave close to the skin with high efficiency.
  • Manual razors get dull and brunt rather easily. After a few shaves you have to either have to change the razor or it will irritate the skin. Balding clippers, on the other hand, maintain sharp cutting edges for months.

Reviews and Top Pick of 7 Best Balding Clippers

As we promised we have reviewed 7 of the best balding clippers. All you have to do is read through and make a wise decision on what suits you best. This is one of those long posts, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to be informed.

1. Wahl Professional 5-star Balding Clipper

It is not by surprise that the Wahl Professional 5-star Balding Clipper is taking the top stop in our review of the best balding clippers. This is a clipper build for efficiency and has been a darling to many for a very long time.

To begin with, the Wahl 5-star Balding Clipper has a single powerful and speedy electromagnetic motor. In comparison to other brands, the motor nearly twice faster than ordinary pivot motors. The motor ensures surgical close to skin cut with high levels of precision. There are little to no chances of developing ingrown hairs since the Clippers leave all the hair follicles undamaged. 

In the pack, there are the necessary accessories needed for you to get started immediately once the packaged is delivered. As part of accessories, you will get 2 combs, lubricating oil, cleaning brushes, and an instruction menu. The cutting edge doesn’t need sharpening every now and then.

They are made of hard, noncorrosive and rust-resistant blades. More often than not some people are fond of dropping; this is not the case with Wahl 5-star Balding Clipper. They have such a perfect grip and the power cord is long enough reaching lengths of up to 8fts.


  • Have a perfect grip
  • Strong electromagnetic motor
  • Easy to clean
  • Sharp blades
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories for a startup
  • Perfect for close to skin and even shave


  • Way too heavy
  • Blades are too sharp and might nip the skip

2. Remington HC4250

There are only a few brands of balding clippers that can fit on the palm of your hand. Remington HC4250 is a compact balding clipper than easily fits on the palm. It can be used with a cord or cordless providing up to 40 minutes of power on battery.

 Remington has a unique and great design not emulated by any other top brand. As part of accessories, they offer a cleaning brush, 9 different adjusting combs, lubricating oil, charging adaptor and travel pouch. 

Remington HC4250 is waterproof making it easy to clean. All you need is running clean water. The bladed are curved and made from stainless steel. The blades don’t rust nor does it corrode and this makes the clipper durable. The bladed are curved to cover maximum ground and to provide close to skin shave. 


  • Compact and portable
  • Has 9 different size adjusting combs
  • Excellent customer service desk
  • Waterproof


  • Only gives 40 minutes of life
  • Doesn’t give a decent clean shave

3. Remington Virtually Indestructible 15-piece Clipper

Remington Virtually Indestructible clipper is equipped with high-speed electromagnetic motors matching the speeds of the high-performance Wahl 5-star. The motors are silent which is a great deal given the fact that even some of the best balding clippers are rather noisy.

Unlike other high performing balding clippers, the Remington Virtually Indestructible clipper is energy efficiency. The blades are perfectly aligned to provide a clean and even shave. With this clipper, there is little to no chance of getting an ingrown hair. 

As part of accessories, you should expect 8 different length adjusting combs, styling combs, oil, scissors, cleaning brushes and a portable poach made of durable material. If you thought that an 8ft power cord was long then you should see Remington’s 10ft power cord.


  • Easy to clean
  • High-speed magnetic motors
  • Perfectly aligned blades for smooth clean shaves
  • 10ft power cable
  • Doesn’t break even if it falls off


  • Lacks precision
  • The blades get brunt easily

4. Wahl Color Pre-complete Hair Clipper

If you are into colors then you will surely love the Wahl Color Pre-complete Hair Clipper. Yet another product from the reputable Wahl Company and surely it doesn’t disappoint. It comes with different color combs all of different sizes.

The advantage of this is that it makes it easier to remember different people favorite hair length. In this case, for clean shaves, it is equipped with a heavy-duty electromagnetic motor designed to shave clean even the thickest hair. 

The carbon steel blades are self-sharpening making them last longer and provide a close to skin clean shave with no skin irritation. The taper level on the left side of the clipper makes it easy to control the blades ensuring even clean shaves. It can either be used while connected to power or can run on battery. Offering up to 60 minutes of power on battery!


  • Equipped with a heavy duty motor
  • Different color length adjusting combs
  • Offers 60 minutes of life when running on battery
  • Perfect gripping
  • affordable


  • Only shipped within the US
  • Rather noisy
  • Doesn’t come with all the necessary accessories

5. Wahl Clipper Lithium Ion Clipper

There is just something about rechargeable balding clippers that makes then quite a darling. This list would not have been complete without the Wahl Clipper Lithium Ion Clipper. With up to 2 hrs run time on battery, offers nearly twice the run life of other balding clippers.

 It would be expected that with such a battery life, it takes longer to charge. This is far from the truth, Wahl Clipper Lithium Ion Clipper charges in only 10 minutes. As part of accessories, you should expect 14 quite length adjusting combs, scissors, styling combs, cleaning blushes and ear tapes.


  • Provides 2 hrs of run life
  • Fast charging lithium-ion battery


  • Lacks precision
  • Relatively heavy
  • Too noisy

6. Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

For durability and close to skin shave with no skin irritation then you should consider purchasing the Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper.

 It is equipped with a powerful single speedy universal motor specifically designed for heavy duty. No hair is too thick for this world-class clipper. 

The clipper is relatively rough in texture but this is essential to provide extra grip. The Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper is the most durable of any balding clipper known to mankind.


  • It is durable and break resistant
  • Single and powerful motor for heavy duty
  • Perfect grip
  • Precise and even shaving
  • 9fts long cord


  • Gets way too hot
  • Noisy
  • Way too heavy

7. Wowax Men Wireless Clippers

Last but not least is none other than the Wowax Men Wireless Clippers. Famously known for providing 4 hrs of life when running on battery, it is just fair to say that this list on the best balding clippers would not have been complete without the Wowax Men Wireless Clippers.

It is made of carefully selected ceramic blades that are R shaped and very sharp to ensure even and precise close to skin shave. It has a great design and a decent grip.


  • 4 hrs of run life
  • Great design


  • Motor not powerful enough
  • Cord not long enough
  • Offers rather inadequate accessories compared to other brands
  • Takes too long to charge (3hrs)

How To Use Balding Clippers To Shave Your Head?

Getting the best balding clipper is only half the loaf. The other half is actually using it shave your head. We have prepared a guide on how you should go about this:

Make the hair soft
If you want a clean shave with no skin irritation take time to soften your hair. There are various ways you can soften your hair but the most common way is washing it with warm water.

Start off by trimming
If the hair is too long you should first trim it. Unless you want big-time skin irritation, never try shaving clean with the first shave if the hair is too long.

Start shaving
Once shaved you are good to get the clean shave. Change the clipper setting to get close to skin cut then start shaving in the opposite direction as the hair grows.

Massage the scalp
After shaving clean, massage the scalp with oil this will help prevent skin reddening. 


It is my hope that you found this post useful and informative. We understand that deciding on the best balding clippers can be overwhelming and that’s why we have reviewed 7 of the best. Sharing this post with a friend or two will be highly appreciated. 

Alta Bulloch

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