8 Best Cordless Hair Clippers 2020 (Updated)

Hair is one of the essential parts of the body that must be taken care of regularly. Different part of the body may contain a different amount of hair that may require immediate removal. Although, the head always has larger hair. Thus there is always a need to keep the hair in good shape because … Read more

How Often To Shave Head ?

Shaving is a practice that has been with us since ancient times. Shaving is not only for the armpit of the private parts. In the modern generation, men are embracing shaving rather well, and research has shown that women consider men who shave their head rather attractive and more masculine. With this, the obvious question … Read more

Top 6 Best Single Blade Razor in The Market Today

In recent years manufacturers have been stuffing more and more into shavers with the perception that more blades mean a better shave. Since the emergence of electric shavers most people have forgotten about single blade razors. Single blade razors history dates back to the 1900s and are basically the scary instruments that our dad and … Read more