About Us

Hi All,
Welcome to Pastel Makeup & Hair!
I’m Alta Bulloch, founder of Pastelmakeupandhair.com. Here is a place where people who have a passion for beauty and hair care can gather to find the best content on the web (we think so, anyway). My talented team of writers and editors each have their own background in beauty, hair care, and skin care… I strive to provide the best content to my awesome readers and promise to create articles that are both fun and highly informative. You’re sure to walk away feeling happy and educated, I promise.

Here at Pastelmakeupandhair.com, I adhere to a strict editorial policy. I don’t get paid for endorsements or reviews of any product or service, nor do I allow advertisers to place paid content on my site. I only write about products or companies that I think consumers should know about. I do however make money from links to some companies and deals through my sites. While it helps me keep the lights on and my editors and writers working and writing about topics they love, my readers’ trust is always my number one priority.